A Sashurai’s Review: Sons of Anarchy – Season 6×04 (Three words…No more, brother)

Just when I thought this episode was going to be lodged into the ranks of legendary filler status, they go and do a number where those you thought would die live, and those you thought would live, die. The last arc of season 6’s fourth episode “Wolfsangel” completes it’s first short run with a nasty bloodbath combining two executions, one shootout, and a vendetta that is finally resolved with one of the show’s most enduring members. Based on rumors of how the show could “possibly” end, I wasn’t anticipating such an abrupt moment. But it happened, and now the show must forge head.

Jax is further pressured by Gaalan and the IRA to remain in the gun trade as Nero is pulled in for questioning regarding the murder of one of his escorts. After an attack on Wayne for retaliation over Clay’s actions in prison, Samcro must deal with another threat from a new Aryan group. Wendy’s motives are further explained and Nero is close to making a decision on his future with the club and with Gemma. Meanwhile, Toric continues to push Clay into signing a deal that could spell trouble for Samcro.


As Wayne wakes in his RV he is attacked by three masked men. One of them pulls a knife to begin cutting him.

Tig shows up at Jax’s house and tells him that August found him but that August just wants to speak with Jax. Jax is surprised that Tig is still alive and reassures Tig that they are all good. Tig is unaware, seemingly, that Jax had set him up.

Eli is at Nero’s escort house and tells Nero that one of his ladies was found dead on highway 18. Nero is not under arrest, but they take him in for questioning. Lyla offers to call Gemma, but Nero says no. Toric is watching Nero get taken away and tells Eli that he likes to watch.

Jax and August meet and Jax realizes he passed a loyalty test. August explains that the murder Clay caused was witnessed by the white group and blowback is expected on the MC. When he asks about the gun trade, Jax tells him that the IRA wants to stay in the territory with the same customers. August says if Jax will hook them up with the IRA, he’ll consider Tig’s debt paid.

Gemma finds Wayne strung up on a car lift in the garage at the clubhouse. He’s alive but is cut several places on his chest.

Jax returns to the clubhouse as Tara is helping to stitch his wounds. Wayne describes his attackers as Nazi’s to the crew. Jax has Filthy Phil and V-Lin guard the warehouse as he meets members of the San Bernardino charter including the president (Robert Patrick). He tells Jax that the charter voted against taking over the gun trade with the IRA. Chuck tells Jax that one of Nero’s girls was found dead.

Tara tells Wayne he’ll need a tetanus shot and he says Chuck can take him to the hospital since the work Tara is doing on him is not legal. Wayne scolds Gemma about the possibility of Jax’s kids being with him when he was attacked. Gemma gets upset and let’s it slip that they’re her kids, which Tara hears. Gemma then gets a call from Wendy who tells her that Tara’s lawyer wants to see her and have her sign the guardianship papers. Gemma tells Wendy to meet her at her place later.

In a club meeting, Jax surmises that Clay committed the prison murder as a service for protection but that the white group was not likely responsible for the death of Nero’s escort. Jax wants the crew to talk to Darby and see if he might know something about the group who attacked Wayne. As Chibs reminds Jax about the IRA, the SoCal president tells the group that they turned down the gun trade offer. Jax and Chibs speak alone and Chibs is unhappy with Jax making decisions without the club’s involvement. Jax says what he does he does for the club, even though Chibs says Jax’s actions remind him of Clay. Jax sternly says he’s not Clay and never will be.

In the DA’s office, she reminds Toric to get Clay to sign their agreement or Toric’s badge will no longer be of use to him at the end of the day.

Nero gives his statement and alibi to Eli at the precinct. Eli pushes Nero to come clean and Nero holds to his story while explaining he’s doing the escort service as a means to help the girls do their business in a safer way. Eli comments that Nero just makes money off of the broken self-esteem of women. He tells Nero to stick around the precinct for the time being. Nero asks Eli about Toric and his involvement, but Eli says Toric is not on their investigation.

At Gemma’s house, Wendy tells her that Tara is scaring her with wanting to take the kids out of Charming and Gemma relays that it won’t happen. Lyla shows up and tells Gemma that Nero is at the precinct being questioned. Gemma leaves to go to him.

Samcro shows up at Darby’s place and explain what Clay did in prison. Darby pushes that it isn’t his life anymore and he has a wife but does confess to a recent release of an old partner named Eddie that’s rounding up new members for a new brotherhood and is stationed in a rural area of Oswald’s land. Tig suggests some of them masquerade as new recruits wanting to join and Jax tells Tig and Ratboy to do it as father and son. They coax Darby into showing them how to get to the house.

