A Sashurai’s Review: Supernatural – Season 9×02 (Can Kevin outhack Charlie?)


No Cas, but we get a shiny new Abaddon, complete with the same body as before. How? Eh, who cares, she’s pretty. This week’s Supernatural focuses on a demon-centric plot with a dash of angel involvement and introduces a new young hunter into the mix. She’s rude and angry, but we quickly know why. Crowley also returns with cheap insults and bargains galore and also a hint of last season’s demon exorcism still affecting him, somewhat.

“Devil May Care” acts a refresher more than a plot mover, reemphasizing the hate-hate relationship between Abaddon and Crowley and puts the Winchesters fighting against both fallen angels and a pissed off Knight of Hell.


Abaddon returns after a demon snatches her burnt corpse and replenishes it with the blood of the vessel he possesses. Sam and Dean bring Crowley to their Men of Letters headquarters and demand he give them the names of all the demons roaming Earth. Crowley refuses.

Abaddon convinces three demons to follow her and they take over the bodies of three young military officers. Together, they find and capture two hunters, Earv and Tracy and torture another hunter, Pete until he gives Abaddon a number to call. She calls it and Kevin answers. After he gives the Winchesters coordinates to go to, Crowley calls out to him and tries to bargain for freedom by saying Kevin’s mother is still alive. Kevin attacks Crowley but doesn’t free him.

Sam and Dean go to an abandoned city block in Oregon and find Tracy and Earv tied up in one of the buildings. After they are set free Tracy confesses that she blames Sam for the death of her family because he was the one who let Lucifer out of his cage. The military demons attacks with rifles and kill Earv. Dean faces Abaddon, who quickly disarms him and threatens to tear off the tattoo protecting him from demon possession. She wants to know where Crowley is, but Dean won’t tell her.

Meanwhile, Tracy escapes to bring more weapons and the Impala. Sam tries to fight all three military demons only to get knocked out. Ezekiel awakens inside Sam and uses his angelic powers to purge-kill all three demons. Abaddon witnesses this from the outside and flees.

Dean relays his shaky feelings toward Ezekiel even though Ezekiel maintains his status as one of the good guys. Sam wakes up with no memory of the fight and Dean covers by saying he killed the demons with Ruby’s knife.

They return to their headquarters and find Crowley is willing to make an arrangement with them and offers a few demons up as a show of good faith. Kevin is convinced his mother is still alive and wants to leave, but Dean convinces him to stay, reaffirming their status as family.

Sam admits to Dean that he feels good about his situation and is happy. They have a drink as Dean passively agrees with a look of worry.


My first thought is wondering if Tracy will become part of the spin-off franchise. From the limited screen time, she’s shown to be capable and handy on her own. Dean did a lot of coaxing in convincing Tracy to concentrate on the real monsters and not Sam, sharing concern with “Zeke” about not allowing Sam to close the gates of hell, convincing Kevin that he’s a part of the family and that they’d die for him, and making sure Sam is alright all around. I really expected Dean to placate more on Sam’s good feelings rather than appear absolutely dismal over the knowledge that everything could go wrong and Sam could suffer for it. The audience knows Dean has pensive face, but he’s also the kind of person who can live in the now if he tries hard enough. He’s made enough deals to keep Sam going for the “short term” that this is nothing really new. Is he more afraid of Sam pulling away, again, if he finds out about Zeke? Or is it the real fear of losing him to a permanent death? Of course it’s both, but with a show like SN, the relationship of the Winchesters is always the focal point and ultimately Dean knows the longer he waits to tell Sam, the worse it’ll be Sam. I’d like to think Sam would shrug something like this off, because let’s face it, it’s not the same as having Lucifer inside of him. Maybe that’s not the point.

I’m interested to see where this flash of Crowley’s humanity is going? He clearly remembers the situation and is affected by it. I don’t think it had anything to do with his arrangement he made with the Winchesters, but hopefully in time, he’ll start to make a few selfless decisions here and there. It seemed odd that the demon exorcism had such a profound impact on Crowley, only for it to dissipate after it ended. He’s a strong demon and extraordinarily resourceful. Now comes the question of, is he lying about Kevin’s mother being alive? That’s a tough one. If she was, wouldn’t he have more to coax Kevin with? Personally, I don’t think she is, but who knows.

When Sam is in Zeke mode I swear he stands taller. Crowley gave Sam a somewhat lasting look during their last seen together which would kind of suggest to me that Crowley may know that there’s something up with Sam, but then again, maybe only angels can sense that kind of possession. Hopefully Cas doesn’t accidentally blurt it out if he returns with Zeke still possessing Sam. Can any angel spot Zeke at all? Hopefully not.

Right now the brothers seemed pretty overwhelmed in their “sitcom” situation with one agenda being the use of Crowley’s intel on all demons on Earth and dispatching them. With the angel tablet still in their court, Kevin might be able to uncover a way to undo Metatron’s doing, but with the season just starting, I’m expecting a lot more one off’s before any of that storyline gets resolved.

One other note that kind bugged me was how hammed together the scene was with Dean calling Kevin and expecting him to cover for their roles as agents Banner and Stark (Thanks Chaosmidge! I guess they were overdue for an Avengers name cameo) Bobby had that down to a science and Kevin, clearly did not. The hacking scene was also awkward considering the blackmail information he found was on a military database. Why did that scene even have to happen? Dean put unnecessary pressure on Kevin, and considering his alternatives I guess that was all he could do, but, at the very least, this should have been covered with Kevin before they trekked out in their agent uniforms, just in case.

Overall, this ep was presented with the usual tempo I’d come to expect from the second one in, and if Tracy is there to stay, will she be a thorn on their side, or an invaluable member? Or will she be prone to just random cameos until they decide to kill her off? I haven’t even remotely made up my mind about her yet, so we’ll see how this plays out. I’d like to see if Abaddon has plans to spring Lucifer from his prison. Is that even possible? Would make for a hell of a finale…in hell.

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