A Sashurai’s review: Supernatural – Season 9×01 (No, ‘the king of hell in my trunk’ is not a metaphor)


Carry on my wayward soooooon! Oh wait…that’s at the end of the season. Here we are, at the beginning of our ninth, yes fans, 9th season of Supernatural. Hot on the heels with the fall of angels, Sam and Dean Winchester mark their next riveting arc in the Angel and Demon war, sans demons, for now. This is probably one of the few shows that manages to continually refresh itself with new ideas on similar concepts. After an armageddon, or two, the brothers now face a new threat with helpful and harmful angels who haven’t taken kindly to their new predicament. Only hilarity can ensue, only replace hilarity with bloodthirsty maniacal havoc. Get in the back seat of the Impala, it’s time for a new ride down the road.

(Full Recap)

Sam wakes in the car with Dean driving. After a quick mentioning of the angel fall being depicted as a meteor shower, Dean explains that Sam is dying. Sam is then seen on a hospital bed in a coma with Dean watching over him and the news footage of the fall of angels.

Cut to the best opening title sequence the show has had. I’m certain fans are quite diverse on their season favorites. For the longest time I enjoyed season 3’s the most. Now it’s season 9. Season 7’s opening is at best, meh.

A doctor explains Sam’s condition to Dean who, as usual, lashes out at both the situation and at the doctor’s mentioning of Sam being in “god’s hands”. Dean goes to the local chapel and calls for Castiel. After he no shows, Cas calls for any angel’s help. Three angels specifically react to Dean’s plea, we’ll call them, bug angel, tractor angel, and suit angel family guy…or just suit angel. They redirect their path to Dean.

In Sam’s mind, he realizes that his travel with Dean is a figment of his imagination and that Dean is a representation of his psyche that doesn’t want to give up. When Sam wonders why he should be fighting at all, Bobby appears in the back seat.

Cas is walking down a road, I believe in Colorado, and, after hearing ‘angel radio (all the angels around the world)’ almost gets hit by a truck. The driver offers to give him a ride, which Cas takes, realizing he is now human. (Apologies if I spell her name wrong)

Meanwhile, in Sam’s head, Dean and Bobby argue over Sam’s situation with Bobby choosing to sway Sam into giving in. When Sam doesn’t know what’s right, Bobby and Sam suddenly appear in a forest and Bobby takes him for a walk.

Cas is dropped off at a diner and it’s there he meets a young woman named Hael, who used to be an angel.

In the hospital, Dean meets a grief counselor named Kim who tries to console him. Dean veers against it and thinks he has something that can help Sam, the king of hell, Crowley. Dean stashed him in the trunk of the car and begins asking him questions through the trunk when “suit angel” attacks Dean. Bus angel intervenes and they have a tussle. Dean stabs suit angel in the back, effectively killing him and exploding the angel within. Bus angel says he’s there to help Dean shortly before passing out from his injuries.

Hael explains to Cas that she remembers the fall and Cas mentions he can hear other angels. She says some of the angels are still without vessels and is afraid. Cas tells her being on Earth is an opportunity to do the things she wants to do rather than what she’s told to. Hael wants to visit the Grand Canyon, the place she once built.

Bus angel wakes up in a ring of fire, a seal for angels. Dean asks who he is, and the angel is Ezekiel who explains the open prayer went to a lot of angels who will looking for him. Ezekiel still believes in Cas and wants to his strength to Dean.

In the forest, Bobby tells Sam that after all he’s done, his departure will be leaving a legacy and that’s how Sam should view it. Sam is still being directed somewhere.

Ezekiel thinks he can cure Sam as Dean gets a phone call from Cas. Dean says Ezekiel is helping him and Cas confirms Ezekiel is a good soldier. Dean tells Cas not to trust anyone and reminds him that Cas is now human. The hospital begins shaking, which Ezekiel says is because an angel nearby is taking another vessel. Dean begins marking the room with signs to ward the angels from entering.

Cas tells Hael he has to leave to help his friends. Hael pleads for him to stay and help her. Cas apologizes and as he departs, Hael knocks him out from behind.

Dean finishes the warding signs and tells Ezekiel to save Sam. Dean leaves the room and pulls a fire alarm to get people to leave. I’m sure the earthquake would have done that on its own.

Cas wakes up in a car driven by Hael, who tells him she couldn’t let him leave. She blames him for the fall of angels and that they’re going to the Grand Canyon. She also plans to merge with Cas in his body since her body is starting to lose integrity and won’t hold out much longer. She keeps an angel blade on her lap.

Dean finds Kim and helps her up when tractor angel shows up. Kim reveals she’s possessed and begins choking Dean.

Bobby shows Sam a cabin and says everything he needs is inside. Dean appears and stabs Bobby in the back, killing him. (Geez, Dean, that’s two back stabbings in one ep!) Sam is surprised and tells Dean there’s nothing left to fight for. Dean begins beating Sam’s face saying he knows Sam doesn’t believe that. Sam tells Dean he needs to go in the house and that it’s what he wants. Dean then disappears, leaving Sam to begin his path to the house.

Tractor angel and Kim angel are dragging a beaten Dean toward Sam’s room. After tractor angel grabs an axe from the wall, Kim angel vows to strip Sam’s flesh off if Dean doesn’t tell them where Cas is. She beats Dean up some more.

Sam enters the house and finds a roaring fire with a man near it. It’s Death and he’s been waiting for Sam. (Yay, Death!! He’s great.)

