A Sashurai’s Review: The Vampire Diaries – Season 5×03 (Silas and Tessa are never ever ever getting back together)


One thing I always appreciate from this show is Damon’s hammer of blunt-truth trauma. He doesn’t need several episodes to verbalize obvious relationship concerns, but he’ll still get angsty about it and that’s something most people can probably relate to. This week’s episode of VD jumps history back even further as the truth of Silas’s transformation into an immortal is revealed along with a new player in town, well, outside of town.

There are naturally a few troublesome questions, but none of which detract from the centric plot of the show. If they’re not careful, The Vampire Diaries could soon be called “The Witches Were Here First Diaries”


Stefan staggers to a bar outside of town and bites a bartender, Jo, in an empty bar. He recalls his humanity long enough to allow Jo to escape as dawn approaches. He goes outside as his body begins burning. He’s missing his daylight ring.

Elena awakes from the vision/nightmare and convinces Damon to go searching for him, while Katherine persists in joining their venture as she had the same dream.

Silas tells Nadia that she’ll need to prove her allegiance by finding and bringing Katherine to him which involves locating Matt and getting her wherebouts from him. Nadia goes to Matt outside the Mystic Grill and tells him that she intends to protect him from Silas. She grabs Matt’s head and summons her love, Gregor, the man she previously killed in front of Silas, from within Matt. He is angry and wants his body again. Nadia coaxes him to call Elena to get her location first.

Stefan wakes inside of a cabin where a woman reveals she broke him out of the safe. She is revealed to be Ketsia, Silas’s long lost love. Ketsia, preferring to be called ‘Tessa’ tells him her history with Silas. They were both ‘Travelers’ and two-thousand years ago, he betrayed her after she made a spell that would make them both immortal. Silas took the elixir on their wedding night and gave it to his true love, Imara, Tessa’s handmaiden. Imara is the original form of Elena. Tessa creates a cure and uses it on Imara and then kills her. When Silas returned to find Imara dead, Tessa gave him a chance to take the cure and join Tessa. The rest of the story played out with Silas being entombed for two-thousand years while Tessa watched through the generations, the shadow selves of Silas and Imara find eachother over and over again, falling in love and ending up together.

Stefan soon realizes that Tessa is insane after she tells him that she returned to life after the veil was lowered last season. She intends to link Stefan and Silas together.

Damon and Elena find the bar from her dream and find Nadia, who pulls a gun on them after fooling Damon into drinking a shot with vervane. Nadia and Elena clash and Nadia is revealed to be a vampire. She escapes and Elena leaves Damon to find Katherine who also fled.

Damon finds Stefan and Tessa in the cabin just as Tessa begins her spell. Nadia finds Elena and snaps her neck and then takes Katherine. Silas shows up at Nadia’s car and compels her to point her gun at her own heart. Tessa finishes the spell to link Silas and Stefan which decreases Silas’s abilities, specifically mind control. Nadia and Katherine escape together.

Damon confronts Tessa and she reveals that he’ll never end up with Elena due to nature keeping the balance with the doppelgangers countering the immortality of Silas and, by nature, Imara.

Silas tells Katherine on the phone that he needs her blood because it still contains the cure.

Damon declares no universal force will make his decisions and that Elena is his life. Stefan awakes and sees him and Elena but doesn’t know who they are.


This episode was devoid of Caroline, Jeremy, Bonnie, and any other secondary plot threads. I appreciated the focus on the history of Silas and Tessa and look forward to their ego’s clashing on screen together. I think Tessa could use a little less self diagnosis on her eccentric personality, the audience should get that by her actions alone. Her ability to return to life after the veil was dropped is an interesting scenario given Bonnie’s abilities always grew in strength every season. Does this mean there’s a chance Bonnie could come back? For the sake of Jeremy, I hope not. Never, at any point, did their relationship make any sense to me.

I’m also skeptical with how Imara’s death was handled. I think I saw a body, but a heart alone doesn’t suggest to me that what Tessa said she did actually happened. Why would there be a need have a balance with doppelgangers if Tessa used the cure and killed Imara pretty much from the start? Can there be three Nina Dobrev’s running around, mysteriously? Yes please. There may be a smidge of history we still don’t know about Tessa and Silas’s situation. First and foremost, what/who are the Travelers? Tessa was one but she was also a witch and Silas wasn’t so who came first? And why is Nadia a vampire?

Stefan’s mind has been thrown around like a ragdoll from season to season, both emotionally and psychically. After a brutal choice with nearly turning off his humanity switch, he becomes linked to Silas and effectively loses his memory. How far does that loss of memory go? Will he know he’s a vampire or is he a complete blank slate? It seems like a plot device to keep Elena and Damon officially together for the time being. Here’s hoping Stefan’s love for Elena isn’t the cure for his memories coming back. Damon will just get a lovely kick out of that.

This is a small gripe, but did Nadia just have some vervane on hand to put inside the drink that Damon had? That stuff is too readily available for plot convenience.

Normally, I wouldn’t bring “The Originals” into this review, but one can’t help but wonder how this season’s mega witch/traveler arc will interfere with the original vampires, namely Klaus, Elijah and Rebekah. Silas’s history predates the vampires which is beginning to usurp their status as mega players in the game. In a way that’s a good thing, but I’d like to see them interact with whatever is coming.

Another thought is whether Elena’s father has anything to do with Silas and Tessa’s situation. It’s a slueth-like event that will drive Elena to return to her college location and thus reuniting her with Caroline, who, by now has pushed Tyler far from her mind. That seems a bit on the lower spectrum of plot development unless her father is connected to this Traveler history. We’ll see.

Overall, it wasn’t a bad ep, by VD standards. They’re keeping Mystic Falls out of the show which is fine by me. No Bonnie was a plus and they’re finding ways to keep Matt in the picture even though he shouldn’t be. That’s fine, as long as they don’t turn him into a really weird creature from hell. Will werewolves play any part in this season, or is that more of a draw toward The Originals? Questions questions. I’m convinced if any vampire decides to chow down on Katherine, that vamp will automatically be cured. I’ll laugh if that happens. Oh, and Rebekah isn’t the original bitch, that’s clearly Tessa.

No more words


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