A Sashurai’s Review: Dexter – Season 8×03 (Explaining love is like brain surgery)

Dexter’s third episode is a bit of a tease, but by no means a deficient plot. There are plenty of escalating moments that force Dexter to think on his feet and except certain situations while continually denying others. There’s an underlining concept with how Dexter perceives his emotions toward Deb and how it conflicts with his inner nature as a fully functioning psychopath. Does Vogel know too much at this point? We’ll talk about some of those details within.


Episode 03’s “What’s Eating Dexter Morgan” begins with Dex waking up to little Harrison calling for his daddy. Dex finds droplets of what appears to be blood leading to the bathroom and finds Harrison on the floor near an open box of popsicles. Dex asks him why he ate them and Harrison can only respond with “Because I love them.” Dex nods with a parental sense of understanding and helps his tummy ache with some pink stuff.

Debra is woken up in her car by an officer and is taken in for a DUI as she had open alcoholic containers in her vehicle and had run into a parking meter. She calls Quinn at 4am and he arrives to help Deb out of the situation.

In the morning, Miami Metro are at the cabin when Dex arrives only to find that Sussman was now found on the floor with a shotgun simulating the effects of a suicide. Dex lends credence to this even though he realizes the real killer has changed the scenario to throw the police off.

Quinn drops Deb off at work and explains that his drinking came from when Deb turned down his proposal and seeks to understand why she’s having drinking issues. She offers a simple explanation that she doesn’t know limits and leaves it at that. Elway catches her at the door and tells her she has a client in an hour.

At Vogel’s house, she receives a text message to look outside. She opens the front door in fear to find a pair of small gift boxes, labeled His and Hers. Within are pieces of Sussman’s brain (The Occipital Lobe controlling vision) Vogel shows them to Dex and Dex surmises that the killer knows Dexter is involved but might not know who he is directly. Dex explains his next suspect based on her files and book is a man named Ron Galuzzo, someone who strangled a friend in high school and could have found out that Vogel was responsible for him being institutionalized for years.

Quinn arrives and explains to Dex that Deb was in a DUI and is worried for her. Angel reams Quinn for being late. Vogel warns that Dex can’t keep taking on his sister’s problems. Dex reveals that Deb knows what he is and to Vogel’s continued surprise sees how emotionally connected Dex is to her which she describes as “unusual”.

Deb and Elway are in a client meeting discussing a surveillance job to catch a woman’s husband in the act of an affair. When the client leaves Elway (For the second time) offers an drink with vitamins, electrolytes, and Chinese herbs to help with her hangover. Dex shows up at her job and reveals he knows about the DUI. Deb agrees to go to dinner with him provided he leave her alone for the rest of the day. Dexter complies.

During the police meeting, “The Brain Surgeon’s” death is ruled a suicide and the case is closed, leaving Dexter to pursue his next target, Ron Galuzzo, a mall booth employee. Meanwhile, Angel explains to the Chief that he’s considering Quinn for the Sergeant’s exam, and the Chief makes his doubts of Quinn very well known.

During the affair surveillance, Elway is taking pictures of a man making out with a naked woman in a vehicle. Deb and Elway chat and Quinn is mentioned. She gets defensive but explains that she and Quinn used to date.

Dexter goes to the mall and finds Galuzzo at a workout station. Galuzzo checks his body fat and shows him an elliptical treadmill. Dexter puts Vogel’s book on the station in view and chats about it, which Galuzzo denies knowing the book or the author.

At Vogel’s house, Dexter tells her he thinks Galuzzo is hiding something and will search his house soon. After he tells Vogel he’s meeting Deb for dinner, Vogel refers to Harry’s code and that she create the first rule “Don’t get caught.” She asks Dex why he didn’t kill Deb when she found him out. Dex says he loves her and Vogel questions what it is he loves about her. Dex stutters for a moment but says she was always there for him and looks up to him. Vogel counters that those things are not about Deb but about Dex and what she does for him. Dexter wonders if he’s selfish and Vogel politely adds that he’s perfect as a psychopath. When she offers to help Deb on his behalf, Dex refuses, saying he can handle Deb himself.


I have to point out that in the mall scene, Galuzzo only checks Dexter’s arm for his body fat. That’s really not a proper assessment. Unless you’re doing a dunk tank check for body fat you really need to check the suprailiac and the subscapular as well. You can have crazy bulky arms and still have a lot of fat on the body. And the elliptical treadmill is not a “cutting” exercise machine, it’s a calorie burner which is easier on the joints than a typical treadmill. Sorry, that was nitpicky. Moving on.

From the get go, Dexter encounters a mirror-like statement from his son referring to his love for popsicles. This sets a minor tone for how Dexter feels for Debra. He just loves her. He had difficulty explaining that love, which Vogel expected but for Dexter that doesn’t mean it’s not there. This is going to continue to play into the series drawing Dexter closer or further from Deb based on Vogel’s help. While my mind is not completely made up that Vogel is altruistic with Dexter’s plight, I am starting to suspect she’s connected to the new killer of this season far more than she’s letting on.

Debra no doubt reaches a critical point in her guilt with shooting La Guerta. Her actions brings Quinn, once more, closer to Dexter viewline. Whether this plays out similar to how Quinn reacted in earlier seasons, I’m not sure. Thankfully, he cares enough about Deb that he’ll likely miss any real red lights on those clues, for now. His bumbling acts with keeping Jaime in the dark is causing their relationship to suffer, and I’m fine with that. Quinn has two duties in this season and neither are truly interesting enough for me to get involved. I keep addressing my frustration with his character, only because I see more growth opportunity with Angel, and for the most part, he’s been sidelined for Quinn’s advancement because of his connection to Deb.

I’m also not a fan of off screen deaths, and even though we once more get to see a kill room,  I felt it was just shoehorned in just to satiate the fans and give us something since the last two episodes were not truly the pattern that we tend to follow with Dexter. We want blood, give us blood.

I may start generating my personal theories with where this show is going, but if I do I’ll start with next week’s review and I’ll post them at the end.

Oh, and I’m fairly certain the woman who hired Elway to take the pictures of her husband in the act, not only recognizes him but is planning to act on her own agenda. She had that look. Dexter would have recognized it.

No more words


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