A Sashurai’s Review: Sons of Anarchy – Season 6×08 (Was Juice wondering if he left the stove on?)


Regrets are hard to face. In the misty blood of an uncertain path, Jax encounters hard reflection on the dawn of what he believes to be the loss of his unborn child. It’s diesel fuel to his confused state and unless there’s an anchor holding him tight, even Bobby recognizes that their new king of Samcro won’t make it out in one piece without Tara by his side supporting him.

The Sons start to feel the heat from DA Patterson’s method with creating villains on her quest to pin the school shooting on her two likely candidates, the Byzlats and Samcro. Nero is caught in the middle and Barosky has been yanked in with threats to cut his retirement plans off. That’s actually the tip of the iceberg. The real scariness is how Gemma and Tara are handling the fallout and of course, in this dark arc, Wendy is caught in the middle.

The initial shock of Tara’s scheme has since worn off now that we know she was more conventional in turning Jax against Gemma. What tears at the heartstrings is not knowing if Jax’s plea is even remotely reaching out to Tara at all. More on that after the recap.


Gemma tells Eli that even though all the pieces seem to point at her she says that Tara staged the clash and that she thinks Tara wasn’t pregnant at all.

Wendy buys drugs from a local dealer.

Wayne goes to Tara at Jax’s house and tells her to drop the charges on Gemma saying that he won’t tell Gemma what really happened but can no longer help Tara with her situation.

Jax reads a paper from bobby detailing the headline of local gangs being tied to the school shooting, namely the Sons and the Byzlats. Jax and crew go meet with Fiasco, the Byzlat leader, who tells them his guys are spooked. Jax offers his help to keep order even with the police having a stronger presence. Juice notices someone watching in a car. The driver chases them down and runs over a young Byzlat member and drives away.

Wayne drives Gemma home and tells her she’s has two roads ahead of her, in regards to what she’ll likely do and what she should do to keep the kids in her life.

Tara distances herself from Ellie, unwilling to give her full disclosure on what happened with her and Gemma.

Patterson threatens to give the sheriff of Stockton jurisdiction over the port area if Barosky doesn’t find who performed the hit and run earlier. Barosky informs Jax who tells him that the Sons are trying to locate the driver.

Nero willingly tells Patterson that he alone purchased the KG9 off the street and gave it to Jennings. He tells her in agreement that his son will be taken care of.

Tara goes to Samcro’s new pad and speaks to Bobby, who tells her that Jax is still getting used to being the king but that she shouldn’t give up on Jax and he won’t have a chance of making it without her.

Eli shows Patterson the file that proves Toric killed Nero’s escort. Gemma says she’s letting Nero take the fall for the gun and Eli doesn’t agree with how she’s approaching justice and guilt.

Jax and crew find the Byzlats stationed outside the driver’s home. Jax phones in the location to Barosky to tell the police. Fiasco shows up and the Byzlats break into the home where the driver attacks them. Jax intervenes and stops him then sees a picture of a child he recognizes as someone who was shot in the church shooting. Jax convinces Fiasco to let the police take him in. When the police arrive, the driver stabs himself in the throat.

Patterson arrives on the scene and realizes the son in the picture was one of the murdered students and that the father was driven to attack the Byzlats due to the headline in the paper.

Meanwhile, Gemma goes to see Wendy and tells her that she can still turn this around in exchange for keeping Jax from killing her. Wendy gives Gemma back her gun and later is seen injecting drugs back into her system.

Jax runs into Gemma at day care and tries to tell him that Tara lied. Jax won’t listen and tells her that she’ll never see Tara or the kids again.

Patterson shows Nero the file of the murdered father and son and that Toric killed the escort. She no longer is following through with his admission and tells the guard to let him go but also tells Nero to stare at that file and know what caused it.

Tara and Jax put the kids to bed as Jax reflects on whether Tara regrets coming back. Tara says Thomas was worth it and Jax tries to convince Tara to let him back in because he’s lost. Tara only watches from an uncomfortable distance.


