A Sashurai’s Review: Supernatural – Season 9×03 (Does making it with a reaper really count?)


The cross-country trek to find Cas culminates in a double battle with a pair of reapers, hired by the angel Bartholomew, who has officially been labeled Naomi’s protoge. He’s amassing angels and cornering the market with believers in the faith and allowing their bodies to be possessed by roaming angels. Some take to it without incident, other humans explode into a fine red mist. Sam and Dean eventually find Cas with Zeke’s help and save him, only for Zeke to declare that Cas can’t remain in their HQ for fear of being found by other reapers and the angels.

Something doesn’t really seem to fit with this episode. Everything with Cas hit on all the marks it was meant to, the awkward realizations, the candid feedback, and the earnest ramblings of losing sight, oh, and of course, knocking boots with a woman who sees Cas as the ultimate “fixer-upper”, until you realize she was a reaper. Would you give your only peanut butter and jelly sandwich away? Maybe I’m stingy.

What doesn’t feel right is Zeke’s stake need to expel Cas to stay alive within Sam’s body. My first logical thought is, why don’t they just tell Cas what happened and work on a common goal? I get the self preservation, but come on, pushing Cas off so quick is just cold. I don’t expect there to be a ton of fall out beyond the next ep. Dean will try and keep Cas close or, at some point, come clean. Which could obviously spell disaster once Bart finds another way to locate Cas and Zeke has to save someone forcing all sorts of shenanigans to occur.

I don’t think I like the idea of reapers being taken out by angel blades. Those things are sick but I guess reapers aren’t really being given enough credit anymore if those stickers can axe them out of the picture. Is that new? I can’t remember this late.

I am in no way supportive of the new angel villain, Bart. Maybe I just don’t align with angel villains at all, but this one particularly feels even more bland than the cheap Bale ripoff villain of season 7, Dick. He finds the faith of humans more annoying than necessary, but that’s the stigma of angels in most media these days.

The heartstrings suggest that the feels for Cas were high, yet, the deeper nature and conflict surrounding Cas’s own faith and the little things that push the human spirit were elements that were equally told even when Cas was an angel. Seeing that he “gets” what being human really means now almost dissolves how Cas “got” it in previous seasons. His conversation with the woman in the church was what made the most sense. His lack of faith, no matter how constructed on fact won’t sway the woman’s faith and this ep makes a good point of telling that side of it. Whether it has a long lasting effect on Cas, I’m not sure.  I’m glad they brought up Metatron’s spell and that Cas could be the key to undoing it…sorta. It’s important not to forget the whole reason this happened and what’s being done to fix it.

Will the bad angels consider consorting with Demon’s next to find Cas. I’d like to see some serious double siding up civil war action. Bad angels teaming with bad demons against good angels and…bad demons forced to help because Crowley makes them. Eventually Bart will have to cross paths with Abaddon, and I hope she kicks his angel ass.

There’s a lot of potential building, but this ep wasn’t the best way to build it. Taking an entire episode to build on the woes of Cas’s trek as a human wasn’t necessary. I pretty much got it from the premiere. It’s time to get more creative and truly make this season epic. Time to bring the angel and demon war down to earth.


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