A Sashurai’s Review: Dexter – Season 8×10 (Treadmills are dangerous, that is all)

“Goodbye Miami” has a certain ring to it, though it’s certainly not the goodbye we want to see. Dexter’s pre-penultimate episode starts off with a casual tone and ends with an explosive cliffhanger that brings the focus of Dexter’s real fears to light. Aside from a few cathartic moments with certain characters at ease with their direction in life, the main course of problems escalates matters to a showdown that may not give us any kind of fairy-tale ending whatsoever. Bet let’s be honest, how do you want this series to end? Bring on the blood!


The episode begins directly after the last with Vogel encouraging Daniel to let her help him, specifically with professional care. Daniel has an outburst, and though Vogel apologizes to him, he leaves.

At Deb’s house Dexter tells Hannah that Clayton is back off on his search for her, but she still needs to lay low. He suggests they leave as a “family” to avoid suspicion. Hannah questions his motive to still kill Daniel when Deb comes home. Dex tells her that he’s leaving for Argentina with Harrison and Hannah. Deb thinks its a selfish move and avoids further dialogue with him about it.

Jaime tells Quinn while they eat lunch that she received a job interview in Atlanta but is not pursuing it. Quinn tells her to do what makes her happy, suggesting she take the job.

At Miami Metro, Vogel meets with Matthews as he questions her about Zach’s disappearance. Vogel, feeling uncomfortable about discussing “Doctor/patient” confidentiality abruptly leaves, when Dexter sees her and takes her to his office. Vogel reveals that she and Daniel had breakfast but he stormed out of the house shortly after. Dex reaffirms that Daniel needs to be killed. Vogel wants Daniel back in care and asks Dex not use her as an excuse for wanting to kill Daniel. When she leaves, Harry appears to tell Dex not to leave Daniel unfinished and that Vogel’s life is at risk. Angel then shows up to pull Dex for a crime scene.

Quinn and Deb are eating together as Deb describes her feelings with Dex wanting to leave for Argentina. Quinn relates when he was younger how good it was for him to leave New York and be on his own. Deb tells him that Angel gave her back her badge. Quinn then receives a call to go to a crime scene.

At the crime scene, a bicyclist was hit and killed by a car. Nikki arrives and Misuka is surprised to find out she’s high. He sends her away but not before she gets tells him not to say what she can do outside of work. Dex tells Angel he’s going to leave due to stress and not to tell anyone else for the time being. Angel wishes him the best and that he can come back whenever he wants.

After Dex puts Harrison down for a nap, he and Hannah discuss Dex’s plan for Daniel. He says it’s what he has to do and Hannah says as soon as it’s done they can leave. Dex thinks Vogel is the key, but more specifically her computer.

At Vogel’s house, Daniel arrives outside and takes Vogel to his kill room that was designed to look like the treatment room where he was “cared” for as a teenager. He tells her about how the doctors shoved meds into him and recalls starting the fire that killed several people there. He also recalls her wanting to help him. Vogel wants to but not to help him murder innocent people. He tells her to find a way to help him. She agrees to find a way to talk to Dexter and make him understand the situation.

At night, Dex uses Vogel’s spare key to enter her house and (this is funny) reverses the remote desktop on her laptop so he can view Daniel’s computer. He finds a few videos of his murders including one where he killed Zach. Dex copies them to his USB thumbdrive.

That night, Clayton shows up at Angel’s office to inform him the trail for Hannah has gone cold. He also says he overheard Angel’s conversation on the phone about finding a forensics replacement and thinks it’s Dexter. Angel confirms that Dexter is leaving with his son to travel.

Jaime and Quinn are making dinner at his place when he admits that their relationship isn’t working out. Jaime gets upset and asks why he let her move in. Quinn thought it would make things better but they aren’t. She thinks he’s still into Deb and though he denies it, she storms out of his place.

Deb goes back to her place and sits down with Dex. She says she wants him and Harrison to be happy and that she feels scared that he’s leaving. Deb feels her life will be better for it. She then joins him with Hannah and Harrison.

In the morning, Dex calls Hannah from his condo when Vogel appears at his door. Vogel professes that she was wrong about Hannah and encourages him to leave with her. Dex shows her the vid of Daniel killing Zach and convinces her that he needs to be killed. Vogel, heartbroken, agrees and he says to make a public meeting with Daniel and he’ll follow and take care of the rest. Her request as she leaves is to make Daniel not suffer.

Clayton appears outside Deb’s house and questions her about Dex. He brings up the coincidence with him leaving around the time that Hannah disappeared and thinks they got back together. Deb denies it and Clayton gives her his card anyway. After he leaves Deb goes back in her place and tells Hannah Clayton was just there but she covered for them. Hannah thanks her as Deb leaves.

