A Sashurai’s Review: The Originals – Season 1×04 (Take a drink whenever Davina goes Carrie on an Original)


It’s not a rightful spin-off of VD unless you have a few ripe neck snappings in each episode. Leave it to the vamps to help usher in the quota on this weeks episode of The Originals “Girl in New Orleans.” Subterfuge and multi-compulsion continue to play their roles within the nightly chess game between Klaus and his protégé, Marcel as Klaus lobbies, through copious amounts of threats, to gain Davina’s allegiance. And we learn a added rule when daggering an original: Unplugging and plugging it back in does not reset the router.


After examining the reaction when taking out and putting back in the dagger in Elijah, Davina pursuades Marcel to keep the vampire while she continues looking for a way to kill them. She also wants to go to a festival happening that night. Marcel refuses until she begins heating his blood. Marcel uncomfortably changes his mind under specific conditions that she be with someone, Camille.

Agnes, a witch, convinces Hayley to see a doctor for a baby check-up out in the bayou. Rebekah researches what she remembers seeing in the attic when Davina made her forget where it was.

Klaus invites Rebekah to Elijah’s home and tells her his reason for being in New Orleans and what he is. He then compels her to stay calm after finding out and wants her to become his stenographer.

Rebekah goes to one of Marcel’s vamps, Diego, and gossips about Marcel’s love interests which leads her to search in the quarter.

As the festival begins, Davina and Camille watch a band play and Davina recognizes the young fiddler, Tim, as a friend she knew when she still went to school.

Hayley visits the doctor and Agnes calls someone to bring in a group to go after Hayley.

Rebekah discovers a church and compels a man, Father Kieran, to tell her where the attic is. He feigns being controlled but is secretly taking vervane to ward against the compulsion. Rebekah finds the room and Elijah but can’t enter it. Elijah awakens and pulls Rebekah into a hallucination. They are in a time period in the past and Elijah explains that Davina removed the dagger once, negating it’s immediate use again and that she intends to wait for Davina to return and offer her a truce and makes Rebekah swear that she’ll protect Hayley and the baby. Rebekah swears.

Men arrive to capture Hayley, but she escapes and kills some of the men. Rebekah arrives after receiving a text and helps Hayley but that are both taken down by arrows. Rebekah wakes up and finds that the men who attacked her have been mauled to death and Hayley is missing.

Klaus compels Tim to meet Davina at Father Kieran’s church and the two converse about old times, missing each other, and about a massacre that happened in the church where a rising pastor murdered several students then himself. Camille tells this to Klaus as well and reveals that the murderer was her twin brother, named Sean.

Father Kieran confronts Marcel and the two exchange looming threats over who really has power in New Orleans and that Rebekah was at the church. Marcel gets word that Davina is missing and searches for her.

Klaus goes to Davina and offers her a chance to switch sides but then uses Tim to make it a threat. Davina attacks Klaus with her powers and uses an explosive force of energy to expel Klaus from Tim. She knocks herself out and when she wakes up, goes searching for Tim. Klaus is on the second floor of the church and pushes Tim off the ledge. When Davina returns and finds Tim, Klaus offers to heal him if she asks for it. She asks and he heals Tim, also compelling him to forget the incident. He tells Davina, that she owed him a favor and disappears.

Klaus finds Rebekah and they find Hayley, who thinks a wolf saved her from the men but she doesn’t remember. Her wounds are healed and Rebekah realizes that her baby’s blood healed her as it’s part vampire.

Rebekah visits Marcel and takes credit for what happened at the church even though Davina hasn’t spoken to Marcel about what really happened. She also tells him that Camille is just comfort food and that she’s standing right in front of him, coaxing him. Marcel walks away.

Klaus appears at Camille’s home and she determines that a vampire compelled her brother to commit the murders at the church. She’s in New Orleans to find out what really happened but Klaus wants to compel her to forget. Camille desperately tries to persuade him not to, but Klaus compels her anyway. He tells her to believe Sean was ill when the murders happened but that he’s in a better place and that she’ll sleep tonight, of a world without evil.

Davina admires Tim’s broken fiddle in the attic room and Elijah appears, healing from his corpse-like state. He wants to talk with her.


Klaus has a single tone with his character. It’s the seductively frustrated tone, and in his passive moments he forces himself to retreat instead of experience what he clearly feels is a connection with Camille. He plays the control freak to an old sadistic level, even at the expense of offering to find out who compelled Camille’s brother, he won’t let her be burdened by the pain from it. It’s a form of selfish sacrifice that takes away a lot of the honesty in their moments together. Knowing Klaus’s rich background, it’s hard to believe he can make these connections with humans after so much brutality and maybe I’m still a bit off on Camille’s presence as a catalyst for his humanity. I enjoy their scenes together, but when she’s left with the constant whiplash of compulsion, the moments effectively become meaningless. I know Klaus will continue to be the one who remembers and is set on less darkening agendas, but he has to realize that they need to be on equal ground, emotionally, if he has any chance to build on that connection that keeps him going back to her.

There’s a real over abundance with compulsion going on in this show. It feels more convoluted than the memory wipers in M.I.B, and almost just as annoying. I’m hoping an episode comes along that is compulsion free. That will be a relief and I can take that off of the drinking game.

Hayley also got out of the house and actually managed to utilize her werewolf skillset to take out a few henchmen. That was a good reminder that she’s still capable of defending herself and isn’t as fragile as we might have thought she was. The witches continue to maneuver however they can. Are they working together or separately though. There’s wasn’t an immediate retaliation on Agnes, but since there was a lack of witches in the this episode, I’m certain it’ll be a centric plot on the next.

With Elijah returning to the fold, I expect Klaus’s plan with Marcel will begin to unravel. Which is fine if it moves the chess playing plot into an even bigger one. Marcel doesn’t feel like he’s really powerful, but just a really good strategist. Even Father Kieran, a human, stood up to Marcel, which to me puts Marcel in a bad spot. He hides with a constant condescending smile and will probably snap soon. Does Rebekah really want him back, or is she using him? Maybe both.

I’m also anticipating the werewolves to be a little more impactful on this show and with a new wolf “protecting” Hayley, maybe we’ll get that character’s identity soon. If it’s Tyler, that’ll be interesting, but it could be too soon for a VD character crossover event. Hopefully one happens this season though.

Overall, I’m still on board with finding out where this plot leads. The love-hate relationship between Klaus and Rebekah is holding well for now. Elijah coming back will mend or harm that bridge, but with him returned so soon, will there be an equal force helping Marcel? And of course the gold question, was a vampire responsible for what Sean did and if so, was it Marcel? Seems a little too easy to say yes, but if so it gives Klaus all the conflicted ammunition he needs to put Marcel down for good. I’m fine with that.


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