A Sashurai’s Review: Sons of Anarchy – Season 6×06 (At least the gavel made it out in one piece)


Against the odds of retaliation clocking at full swing, Jax and the rest of Samcro offer a different outcome; the path to a safer future. It’s a move that isn’t as surprising as it is full of a clear conscience and a sense of purpose for a direction out of the bloody gun trade. “Salvage” covers a multitude of auspicious quotable moments, not withstanding, the polite metaphor for explaining a simple shiner spoken by Miss, Mr. Mz…ah hell, it’s Venus Van Damme!

As we near the halfway point of the season, SOA delivers a rather lighthearted episode. And by lighthearted, I mean, nobody died. Bobby reunited with the crew and Clay continues to offer his support in dealing with the Irish. Having said that, not all is shiny bikes and hand grenades. Tara is being pushed, very reluctantly, into a corner with a deal that sounds sweet, but would nail the club down for certain disaster. When Patterson declares her offer to be full immunity, once more the echoes of the Shield come back in haunting fashion. Let’s quickly recap, shall we?


Gaalan and the kings offer terms to Jax and Samcro, saying Jax will confirm their buyers and let Clay handle the gun trade in northern California. The Sons won’t see any profit from or after this transition, but the blood shed on any other charters will cease. Jax and the crew agree, seemingly, to their arrangement. Samcro then ventures up north to join with the other charters for a massive meeting.

Eli is compelled to tell DA Patterson that Nero was setup by Toric for the murder of his escort. Patterson agrees to let Eli search Toric’s hotel room. Even through they find evidence suggesting Toric was eccentric and loaded with pills and guns, Patterson maintains that until further DNA proof arrives, that Nero is pushed toward being processed.

Tara eventually tells Wayne about her plan to set up Wendy with the kids should she return to jail.

On their way to the Three Point Lodge, Jax and crew encounter a pair of motorcycle cops in the local area. They get pulled over and the cops tell them their bikes are being impounded. Juice attacks one of the cops and they realize the cops are dirty and will use their bikes to strip the parts. Their escape concludes with a cop van giving chase but crashing off the road.

After they arrive at the lodge, Bobby greets them along with other charter members. Jax begins the meeting with a speech about his plan to move all charters out of the gun trade. He expresses that the hit will be hard at first but that their plans to maintain legitimate business will keep them safe and alive. He mentions having lost twenty members in the last two years to the gun trade and he offers his charter to help the others should they need it. Everyone pounds the table in agreement toward Jax’s new direction.

Gemma returns to Clay at the prison and tells him, from Jax, to move forward with the IRA’s offer to head their gun trade. Clay agrees.

DA Patterson meets with Tara and Ellie and tells them that her deal is offering Tara full immunity for proof of Samcro’s gun running. Though Ellie wants her to think about the deal, Tara says she doesn’t need to think about it at all.

Bobby tells Jax that the men he’s been recruiting isn’t for reforming the Nomads, but for gaining new members for Samcro. Jax is surprised by this but accepts Bobby and his guys back into the fold.

Gemma discovers that Venus Van Damme was once a close friend to Nero, who helped him during his transitional phase when he was younger. Venus, formerly Vincent, went to Nero after someone, likely a family member, gave Venus a black eye. Gemma comforts Venus.

Patterson confronts Tara one more time and tells her she’s moving the trial up three weeks and she’ll be prosecuting the case herself. This leaves Tara stunned.

Jax and crew go to the impound garage to find Juice’s bike. There, they find other stolen bikes and wait for the two cops to show up. When they do, they blackmail the cops into giving them a bike and keeping quiet about their encounter or else all the bikes they stole go public to the real police. The two cops agree and are made to apologize to each member of the crew before they depart.


My brain is quickly trying to encapsulate all the blowback scenarios Samcro will have to deal with before the kings are through with them. There’s August and the deal he asked Jax to make in good faith. There’s Tara’s forced decision that could be the biggest crushing blow to ever strike from within, There’s Clay’s still dubious nature. He’s Jax’s ace in the hole, but one can never count out Clay’s intentions if he still feels self serving. I’m not siding with that belief, but I’m not ignoring it either.

I was worried about Juice for a spell, but after tonight’s episode, I feel confident Juice won’t be flying off any more handles unless it’s more of the self-sacrificing move to help the club. Chibs still needs to forgive him, at least in our eyes so we know they’re cool again.

Gaalan is the true villain at this point. He smiles deviously even when he’s around his own teammates and it’s getting a little redundant. He clearly won’t stop until his own vendetta with Jax is reached. There’s some serious pride at stake and it could spell ruin for both Jax and the kings if they’re not careful.

Bobby’s resurgence back into the Sons, at least in presence, seems like a step in the right direction with keeping their safe goals aligned, but my gut tells me Samcro will suffer yet another major death on the crew, and Bobby may be that casualty. I hate gut feelings.

Tara’s situation is the worst of all. Jax passes a tender moment with guessing their child will be a girl and Tara is rather absent minded about it, even avoiding to say “I love you too” when Jax says it at the end of their call. It’s subtle moves like that that, if caught, could help distinguish the red flags in their relationship. But Jax is too busy with club business to identify the true threat. The worst thing I could see happen is an event that calls for Wayne to snatch the kids up and take them out of Charming himself should everything go completely to hell on all sides. Wayne could outlast everyone on this show, now there’s an awkward thought.

Nero’s on the crushing end of Toric’s legacy with his happenstance murder of the escort. Eli has good instinct but Patterson is pushing back with so much need to put the Sons down, Nero could be dragged with them. Gemma has shown some serious strides with wanting to end up with Nero. As long as it keeps her distracted from Tara’s plan, then I’m all for it. If Gemma finds out first, there’s no telling how far she’ll go to protect the kids herself. Somehow the gun she gave Wendy has to come into play. It’s Chekov’s gun for Pete’s sake! The rule must apply! Wendy could end up using it on Gemma for some unknown horrific reason. Or worse, Tara.

Getting Samcro out of the gun trade business is obviously a necessary step in the right direction, but it feels like it’s more of a season seven plot, then it does a season six one. I’m not sure where this is all leading and I hate thinking that far ahead, but realistically we know things will get ten times worse before it gets better, so I’m just trying to imagine how Gaalan will screw this up before the charters declare war with the entire IRA. Imagine a war zone in Charming in this years finale.

Overall, the episode had more laid back bland moments than I thought there’d be considering the explosive end to last week’s episode. This was the “take a breath” and figure stuff out episode with some thrown in local cop distractions to give us a slow chase scene, which honestly, didn’t feel very necessary. I also wasn’t expecting a unanimous decision from the charters to agree to Jax’s decision, but, in all fairness Jax laid everything out for them to listen. He made excellent points and, even though he can come off a bit stale on delivery, what he said had strong merit. I just wish he didn’t refer to Teller having fear and doubt that ruined him. He’s still subscribing to past events without knowing 100 percent of the truth behind it. At some point, that has to come out, even in reflective passing.

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