While Dean was being pummeled, he managed to create a seal to expel the angels using his blood. After the angels disintegrate, Dean returns to Sam’s room where Ezekiel says he’s too weak to help Sam. The only option left to consider is Ezekiel possessing Sam’s body. Dean says Sam would never go for it. When Ezekiel goes to leave Dean alone with his brother, Dean stops him and says he needs to Ezekiel to prove how bad Sam is. Ezekiel touches both Sam and Dean’s head to join Dean’s thoughts with Sam’s. (I saw an original vampire do this the other day, weird)

Death and Sam and sitting by the fire. Death tells him that he had to come after realizing Sam was on his way out and also that it’s an honor to take him. Convinced it’s his time, Sam wants to make sure that there will not be any possibility of a resurrection or any other method to return Sam to life. Death says he can make sure of that.

Dean is witnessing the conversation and Ezekiel warns him that time is running out.

Cas eyeballs Hael’s dagger, puts on his seatbelt and grabs the wheel, crashing the car and sending Hael through the window.

Dean asks Ezekiel how the possession will work. Ezekiel explains that the plan is mutually beneficial as both he and Sam will heal together and afterwards, Ezekiel will freely leave Sam’s body. Dean needs to be the one to convince Sam to agree to it.

Cas wakes up from the crash and stumbles out to Hael’s broken and twisted mess of a body. Even though he tells her he wants to help the angels, Hael rants about the angels wanting to kill Cas and that if he doesn’t comply to their merging, she’ll use the angel radio to inform them where Cas is. Reluctantly, Cas stabs her with the angel dagger and kills her.

As Death tells Sam that it’s time to leave, Dean appears and says he has a plan. Death tells Dean that it’s for Sam to decide what he wants to do. Dean reminds Sam of the promise they made at the church in the last season and that if there’s no Sam then there’s no Dean. Sam asks what he has to do. Dean then materializes as Ezekiel and grabs Sam as he lights up from the inside.

The body Ezekiel previously possessed wakes up in the hospital room and tells the doctor he doesn’t know how he got there.

Meanwhile, outside, Ezekiel is now in Sam’s body and walks with Dean, telling him if Dean tells Sam about what happened that Sam can eject Ezekiel at any time which could kill Sam since he’s not fully healed. Dean agrees to keep it a secret from Sam for the time being. Ezekiel helps further by saying he can erase Sam’s memory of the current event.

Cas enters a laundry mat with blood on his coat and suit. He begins undressing to his boxers and is about to wash his clothes with the quarters the driver originally gave him, when he notices the vending machine. As he’s human now, he decides to steal some clothes nearby and gets a bottle of water from the machine. He then drinks it till it’s empty, savoring it.

Dean is driving as Sam wakes up in the passenger seat. Sam says he remembers the angels falling and Dean tells him he was asleep for a whole day but knew he’d pull through. Sam says they have work to do and Dean watches the road with a subtle look of worry.

(End recap)

It’s always something with those brothers. Supernatural is at it’s core when one brother hides something from the other brother, thus creating the future half season conflict that will ruin their relationship for a few eps but work their way into getting them back to good graces. It’s the only seasonal theme that really sticks and continues to hit home each passing year. Dean can’t live without Sam, even though we’ve seen him try and Sam was very prepared to call it a day, until Dean reminded him and, once again, convinced him to stick around. It’s time tested, and likely will be retold until the end of the show. I’m fine with that.

Cas wears his burden with a heavy brow and wasn’t delivering his usual cavalcade of awkward moment comedy. He knows, regardless of Metatron’s involvement, that the fallen angels are his fault and his problem to deal with. As a human, he’s completely vulnerable and likely won’t be joining up with the Winchesters for a short time. He’s really coming into his own as a character who can have adventures without the prime cast. One would think the spin-off, soon to air, should be about him, but his relationship with Sam and Dean is far from tired and he belongs with them. I’m certain this won’t be the only time Cas is forced to kill his own kind, but will there be any surprise angels showing up that exist in the biblical lore? Who indeed is left?

Bobby’s cameo was a bit bittersweet, only because his goal was to convince Sam he needed to let go. Would the real Bobby be the same way? I’m not sure, but seeing how Sam’s manifestations played against each other, it felt more strange to witness than enduring to Sam. If Bobby is going to cameo again, let it be the real Bobby.

This season is promising to start and finish with the angels, at least I’m expecting it to. Will there be rogue demons helping to ruin the brothers? You betcha. Crowley was stuck in a trunk and that didn’t seem right. I wonder if Crowley still has all those feels after what he went through in the finale. He’s better as a manipulating bastard. I’m not expecting very many ghost stories to surface unless they deal directly with the main plot at hand, and quite frankly I’m a bit bored of the ghost stories. They’re singular best was “Roadkill” in season 02, which starred Tricia Helfer.

Overall, the episode held to my expectations and Death’s cameo made it even more delightful. Sam, once more, has a new acting role to robotize with, that being the fallen angel, Ezekiel. I’m interested to see whether their personalities will switch on a whim, or if something stranger will happen. This is very similar to how Sam was portrayed in season 6 before shortly finding out his lack of a soul. It’s different, but I imagine about a third of the way through we’ll conclude this portion of the plot and move onto the Chicago scene where our new spin-off characters await entrance to the franchise. Is it me or did I just not think that Sam would freak out so bad about finding out he had an angel inside of him. Is this because of the whole Lucifer thing? Yeah, probably. Either way. lock n load, the Winchesters are back!

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