A Sashurai’s Review: The Originals – Season 1×03 (Davina, the teenage witch, goes to sleep too early at night)


It’s interesting to get an entire show dedicated to the machinations of how Klaus deals with his enemies in the long con. So far, everything works to his advantage regardless of how much he includes Rebekah in on his agenda. It’s abundantly clear she won’t truly understand or be swayed by his plight for power, now that it includes harvesting the young witch, Davina for himself. And just as Marcel was about to follow through with Klaus’s plan for releasing Elijah, Davina keeps her grip on the situation by refusing to give Elijah up until she knows how to perma kill an original.


Klaus concocts a plan which includes using his new compelled vamp and the one he bled dry to his advantage. During a charity party, Klaus convinces Marcel to send several of his vamps to roust the witches in dealing with the possibility that they killed several of his nightwalkers from earlier. Thierry, Marcel’s favored son is in love with a witch, Katie, and is forced to kill the vamp that Klaus compelled, after he attacks Katie. With Thierry under threat of harsh judgment from Marcel, Katie is convinced by Sophie to take matters into her own magical hands. Katie uses her abilities to try and stop Marcel, who tries to stop her. Meanwhile, Sophie tries to perform a locator spell while Katie’s magic overshadows her. Davina senses the magic and tries to protect Marcel. Klaus intervenes and saves Marcel by killing Katie. Marcel, in turn, trusts Klaus again and offers to give Elijah back to him. Sophie is unable to complete her locator spell and Klaus tells Rebekah about his plan to usurp Marcel’s power by claiming Davina, as he doens’t trust the witches.

Hayley encounters the witch Sabine, who offers to identify the sex of her unborn hybrid child. Sabine thinks it’s a girl but falls under a trance, spouting gibberish that Hayley is unable to translate on her computer.

When Marcel tells Davina he plans to release Elijah to Klaus, Davina tells him no, and that she’s still attempting to find out how to kill an original.


Once again, we’re forced to endure line after line of forced exposition to remind the audience what happened in the previous episode and a recap of how compelling works and vervane, in tandem. After experiencing it for several season on Vampire Diaries, I should be used to this formula, but unfortunately the show still suffers through dialogue that normally would not transpire under normal supernatural circumstances. But it’s an old gripe. Klaus manages to play with both sides of the team on his own terms.

There’s only one moment that gives credence to Elijah’s glimmer of hope with his family and that’s when Hayley tells Klaus that he thinks their child is a girl. Klaus smiles to himself, pleased with the knowledge. He also continues his strange attraction to Camille, who is unfairly used as a rubberband of compelling with staying interested in Marcel. Klaus seems attracted to a human for no other reason than her ability to empathize, albeit, in mysterious ways, to Klaus and Marcel, who both are pulled to her. I think it’s because of my hang-up that Klaus will resume, eventually, his infatuation with Caroline, that I don’t really buy this peculiar bond he’s forming with Camille, the bartender. I like her, and I’m sure her deep seeded past will be an interesting one, for a human, but she shouldn’t be anywhere on Klaus’s radar. Klaus plays with his food, he doesn’t admire it so close. It feels more like Marcel is interested in her, so by proxy, so is Klaus. We’ll see.

Hayley is really stuck in a rut. The actress even seems bored with her role thus far. Slapping her in some casual seductive feminine wears seems less like her style, considering she isn’t showing the baby bump yet. Until she can freely leave Elijah’s home, she won’t be very much use except for getting updates on Klaus’s ever secretive plans.

Rebekah, ever the fool for love, has once more been locked and targeted for Marcel’s amusement. Is he playing tricks with her? Or does he still harbor feelings from centuries ago? Marcel, Rebekah, and Klaus get to have simultaneous pulls toward two different characters with Marcel and Klaus doubling up on the same girl. Will Rebekah continue believing in some masterful fate. I’m pretty sure if Marcel went for the kiss, she’d be delighted by it. Her highschool crush mentality is only equal to her violent nature to yank hearts from people who cross her.

Overall, I’m understanding the bait that the show provides with showing snippets of Klaus’s need for family while being overruled by his power hungry methods. Elijah has turned into a true force for their good and without him, he’ll run wild with Rebekah forever hating how she’s used by him. These are the stories that overflowed on Vampire Diaries and required their own device to tell them. I’m still on board to see where it leads. Will other werewolves play a part in this witch and vampire war? It’d be interesting to see if Tyler shows up or if any VD alumni appear in the coming episodes. It’s evil against evil, and as the protagonist rule, we root for Klaus. I just wish they’d stop with the episodic expositional dialogue of previous events. That’s what the seasonal bumper recap is for.

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