A Sashurai’s Review: Dexter – Season 8×02 (I would have checked the air conditioner)


Every season of Dexter has been about pairing him with a character who in some way relates to his need for family, deep friendship, and even a spouse with killing potential. Season 8’s second episode “Every Silver Lining” now adds a mother’s embrace to the mix; something Dexter’s never dealt with before. And let’s face it; after a brother, a lover, a best friend, a killer to look up to, another lover, a killer with similar personality complexes, and yet another lover, a relationship with a mother figure is all about what’s left to cover in Dexter’s myriad of relationship quotas.

*I also want to add, this episode is disturbingly similar to the plot of Scream 3, in which the film’s killer was revealed to be someone who put up the idea of murder to the first two killers (Loomis and Stu) in the original film. Sort of a retro retcon if you will.*

After viewing taped footage of Harry discussing Dexter’s secret trip to a crime scene when he was ten, to Vogel, Dexter comes to know that Vogel was instrumental in providing Harry with the methods he used to help train Dexter as he grew up.

“I developed a framework for your survival. That’s what mothers do”

It’s in this calculated reveal that Vogel requests for Dexter find and eliminate the killer responsible for Bailey’s murder from the previous episode. She shows him the missing piece of the brain left on her doorstep as a message and/or threat.

Dexter is naturally suspicious and doesn’t agree to her request. She gives him another disc to view and let’s him decide on it.

There’s a lot to be said in this first scene and I do appreciate the dynamic these characters are showing right off the bat. If Vogel is as honest as she appears, then Dexter has a new source to confide in, or manipulate, depending on the situation at hand.

After we get a glimpse of a second murder at an unknown location, we cut to Deb who is being questioned by her boss, Elway. Deb sticks with her story that she doesn’t know who killed Briggs and shows him a key to a storage unit that could contain the jewels they’ve been looking for.

Dexter then arrives at a skate park where another body was dumped. Misuka coins the killer as “The Brain Surgeon” and Dexter finds a bag with a partial print on it. Vogel arrives at the crime scene and admits to how she and Harry built their relationship that eventually led to him revealing Dexter’s condition to her. Dexter is intrigued but still apprehensive with trusting her. I don’t blame him.

When the print is identified, Dexter invades the home to stay ahead of Batista and crew and discovers a picture of a cabin at a lake “Nona”

*I still think Dex should have checked the air-conditioner*

Deb and Elway show up at Brigg’s house and find an unopened bill to a storage unit. Deb decides to check the unit out on her own and as she leaves we find that El Sappo, the hitman hired to retrieve the jewels, is tailing her.


Creativity is key in dealing with any arc and, like last season, I’m interested to see where this is going. I have oodles of doubts on Vogel and her agenda but, I’m willing to withhold my judgments until I get at least another ep or two of how she truly handles Dexter’s character. As a mother figure, I don’t have to speculate that she knows all the tricks and words to convince Dex he’s doing the right thing no matter how bizarre his acts are. While Harry maintains a conscious part of Dex’s psyche, we can now have two parental figures giving him opposite advice, at least that’s what I’m waiting for.

Deb is spiraling, there’s no denying it. She wants to return to some semblance of normality, but she refuses to accept certain responsibilities and suffers more by continuing to alienate Dexter from her life. A forced meeting compels her to rely on his expertise to aid her which, as siblings do, throw stabs at each other until one says something rather hurtful to the other.

As far as side stories go, I’m less engaged to put to practical use any real thoughts on Quinn’s relationship struggle and Batista’s “watchful brother/buddy-mentor” plot. Batista’s character deserves more than a babysitter’s guide to Quinn’s new dilemma and I for one hope, albeit not 100%, that Batista is the final character who discovers Dexter’s secrets. Unlike LaGuerta, I would be deeply saddened if Batista did not finish this season.

Our new killer has yet to be revealed which brings to light many theories on both, his/her identity and relationship to Vogel. Will he be a match, brain for brain, against Dexter? Can anyone stand up against Trinity and his legacy…of trains?

Little Harrison was absent for the entire episode and yet, I didn’t even notice till I began writing this…huh.

Season 08 is off to a revealing start and promises to secure, hopefully, a finale that will be remembered. I do believe, the series will be throwing in what’s left of the kitchen sink by its end, and I expect nothing less in this demented tale 8 years in the making.

No more words


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