After Darby tells Tig where to go to, Juice stays back with him. Tig and Ratboy enter the area and find Eddie and a few others. They question their arrival and Tig is able to convince them they want to join. However, a van pulls up and they shove Juice and Darby from it. Guns are pulled and Ratboy holds Eddie hostage. They leave with Eddie and Darby attacks him after his life is threatened. Tig drops Eddie from the truck and they escape.

Jax and crew meet Gaalan and his men at the warehouse and he explains they can’t take any more guns from them. If they get pinched, they’re dead. Gaalan agrees to have the guns moved to the San Bernardino charter, but Jax says they already turned down the offer. Gaalan is displeased with this and reiterates that Samcro can’t leave their arrangement. Jax insults Gaalan and they have a short fight. Jax says they’re done and Gaalan smiles condescendingly.

Back at the precinct, Gemma shows up and yells at Eli with the same alibi as Nero’s. She tells him he’s a good man and wouldn’t hurt a woman. Eli then looks at the list of evidence found on the truck and begins to realize it may have been planted. He has his men pull the profile record on Toric.

Meanwhile, Toric sees Clay in his solitary cell and tells him its only a matter of time before someone kills him on the inside. He then steps on his hand and mockingly says he should go to the infirmary. He tells Clay he’s setting up a visit and there’s someone he wants Clay to see.

Jax returns to Darby’s place and Tig tells him the plan went south. Jax offers protection for Darby’s wife, but Darby refuses stating he has to deal with his own mess. Jax then gets a call from Phil about a new delivery the IRA is making at the warehouse.

At the warehouse, Gaalan shoots and kills Filthy Phil and V-Lin and tells his men to get him a saw.

Samcro arrives at the warehouse and find their bodies, severed with their hands laying on their charter jackets.

At the precinct, Eli looks at Toric’s file and recognizes the picture as the same man he ran into outside Nero’s escort house. He releases Nero but says he’s keeping the truck a while longer. He tells Gemma have Jax speak with him as well.

At the warehouse, Chibs tells Jax that all the guns are gun except the KG9’s. Jax wants to hunt down Eddie’s group and Chibs is against this, but Jax pushes for a score to be settled.

Gemma is driving Nero home and Nero discusses leaving the business and his connections with the MC. Gemma is worried that he’ll leave her, but Nero says if he has to cut ties that he wants Gemma to go with her. Gemma seems to react somewhat positive to the idea.

In Stockton, Toric brings Clay into the infirmary where Otto is constrained on a hospital bed. Clay wants to talk to Otto alone. Clay apologizes to Otto and slips him the shiv he received from the guard earlier. He tells Otto, “No more brother” and Otto nods. Clay then leaves.

Back at the clubhouse, Gemma and Nero arrive. Chibs tells Jax that the charters have been alerted with their situation. Jax asks Nero if Eli knows anything about the murder. Nero says no but that the situation is starting to sink in. He then goes to talk to Lyla. Gemma wants to watch the kids and Jax tells her the club is on lockdown because of the Irish and that Phil and V-Lin are dead.

In the prison, Toric tries, one last time to get Clay to sign the agreement, but Clay refuses.

Wendy, Tara, and Tara’s lawyer go over Wendy’s written testimony recalling the violence in the MC and Wendy agrees to testify to it. Tara confirms with Wendy that she’s is feeding Gemma what Tara wants her to. When Thomas begins crying, Wayne enters the room and seems Tara with Wendy. He leaves but Tara goes after him. Gemma then walks up, but Wayne redirects her to Abel across the hall, keeping her from discovering Wendy. Tara thanks him and Wayne says at some point he’ll ask her questions about what’s going on.

Jax and crew lock and load the KG9’s and return to Eddie’s house. They unload their payload on all members, killing the entire group. Jax tells his crew to wipe the guns down, store them inside house to make their deaths look like an internal beef and to burn the house down.

In the prison, Toric visits Otto in the infirmary and coaxes him to give Toric any information that can be used against Clay. Otto agrees and Toric releases his arm restraint to write something down. After he finishes Toric reads the note, which reads as a hurtful insult about Toric’s sister. Toric lashes out and begins choking Otto, who stabs Toric with the shiv. He pulls Toric down and holds him hostage as the guards ring their emergency alarm. Toric remarks that he didn’t see that coming.

