Kings, Zombies, or Russian singers?

It was around 2006…ish. There was a real need to develop a new story, but the problem was I had three ideas all equal in necessary writings. On the one hand there was this poetry style story of an ancient medieval king that *** ***** ****** ** ****** ***** ** ***** ****** **** *** ****** ******* **** and to make matters worse, he **** ******* *** ******* ****** ***** ****** *** ****** ******* ******** except the redhead. So that was one story.

On the other hand there was this zombie plot I wanted to get on paper and this actually came from an idea a few of us came together with as an exercise that I strongly recommend writers do. Think of the most disgusting, volatile, heinous thing you know or have seen or read…and try and come up with something worse. Write it out, unfiltered, from start to finish and get it out of your system. It’ll help with any blocks inside that makes you think you couldn’t or rather “shouldn’t” write about. From there an idea for a new zombie story came out. This was more of a “real life” fan fiction with lots of “Choose your own outcome” endings. But somehow that didn’t sit right either for a first novel.

Now on the third hand there’s…wait. (Three hands?) I had “All the things she said” from t.A.T.u literally stuck in my head for days. Couldn’t get it out. No amount of ManOwar or Nightwish was solving this crisis of russian women singing verse after verse after chorus of that wonderful looping song. But an image popped in my head. Nothing bad. I thought of them in a cave running from something, or someone and they were being protected by a mysterious dude…who will remain…nameless >_< Anyway, the plot surfaced from that moment and spiraled out into what you now know as “The Death of Eve”.

Now getting those words out was no easy task. National Novel Writing Month, or NaNoWriMo helped with that. They took all that frustration of not knowing what to write into “Write all that out in 50,000 words in 30 days” which somehow worked beautifully and has been ruining my thanksgivings ever since. It took two Nano’s to get the original draft done, but since then it’s been a blast!

No more words


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