New York Book Festival “Winner” and Beach Book Festival “Winner” and updates!

Hey all,

The Death of Eve struck gold twice in a row winning the Science Fiction category in both the New York Book Festival 2012 contest and the Beach Book Festival 2012 contest! Links are below, just follow the “Winners” icon

Sadly I will be unable to attend the awards  ceremony in New York on June 22nd, however I will be entering all the Southern California book festival contests going on this year and if I place in any of those I will definitely be attending those ceremonies 🙂

The musical score for “The Death of Eve” is back on track, I’ve completed 10 tracks/chapters out of 30. They are currently being consistently uploaded on Youtube to listen to. Link below. They are a blast to write and with 20 more chapters to compose there’s going to be some interesting pieces to come from those.

Book 2 is being proofed by a few chosen comrades before draft 03 takes place. The plan is still to release “The Blade of Eve” by December…technically the end of the world ^_^ But we’ll see about that.

Early synopsis drafts have begun on book 03. I have an amazing music track for inspiration, to be honest I never thought I’d return to this artist considering I didn’t quite enjoy her first solo album, but I’m warming up to this current album which truly sounds Symphonic Metal \m/

I’m dabbling in different concepts for the Book 02 cover. Believe me it’s not easy to pick one that’s feasible. More news to come, stay tuned.


No more words.


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