A Sashurai’s Review: Sons of Anarchy – Season 6×01 (In memory of Opie)

Welcome back Sons! It’s been a long year waiting to get those tires spinning again, but here we are driving our way back into Charming for another round of Sons of Anarchy. Season 5 left us with Clay and Tara arrested, both for crimes they were innocent of. Gemma’s hold on Jax is tighter than ever and Bobby gave up his VP patch. This sixth season premiere “Straw” puts SAMCRO back in the thick of gunfights, relationship dilemmas, and of course, a surreal massacre that had me doing one of those O_o faces the whole time. Let’s recap, shall we?


Jax narrates his recent journal entry while we montage with several key characters including Clay in county, Gemma happily making breakfast for the kids, Chibs as the new VP, Nero supervising a beating, and Jax holding Thomas. Jax is going to try and see Tara again.

In prison, Otto is being raped by an inmate. Afterwards, retired Marshall Toric informs him that he’ll be leaving and that Otto’s suffering will likely continue and get worse.

At the clubhouse, Gemma drops off the kids and is asked by Tig about county, likely Clay, and Gemma says no as she leaves to be with Nero.

Jax meets with Damon Pope’s second to discuss Clay. Jax finds out that Clay has been in protective custody. Jax thinks Clay would do anything to stay alive. His hearing is in two days, if he violates his parole, he’ll be sent to Stockton, where he’ll be easier to deal with. He also reminds Jax to hand over Tig to settle Damon Pope’s revenge from last season once Clay is handled.. Jax reluctantly agrees

We see a boy dressed in a suit leave a house that one of Nero’s men stops by at, to be with his mother.

Tara meets with her Lawyer, Ellie, who stresses her to talk to Jax. Tara refuses. She reminds her of her hearing the next day and they’ll know more about what the prosecutor wants. Tara says she needs to get out of there. Ellie tells Jax that Tara doesn’t want to see him, but that she should be home the next day. She tells Jax that Tara thinks Gemma is behind her arrest. Ellie thinks Gemma is responsible as well.

At the clubhouse, one of the lady-film stars rushes in and informs the crew that Lyla is hurt. They follow.

Jax finds Gemma at Nero’s workplace and asks about her involvement with Tara’s arrest. Gemma only admits she may have threatened Tara but she didn’t go to the cops. Jax is upset, but is interrupted when the crew bring Lyla to him. She’s distraught and covered in cuts and bruises. She tells them about the persians who beat her in Stockton at the Navy Docks for a “torture porn” film. Jax wants to check it out. Nero agrees to go with backup but that the area is monitored by an excop named Charlie Barosky.

Toric, meanwhile is in Clay’s cell, informing him he’s the one that put him in protective custody but that Clay will soon be moved into gen pop. Toric wants to take down SAMCRO and gives Clay his card in case he wants to commit to it.

Bobby is getting a fridge moved into his new place, he hits up a member who admits, he misses being a Nomad.

As Jax and crew drive down toward the dock, we see the boy in the suit casually walking by.

At the clubhouse Gemma sees Wendy and tells her that Tara put in her will that if anything happens to her, Wendy will get guardianship over both sons. Wendy wasn’t expecting it, but doesn’t want it. She just wants Gemma to keep the Able safe.

Jax, Nero, and crew show up at the docks and force the Persians (Iranians) to release the women that are undergoing their torture filming. The Persians open fire. None Jax’s men are hurt, they put one of the Persians in the cage and after get infiltrated by street cops.

Jax is taken to Barosky who converses with Jax and Nero about not being notified about their arrival. Barosky connects them to Colette, an escort madam who wants to go legit with the business. Jax agrees while Nero feels slightly undermined, but Jax reassures him that he doesn’t have to take any deal he doesn’t want to.

Juice returns to the clubhouse with a new prospect. Gemma asks about Bobby. Juice tells her that he’s patching out of Redwood and might go Nomad.

Toric visits Tara and catches her in a slip explaining the docs that she forged was to talk to Otto. Toric thinks she’ll get 5-7 years and admits he wants to use Tara to take down the Sons. Tara refuses completely.

At the docks, Jax tells Chibs that Juice is back in town. Jax wants to let Juice prove himself between the two of them. Chibs disagrees with because of Juice’s incident with killing a member last season. Chibs goes along reluctantly.

Tig releases the Persian in the cage but attacks him after the Persian makes a comment about using his daughter in a film. Tig drowns him in a tub of piss.