There’s a lot to chew on, so I’ll first get started with a simple moment. In a very clever shot, we see that Juice didn’t even attempt to avoid the car when it came after them. The shots were great, but more so was Juice’s reaction. Little by little he’s reminding us that he’s not operating fully up there in his brain. Whether this means his antics will only get harrier and harrier, who knows. Even a firm bro hug from Chibs may not be enough to pull him from his self destructive path. I’m starting to wonder if this season will mark an end for a Son, specifically Juice, with his downward path.

Wendy fell off the wagon again, and it was only a matter of time. The pressure between Gemma and Tara became too heated and she relapsed. I get it. Unless she does something really stupid like show up high as a kite the next time Tara talks to her, I doubt this will impact much, unless they push it to extreme factors like actually having her overdose. When Wendy dropped her purse, you could just hear the thud of Gemma’s gun in there and, like the director wanted, I flinched when Wendy went to grab the gun. My brain was telling me, something horrible was about to go down, then the logic caught up and remembered Wendy isn’t desperate like Tara is. Having said that, that doesn’t mean Wendy won’t do something heinous later on, but for now, she’s scared and tired, and needed a break from the drama. It’s unfortunate because from a health perspective she was doing good.

I for one was glad Tara’s pregnancy wasn’t real. I really fell for it, and I guess that was the point. Gemma saw through it, Wayne too. And Eli is smart enough to understand that missing pieces means something’s up. All that’s missing is Jax. My focus right now is Jax and Tara. Jax, at no point, brought up running into Gemma and what she said. He was so angry that even contemplating the Gemma was too taxing. So, for now, Tara’s plan is succeeding. I almost started believing that Tara might change her mind if Jax was sincere enough, which he really was by the end of the episode. If it wasn’t for Tara asking Bobby about Jax earlier, I wouldn’t even bat an eyelash with Tara’s overall plan. She means to run away. So why cast that scene with Bobby on us? To make us doubt what Tara will do. If Tara went to Jax to embrace him in the last shot, it would have been easy to spot the deception on our side, but she kept her distance, because she can’t emotionally lie to Jax in his moment of need. He’s good enough to know what’s real and what isn’t. What’s crushing is I think Jax is willing to contend with the truth if Tara decided to give in. Maybe not so much with her plan to alienate him from the kids as well as Gemma, but at least enough to know she wants out, with or without him. This is his moment to truly open up and so far, she’s not supporting him. This might conceivably be the last time he does it like this. Gemma has way of convincing people what she needs to convince them of. Pushing her lawyer away wasn’t a smart move either, especially since Ellie knows the truth regardless.

I give Nero props. He was ready to eat the bullet and go down for the sake of his son. Now that option isn’t available to him, which is good considering he can still make plans with Gemma, except if he gets put in a position like this again, he won’t be able to bargain for his son’s care. I hope Gemma doesn’t use him for anything sinister, but I wouldn’t put it past her.

My favorite scene tonight was with Bobby and Tara. It was placed to cast doubt in Tara’s eyes about her plan, even though I don’t think it feasibly worked. Bobby still understands club dynamics and pressure and what that toll is doing to Jax. Bobby can only watch and let the fates fall where they may. But he can influence people like Tara and he surely tried.

Overall, I think the episode worked. It needed to concentrate a lot on Tara and Gemma while still pushing Samcro heat with the DA. I hope Clay and the guntrade soon becomes the lead arc as it’s bound to get ugly soon. Will Collette return to help put Jax in a better mood? Is Barosky really teasing what he could do with Alice’s murder on Jax’s hands? Barosky is a tricky character, but easy to spot that he’s ultimately self serving and will save himself if it comes down to it. I fear Wendy will begin buckling just when Tara needs support to keep her plan moving forward. Harsh times ahead.

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