Tig and Chibs inform Jax that Belfast has been brought up to speed on the situation with the IRA and now they need to start looking for IRA hideouts near Northern California.

Back at the prison, Otto finally slices Toric’s throat and kills him. The guards then put down Otto with several shots, effectively killing him as well.

Tara is seen giving Wayne his tetanus shot.

Jax and crew set fire to the bodies and jackets of the Phil and V-Lin in a large grave.

Otto is carried away in a body bag.

Nero puts Abel to sleep as Gemma looks on.

The DA ID’s Toric’s body and he’s then pulled away. She spots the shiv on the ground before leaving.

Jax tells them to finish burying  Phil and V-Lin and he walks away as the fires are put out.


Business certainly picks up during the last quarter of the episode. First and foremost is the genuine surprise that Tig showed up on Jax’s doorstep. Naturally, my mind is exploding with conspiracy, payback scenarios, but by the end of the scene I feel pretty convinced that Tig is none the wiser. Will that continue to be the case? I think so. They needed to wrap up Pope’s vendetta and it seems Tig’s lifeline is extended a bit longer. I’m thankful for that. Tig took a while to grow on me, but his humor and pure chaotic personality continues to compliment his counterparts. Now, having said that, I’m always up for the eventual reveal that Tig found out about the setup from August, or that he finds out through some other means. Again, it’s unlikely, but stranger things have happened on this show. (Stephen King anyone?)

Moving on the next distressing news is the death of Otto Delaney. Wait. Otto’s dead? They killed Otto?? Again, late night, my brain is trying to remember something Kurt Sutter said about the final scene, in his mind, of Otto getting out of prison. So, now I’m left wondering, what the hell? Could he have taken 4-5 bullets, get taken out in a body bag and mysteriously still be alive? Sadly, I can’t hold onto such hopes. I haven’t scoured the internet for confirmation, so as of this review I’m writing it in lieu his final passing. If this turns out to be false, I’ll be glad. But as it stands, I am in sorrow as for 6 long years we have witnessed some truly horrific moments involving him. So many to list, I’m sure a youtube video will be constructed soon of his most iconic moments in the series. He’ll be missed certainly.

Chibs and Jax have a close to boiling moment regarding Jax’s actions without much consultation from the club. Jax has deeper motives and he’s taking the ball and truly running with it. He doesn’t have time to cross the T’s with his crew and he made sure Chibs knows this. This could continue to get ugly, but it will possibly have to shift into other arcs as the IRA plot seems to on the verge of wrapping up. Although, given Clay’s position in prison, August, the IRA and Jax could be circling this arc for a while longer. After, if Clay expires, what then? Is he just a loose end to tie up with the writers? I don’t want to think of Clay in that matter, but the death toll will only continue to grow as this season inches closer toward a final product, whatever that ends up being. We’re running out of club members and though Clay has been excommunicated, he’s still a member of the show and he has some gas left in the tank, I think.

Tara seems a bit on the backburner until we found out that Wendy is actually in cahoots with her. I like that more than the other possibility of her working with an outside source on some darker agenda. This feels simple and easy to follow, although, this doesn’t really explain Wendy’s need to get a gun from Gemma. So, as my late brain imagines, I’m postulating that Tara intends to set Gemma up for a similar fall that Tara went through. But Gemma is really smart and something is bound to backfire. I don’t want to see Tara get hurt, but this simply doesn’t bode well for my favorite character on the show. Her hair is starting to look better, it’s growing on me.

Phil and V-Lin was a bit of a shock too, I always thought Phil was just a tad bit too awkward in his role, but he was loyal and so was V-Lin. Samcro sent them off right and it’s the least they can do for two of their own.

It was also a pleasure to see Mitch Pileggi and Robert Patrick return and appear, respectively. Two X-Files alumni (Yes, I know Doggett was only in two seasons) add some nostalgic soul to the show and I hope they have some extended roles to play sometime in season 6.

Overall, I’m pretty overwhelmed with the death toll, the brutality was fixed and really only sold its part when Samcro bolstered Eddie and his gang and of course Toric and Otto’s short clash. The end was felt and as always, retaliation from one group or another is just around the corner. Someone tell me Otto is still alive! Aside from the IRA, I believe Boraski will be making a stronger impact soon, maybe even a real antagonist to Jax. Peter will do well and Jax needs a strong opponent to fight against his battles. Just don’t turn the finale into a courtroom drama between him and Tara. That just won’t feel right.


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