A Sashurai’s Review: Dexter – Season 8×06 (This should have been the first episode of the season!)

Some seasons take a few episodes to rev up and truly begin defining their themes. Dexter’s mid season point finally shows a bit a that and more as we are given ample teases and portents to come. All of Dexter’s balance acts and narrations have come full…no, technically, half-circle in Season 08’s episode “A Little Reflection” and promises to solidify a stronger ending arc, one I am in full support of. Let’s begin.


Dexter’s is at the aftermath of a car-accident and notices Zach taking pictures of those involved. After a week of tailing Zach, Dex still has no proof that Zach killed Norma. As Zach departs the scene, Dex follows him, surprisingly, to Vogel’s house. After Zach leaves, Dex confronts Vogel who wants to treat Zach and to see her first if Dex finds any proof of Zach’s involvement in Norma’s killing.

Deb shows Misuka information pertaining to Nikki’s financial debts and assumes Nikki is after his money. Deb suggests he wait it out and see with Nikki, which Misuka agrees and hugs Deb for the help. Elways then puts Deb on a case, this time to catch Elway’s, younger sister’s husband, in the act of cheating.

At Dexter’s house, Dex and Harrison are working on a puzzle. Jaime reminds Dex about her birthday plans and that Cassie will be there. She also tells Dexter that the TV remote is missing and thinks Harrison took it. Harrison denies it and Dex believes him.

At another crime scene Dex sees Zach taking pics again and offers to let him inside to take better shots and possibly connect with him, in hopes Zach will open up in some way. Dex details how the murder likely took place and Zach precedes to mention smarter ways to handle the murder. Dex asks Zach to call him when his pictures are developed.

Cassie and Dex are on a lunch date and Cassie probes Dex with what he’s passionate about. Dex mentions his boat but Cassie doesn’t understand why he has it as Dex only mentions he goes out and back again.

At a high-end hotel bar, Elway and Deb collectively spy on Susan’s husband and Deb offers to bait him herself. Elway agrees.

Dex show up at Zach’s photlab and admires his pics, particularly the way Zach focuses on the saturation of blood. He notices the picture of a woman, which Zach throws away then gets a call. He seems distraught and Dex leaves, suspicious about the woman in the photo.

At Miami Metro, Angel and Matthews discus the sergeant’s position and that Angel has yet to pick either Quinn or Miller. Angel admits he knows Matthews wants Miller and argues that Quinn has more street smarts. Matthews gives Angel till the end of the day to make a decision.

At night, Dex and Deb enjoy *actually they really hate that steak* dinner and discuss a little about Vogel once having a husband, a Dr. Richard Vogel. Jaime enters and shows Dex the broken TV remote that Harrison denied taking. Dex wonders if he should be worried, to which Deb disagrees.

The next day, Angel informs Quinn that Miller is being promoted. Quinn is initially upset and complains, but ultimately respects Angel’s decision, albeit in professional courtesy only. Quinn runs into Dex and asks for anything linking Zach to Norma’s murder. Quinn says he’s going to trail Zach all day and night, which worries Dex and he joins Quinn on his trail.

They find Zach taking pictures of a yoga class at a park. Quinn surmises that everyone on the force essentially has dirty laundry and that some hide it better than others. He mentions Deb’s crazy confession to killing LaGuerta and also believes that Jaime will leave him when she finds out he wasn’t promoted. Dex notices a woman in the class matches the woman in the photo he saw at Zach’s lab and memorizes her car’s plate number.

At night, Elway puts a mic on Deb and she proceeds to woo Susan’s husband. She succeeds and they head up to his suite when Elway intercedes and punches him. Elway then threatens him to leave Susan, and apologizes to Deb for reacting poorly.

Dex researches the woman and her car. Her name is Sophia Fuentes and she works at the Cypress Harbor Yacht Club, which is conveniently owned by Zach’s father.

Dex breaks into Zach’s photolab and discovers a thumbdrive inside a camera. He finds pictures of Norma’s murder and Zach himself in one of the photos. Dex prints them and shows them to Vogel. Vogel says that Zach already confessed to killing Norma and she suggests teaching the code to Zach. Dex refuses and says he’s going to kill Zach.


There’s a lot of presentation in this episode that both capitalizes on our prerequisites for watching a Dexter episode and offers a new sentiment, one that can only come from a mother figure and her desire to create a family, or more importantly, a legacy. One can only prophesize that in an ideal finale, Dexter won’t have a partner, he’ll have a full fledged villain who knows everything he does. Yet, we’ve seen that how many times in past seasons?

The point is, I’m okay with this direction. I wasn’t before, when it only included Vogel and her book of would-be one-off killers. If there’s no more to be gained on that front, then by all means, continue with the thread that has been introduced in this episode.

I am sad about Misuka’s failing with Nikki. That truly bummed me out, because Misuka was set up to fail and he’s trying to be genuine, again, something else I appreciate. He’ll have little to do with the plot going forward, so his only send off is to pull and retract with Nikki until she either comes around, or abandons him completely.

Deb and Elway’s innocent flirtation is something I thought was going nowhere, but after watching, I can see there being some sparks that Deb will have to fan out to grow. His white-knight scenario was more for protecting Deb, which we all saw coming, but, deep down I believe Deb appreciates that and will eventually be taking strides to understand him better.

I won’t discuss the end of the episode, but I was very happy with the last ten seconds. Very. It wasn’t what I predicted, but I’m perfectly fine with what they did. How does that play in this story arc? I just hope it’s not a one-off. Some characters deserve better.

Overall, this episode was easy for any casual fan to watch and for the die-hards to sink their teeth into. We’ve all seen Dexter try to partner up, teach, and understand those who kill with him, but for the first time, we see Dexter truly take his situation and imprint it on another, who can’t be the son he has, but perhaps the son he needs…okay that was cheesy even by Dexter standards.

I don’t peek at next weeks eps, but I’m saving any guesses till later. I’m excited for next Sunday and everyone’s part to play, even Quinn’s. And yes, Quinn’s unintentional funny moment with Dexter felt a great throwback to the older seasons when Dex always had to think fast or get caught red-handed. This season needed more of that.

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