A Sashurai’s Review: Supernatural – Season 9×04 (For those about to rock into Oz, we salute you)


Nerd out! Charlie returns to help give a little kickstart to some filler fun on this season of Supernatural. There’s always a bit of might and magic when Felicia Day guest stars and tonight’s ep “Slumber Party” is no exception. Though, I scratched my head a couple times trying to imagine the land of Oz as a real world that can be portaled to, “Much in lieu of Once Upon a Time” and how the Winchesters would react to such a thing. Charlie brings her charisma and bucket list of quotable lore including a nicely well placed obscure reference to “The Monster Squad” Let’s click our bootheels together.


In 1935, Men of Letters, Peter and James arrive to their headquarters and meet. They spend several months in and eventually get a call about the arrival of one Dorothy, daughter of the author of the Wizard of Oz series. She’s a hunter and brought in a witch that she can’t seem to kill.

The witch eventually escapes and mentally takes over Peter. James is forced to kill him as the witch follows Dorothy into an old computer room. She creates a binding spell that encases her and the witch together in a jar.

In the present, Crowley tries to bargain for some free time before writing down more demon names and Sam leaves him in the cold. Sam tells Dean he thinks he knows a way that can track angels and shows Dean a room he discovered with an old computer. Dean calls in Charlie to help work it. She interfaces with the computer on her tablet.

That night, the jar housing the witch and Dorothy is loosened, from Dean’s unknowing help, and the contents spider-web onto the wall. Sam and Dean later find a cocoon in the computer room and cut it open to reveal Dorothy.

After she wakes up, she reveals that the witch is free and together they look for her. The witch finds Crowley and communicates that she’s looking for a key. Crowley indirectly points her to the kitchen while Charlie makes a few bullets out of the poppy field extract she acquired that will slow down the witch. Dorothy shows Dean a picture of the key the witch is looking for and Dean knows where it is. He and Charlie go to look for it. When he finds it, the witch finds him and steals the key. She shoots a green blast out, which Charlie takes the hit, killing her.

Sam arrives and Dean calls on Zeke to help save Charlie. Zeke says he’s barely at half strength and doing so would leave him needing to stay in Sam for far longer. Dean agrees and Zeke brings Charlie back to life. Sam comes to, but remembers nothing except Dean saying the name Zeke, which Dean deflects completely.

Dorothy and Charlie go to the garage to find Dorothy’s old bike which contains the head of the tin man and the red slippers which is magic and can kill the witch. Meanwhile the witch attacks Sam and Dean and mentally takes them over. They attack Dorothy while Charlie escapes and finds the witch, just as she’s opening the portal to Oz. Charlie stabs her with the slipper’s heel in the back of her head and then in the face. She then closes the portal to Oz as the flying monkeys are just about to overtake her.

Dorothy decides to continue her quest in Oz and offers to take Charlie with her. Sam and Dean watch as they walk through a portal to the yellow brick road and the emerald city in the background. Charlie is elated that she finally gets to have her magical quest.


This episode was a lot of fun to watch. Normally I’m not a fan of complete filler with no forward momentum, but every now and again, SN provides an easeful step away from the bloodlust lore and into a comical routine that helps with charismatic guest stars, such as Felicia Day. Her character seems to have been saved from the proverbial SN bullet that has taken so many reoccurring characters of the past. But as I’ve thought in the past, as long as the character doesn’t interfere with the brotherly relationship of the Winchesters, she/he has a fighting chance to survive and be accepted by the fan base. I’m certain Charlie with be back. She’s fun, and I’m sure she’ll try to romance the stone with Dorothy. Who wouldn’t?

Dean is currently pulling triple duty with secrets from Sam. First Zeke, then Cas, and, to a lesser extent, Charlie’s death. My gut tells me that when this all blow up, Dean will do his usual schtick involving yelling and “get over its” to put Sam in his place, again. It’d be interesting of Sam was finally pushed to a breaking point that he simply doesn’t trust Dean anymore. Not with being a good guy but more so with being honest. After nine years, you’d think nothing could disrupt the flow of the Winchesters, but then again if Lucifer ever came back, that could always do it.

Not much in the way of the angel department, but one thing stuck to me. Wouldn’t Zeke be able to help or counteract the witch’s influence when Sam was taken over? Witches in Oz are pretty powerful I must say. I like the mind swap between Zeke and Sam. It actually feels natural and even if Sam has the same tone as normal, he can still inflect with enough change that I can believe in two separate people. Multiple personalities is never quite an easy feat to accomplish, but I like what I’m seeing for the most part. Samifer is still the best, hands down.

My favorite part was the end. It’s been a while since we heard a rockin intro, and AC/DC no less. I liked all the nods with Game of the Thrones, Monster Squad, and others I know I missed, but shouldn’t have. Two chicks walking into Oz to AC/DC’s “For those about to Rock” as the Winchesters look dumbfounded was priceless. More of that, please.

The only part of the ep I didn’t like was the witch herself. She was oddly loopy and wasn’t quite how I would have pictured her. Not to say she needed to be green and cackling, but she just wasn’t creepy to me in anyway.

I wonder if Sam’s fear of making the headquarters more like home is systemic in that he’ll continue to showcase other concerning changes that will negatively impact his relationship with Dean. Difference are a plenty, but when it comes to home, you’d think they’d want the same things.

Overall, I enjoyed the ep. Sometimes we need to unwind and remember Sam and Dean need to lighten up when they can. I think the show can stand multiple reoccurring characters at the same time. Kevin and Charlie should be able to exist in the same ep. I still think they need to have a hacking contest.


No more words


3 responses to “A Sashurai’s Review: Supernatural – Season 9×04 (For those about to rock into Oz, we salute you)

  1. Felicia Day + AC/DC = Good episode. It was like, done and done. Closed case. And you know what? This episode was really fun to watch. It was a pleasant break from all of this hyper seriousness we’ve been handed. Anyways. I love your recap. Very witty and enjoyable to read. Hopefully you’ll write something about tomorrow’s episode.

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