Deb arrives at Elway’s as he tells her that he took care of her departure. He’ll have her things sent to her but he’s keeping all of her files including the ones with Hannah.

Back at Deb’s house, Harrison gets into an accident when he runs on Deb’s treadmill and falls, splitting his chin open. Hannah is forced to take him to a hospital. When she shows up, the nurse seems to recognize her as they take Harrison in.

Meanwhile, Dex is setting up his kill room with lights, plastic, and pictures of Daniel’s victims. He speaks with Harry about how he’s changed, though, Harry warns Dex not to have unrealistic expectations. Dex reassures him of his plan after killing Daniel.

At Miami Metro, Deb arrives and passes by Jaime, who curses at her upon leaving. Angel gives Deb her job back but Deb wants a week before she can start. Angel agrees and also tells her what Jaime told him about Quinn and their breakup. Quinn shows up and Deb takes him outside to confirm why he broke up with Jaime. Quinn says it’s not about Deb but reveals he still has feelings for her. Deb reciprocates and they kiss longingly.

At the hospital, Clayton interrogates the nurse who recognized Hannah and shows him her signature stating that her son was Harrison Morgan.

Back at Deb’s house, Hannah shows Harrison’s chin an Dex feels back for not being there. He receives a call from Vogel who tells him that Daniel is coming to her house for a private good-bye that she requested. As Dex leaves, Harry warns him about struggling with his choices between leaving with Hannah and protecting Vogel. Dex leaves, flustered.

Daniel arrives and realizes that Vogel is hiding something. He questions her more and more, making Vogel nervous and fidgety. When Dex arrives, he gets a call from Daniel. He and Vogel appear from Vogel’s window and Daniel slits her throat. Dex bursts into the home and holds Vogel as she dies in his arms. The scene ends Dex both angry and distraught over Vogel’s death.


There was a lot of honesty in this episode. I kept believing that Vogel, Hannah, and even Deb would deceive Dex in someway, but everyone continued to flow with honesty that seemed different than what we are normally used to. In the end Vogel was truly caring about her relationship with both Dex and Daniel, not wanting one to kill the other. I find that surprising given the nature of her personality from the start of the show. Her death is now the necessary fuel to give Dexter all the reason he needs to put the Brain Surgeon to rest, once and for all.

Seeing Vogel die didn’t feel that nerve racking. I was expecting it, I believe we knew it was coming. I’m more surprised with Dexter’s emotional ties to the situation. He’s grown so human over the years that he’s not longer an empty shell with a need to kill, he’s truly a man with a need to live. In every way, he now has to kill the person he used to be. It’s circular and I respect the plot for it, though because of the events of this episode, the predictable nature of what’s to come it all but given away.

Clayton will no doubt find and attempt to apprehend Hannah which could result in one of them getting killed. I’m not ready for Hannah to die, so my money is on Clayton by her hands…or Deb’s, since she’s been protecting her a lot this season.

Misuka’s scene with Nikki was cute, but likely the last time we see either character until the end of this major plot. I’m glad both characters are safe and secure…or are they?

Quinn and Deb reconnecting was also predictable. It makes sense considering Deb needs to find the ties that keep her happy and Quinn was/is one of those ties. Does this mean Quinn will be some sort of sacrifice now that two characters are happy? I kinda hope not. I always believed no matter what Deb will make it out of this alive. Quinn dying won’t serve any purpose except to confirm that Deb belongs alone. I don’t believe that. But if Quinn finds out the truth, can he truly live with it as Deb has? That’s the real question.

One of the things that’s been bothering me is whether the series finale will be an opus of reveals for all characters. This could be mainly pointed to Angel who, even now, is still oblivious to every single bad thing that is tied to Dex and Deb. As much as I want that to stay true, I also need as much explosive power as there can be and I think it’s time to let Angel on the biggest secret the Morgan’s have been hiding…possibly LaGuerta’s death, but that may be too late to bring up since it hasn’t been mentioned in awhile.

Overall, this episode felt like a very well played build-up episode, but all of our pay off isn’t until next week, while all we got was Vogel’s death. I just wasn’t that connected to her to feel any real sympathy for her wanting to save her serial-killer son. If she didn’t flip-flop so much, or if she was, in fact, as devious as some may have thought, there’d be room for wanting to see more of her on screen. There’s plenty of loose ends to wrap up and only two episodes left to do it in. Expect another major death next week for sure, who is it going to be? My money is on…someone male. Okay, I’m bad, I have no idea, but I’m sure it will be someone who’s made their mark. Stay tuned!

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