Two first names?…Really?

At the time I didn’t explain my method of madness very well, but there was a particular reason why Carol Jenn is known as “Carol Jenn”. To be honest, in the realm of literature I find coming up with names to be more bothersome than watching any of the Paranormal Activity films straight through. In fantasy it’s a real eye roller when one comes across what is perceived as a common household 20th century name, such as Marge, and in fantasy spelling it comes Margaretilania. Names are a fickle bitch, no two ways about it. Inventing names can cause headaches for people trying to read pleasantly through a book (Rest in Peace Robert Jordan) and truth be told I’m not really any different. But again, there’s madness in the method. So here are my explanations as to why my characters are known as who they are.

Carol Jenn – This one is rather simple. I don’t know anyone named Carol. I don’t even think I’ve met anyone named Carol. And I was certain I wanted my principal character to be named someone I’ve never met before. That part was easy enough. The second first name has one reasoing to it. I hate hate hate coming up with last names. It’s the bane of my existence. I’ll sit and ponder last names more than I will plot points. I’ve read online that authors go through this so I’m not alone, thankfully. As for “Jenn” being her last name. Again, simple, I know soooooooo many Jen’s that it was my way of balancing out the first name. So there you have it.

Kuromori – I wanted a Japanese last name without knowing what his first name is (Jury is still out on that one) So I found two japanese words I liked and put them together “Kuro” = Black and “Mori” = Forest. Black Forest. How does that really relate to the person, that remains to be seen.

Jessie Walrus – Jessie came about through an idea I originally had about giving all my characters androgynous names. Current names that exist that can be used for both males and females. What only those who read this post will come to know is that Jessie (in the novel) is short for Jessica. I like Jessica but wanted to give her a shortened nickname approach. Her last name came as (again) a desire to flip off the fate of last names. I wanted Carol to do a second take when she first heard Jessie’s last name just as a wtf moment. In actuality her last name is pronounced “Walruuse” but I never clarified that in the book. Guess the conversation just never came up.

Daniel – This also followed the androgynous method as the female equivalent is Danielle.

Mionne – When you pronounce it “Meeyon” it comes off as French which goes against her “Scottish” accent. But again, not everything is black and white in this novel. Her name came partially as an idea based on the character Lisa from a Highlander episode called “Counterfeit” Her last name sounded cool so I tweaked it a notch and in came Mionne for good.

Vanguard – This was a bit tricky. By definition alone Vanguard is defined as “The foremost division or the front part of an army; advance guard; van.” and once can presume that Vanguard is himself an army of his own. However one can and may also assume that Vanguard is not his true name. You’ll need to read to find out for sure.

The rest came from enough hours of banging my head against the wall. But there are a few nods I can share. Some are nods that may be identifiable, others are a bit more obscure, some bloody obvious. There’s always a trainwreck, I think, when it comes to name creation but ultimately just be satisfied with what you come up with, you’re going to be saying those names a whole freaking lot.

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