A Sashurai’s review: The Originals – Season 1×02 (Gentlemen vampires prefer blondes)


The Mikaelson family plot, scheme, and break some necks as they play the power game against one of their own kind in the city of New Orleans. It’s day of playing “catch up” has ended and now The Originals is looking to stake their own clai—…..okay no, I’m not punning this up, I can review this episode without doing that, perhaps. Rebekah finally enters the city’s domain with a singular goal to find where Elijah is and destroy whoever she needs to in the process. Klaus proves his methods have merit even if no one believes his sincerity while Marcel begins to unravel his own plans for the originals…the ‘true’ death….okay, no I’m not referencing other vampire shows again. I can do this.

Klaus continues keeping Marcel close by observing his habits with his vampire kin as they party and feed on the human populace, healing and compelling afterward. A pair of humans are killed in the process, in which, Marcel agrees to make only one of them full vampires. In a quick game of “grab the coin” the female swipes it first and admits her male friend would have done the same. Marcel kills the woman, saying he has a thing against people who betray their own friends. Klaus witnesses as if admiring the handiwork.

Rebekah arrives at Elijah’s house and finds Hayley and Klaus, who lies about Elijah’s wherebouts. Rebekah also killed a group of vampires on her way in, belonging to Marcel.

Through flashbacks starting in 1820, it is known that Klaus finds Marcel as a boy, showing resentment and anger toward a man whipping him. Klaus kills the man and offers to take the boy in, calling his Marcellus, after ‘Mars’. Marcellus grows and becomes infatuated with Rebekah, who also falls for him. Klaus, however, instructs Marcellus to stay away from Rebekah and that he’ll turn him into a vampire when the time is right. Marcellus succumbs to Rebekah regardless and Klaus is forced to dagger Rebekah to teach her a lesson. When she wakes, Klaus reveals it’s 1887 and that Marcellus agreed to be turned as long as he gave up ever wanting Rebekah again. She is crushed by this as Marcel enters the room, no longer visibly concerned with her well being or previous involvement.

In the present, Hayley acquires wolfsbane from a local witch with the intention of ending her pregnancy. Ultimately, she can’t go through with it. But Marcel was tipped off about a werewolf in town and sends his men to find Hayley. When they do, Rebekah kills two of the three men to protect Hayley and her child.

Klaus eventually reveals to Rebekah his plan with Marcel which includes compelling the male who was turned into a vampire before any vervane was/will be put in his system as Marcel has his vampires periodically ingesting it to keep from being compelled. He also compelled Camille, the bartender who studies abnormal psychology, into going on a date with Marcel, who genuinely wants to court her. Klaus also plans to drain the third vampire who attacked Hayley and compel him to spy on Marcel as well. He also admits that as a peace offering he daggered Elijah and gave him to Marcel.

Rebekah, furious at this revelation, confronts Marcel, threatening to kill Camille. Marcel agrees to take her to Elijah. When he does, Rebekah meets Davina, a 16 year old witch, who has more power than Rebekah’s ever witnessed in a witch before. Davina displays her ability by telekinetically throwing Rebekah through the house and out of it.

Klaus and Rebekah eventually come to terms with their plan to rid Marcel from New Orleans as Klaus admits to Hayley that they have similar traits after all. Meanwhile, Marcel asks Davina to find a way to kill an original.

Rebekah has, and at this point, will always have the softest heart and the worst scorn when crossed of any character on either VD or TO. It was interesting to see Marcel grow up and become infatuated with her, only to give it up to become a vampire. Klaus is nothing if not overprotective and devious in his nature. What I wasn’t counting on was the tip of his plan so early on. Again, the show has to prepare itself for a short season if things don’t go as planned. I’m not following the ratings at this exact moment, so I’ll review as normal.

Without Elijah, Rebekah is left to fill the void in Klaus’s heart. She’s more of the brick as Elijah is more like the wind, both have effects on Klaus either way, which is good to see that dynamic play out.

I’m really not a fan of Sophie. I’m not expecting nor hoping that she develops into a likable character. Twice we’ve been warned by her that she’s linked to Hayley which means Klaus is forced to keep her alive regardless. One can assume once Marcel finds out, well everything, that life “will be forfeit” (Kindred the Embraced reference…for those cosmopolitan vampire elites out there) Don’t expect any quick tears over that one.

Camille is the grounded human who seems to have the gift card of main character syndrome. She has the charisma of a long lasting character, and like Matt in VD, will probably be compelled and thrown around…a lot. I like her enough to see what they do with her. Hopefully she doesn’t become a love interest of Klaus’s which seems eluded to back during the backdoor spinoff ep, last season. I honestly don’t know if I really buy Marcel’s interest in her. Every vamp has a human weakness, but in two episodes we already find Marcel’s? That was fast.

Overall, a much better presentation of the format. I expect a multitude of flashbacks to help clarify other plot details, unless all the siblings end up daggered in everyone and that just might get a little old. Although, Rebekah hasn’t revealed she has the daggers that Hayley found under the coffkin in Elijah’s house. Rainy day perhaps? Will she use it on Klaus if she has to? Also, I’m wondering what kind of loophole method Davina will find that can kill an original. Unless part of the plan involves reshaping, making, stealing, forming, or whatever-ing the old oak tree dagger from VD. It’s nice to know all that time spent making a big deal out of that only method, is trumped by whatever Marcel uncovers. Now, will Marcel only target Elijah and Rebekah knowing killing Klaus would undo his existence as well? Stay tuned.

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