Jax meets Colette and agrees to a three-way split with Nero on their escort business. Jax goes to see the house with Colette. As Jax leaves, he sees the boy in a suit writing something down.

At the clubhouse, Wayne converses with Gemma about getting her to open up. She’s not in the mood to. Ellie shows up and tells Gemma that she’s aware of what Gemma did. Gemma threatens her.

Tig dumps the Persian into the ocean and softly sings “Sittin’ on the dock of the bay”

As Clay is about to enter gen pop he tells a guard to call Toric and tell him that Clay accepts the deal.

Jax tours Colette’s escort house and gets a call from Ellie, who tells him that Tara doesn’t want him at the hearing.

At the clubhouse, Chibs tells Juice that he has to accept Jax’s decision to let Juice back in, but he beats Juice within an inch of his life to get his frustrations out over what Juice did and what he might do in the future.

Colette tries to soothe Jax over his turmoil.

Toric is shown to be addicted to either heroine or morphine.

The boy in a suit goes to a church school and reveals he has many cuts on his left arm. He then removes a machine gun from his backpack, goes into a classroom and shoots everyone inside.

There’s an aftermath scene of the events at the school. Police and firefighters maintain order.

Tara gets her blanket stolen and she violently attacks the woman afterwards.

Meanwhile, Jax gives in and has sex with Colette.


Wow. I wasn’t expecting a couple of these scenes, but Sons continues to try and outdo itself every season. Tig taking a leak on the body after he drowns him in the tub of piss was an interesting send off, but you can clearly see he’s certainly on a self-destructive path that will continue if unchecked.

I wasn’t a fan with how Jax decided to take out his frustrations with Tara refusing to see him by knocking boots with Colette, but without Tara there to set him straight, he was bound to go of course because of what’s happened as of late.

The struggle between Chibs and Juice, I think, was heartfelt. If it wasn’t for Chibs helping sow Juice back up later on, I’d have really thought Chibs was going to go dark and do something drastic later with Juice. You never know if Chibs will hold to heart his position on Juice’s incidents, but time will tell if he’ll stand up to Jax in some other way. I hope not. Chibs is a great character, they’re all great characters.

Peter Weller makes his first appearance as the ex-cop Barosky. I expected a bit more opposition rather than…none, but I can see the appeal of an out of town ally. Jax needs all the help he can get. With Damon Pope’s second still trying to uphold Pope’s original deal with Jax handing over Tig will no doubt replay some of last season’s same events. Will Jax be forced to kill again to save Tig? I don’t think he’d have much of a problem if things continue to spiral downhill.

Clay had minimal scenes, but already you can tell he’s losing his last shreds of what made him a member of SAMCRO. He doesn’t want to do what Jax knows he will, but he’s forced into it because in the end, Jax is right. He’ll do whatever he has to to survive.

I feel awful with what’s happened to Tara. I love her to death, though not the new hairstyle. I’m proud to see her stand up for herself in prison, but that will escalate things fast if she’s not careful. I want to see her reunite with Jax, but not at the expense of Gemma costing her more time in behind bars.

Speaking of Gemma, I’m sure that new prospect was shocked to get a hand-full. She never surprises me, no ma’am.

Bobby also had limited screentime, which is sad. He’s losing much of his spirit and wants to rebuild the Nomad crew, or possibly something different. I’m sure he’ll be looped into the plot soon enough, we hope.

The real surprise came with the boy shooting the church school. It felt very out of place, and I’m not certain I understand the message the writer’s wish to convey. Is this a portent? Is this random? Was I supposed to know this kid from a previous episode? It’s late and I’m drawing a blank, but either way, the scene was surreal to watch for a Sons premiere.

Overall, I feel season six is off to a good start. Many dynamics are put in play, some old themes never die, and I’m comfortable keeping our characters in a state of flux. That’s when they are at their best…or worst, depending on how you look t it. I don’t like seeing Jax making emotional decisions that could cost him his relationship with Tara, but he’s the president, he’s allowed certain…perks, right? The Iranians one-off doesn’t quite feel like a one off, I think their might be one thread that may come back, but then again, there’s plenty of plot to go around and I expect Barosky to play a bigger role in the future. Keep the eps comin! Love those opening credits.

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One response to “A Sashurai’s Review: Sons of Anarchy – Season 6×01 (In memory of Opie)

  1. Nice post! I also wrote a review, if you’d like to check it out. Yeah, the school shooting was out of place. Usually the violence is just violent for violence’s sake, and this felt more like a cheap attempt to shock.

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