A Sashurai’s Review: The Originals – Season 1×05 (Consider marketing Elijah as ‘The most interesting vampire in the world’)


The ties that bind grow stronger threads as Davina’s importance to Marcel and the witches is revealed. As quick as five episodes and the flip-flopping of alignments has already taken shape. Family may be a constant theme but villains and vengeance there are a plenty to disrupt such bonds.

Although the balance act between the witches and vampires will continue to escalate in its supernatural tug-o-war, I’m actually more interested to see how/when the werewolf faction will come into play and if it will soley be based on Hayley’s child that will lure them back into the city.


Elijah bargains with Davina and promises to help control her powers with the help of his mother’s collection of books in exchange for his freedom.

Rebekah, Hayley, and Sophie investigate the murders at the bayou, caused by werewolves while Klaus stalls Marcel at a bar. It is then, through recounts from Sophie, Davina, and Marcel that the truth about Davina’s powers and why the witches want to find her is revealed.

8 months ago, the witches in New Orleans agreed to perform a harvest ritual to restore balance to their waning powers. They selected 4 young witches including Sophie’s niece, Monique, who is also Davina’s best friend. Together they agreed to go through the ritual, believing that they will be put into a deep sleep and be reborn with everyone’s powers restored to normal. Sophie is also in a relationship with Marcel, who has had his vampires help protect the city while Father Kieran controls the relationship between them and the humans. Sophie finds out about the harvest and tries to stop it as she learns, along with Davina that all four young witches are to be killed during the ritual. Father Kieran knows of this act and tries to convince the witches to stop. Sabine, puts a hex on Sean which caused him to lose his mind and cause the church murders and then himself. Before Kieran left, he asked Marcel to stop the harvest.

That night, when two of the young witches are killed, Marcel and crew intervene and save Davina, but not before Monique is killed. Davina begins to show that she’s gained the power that was meant to be dispersed among the witches and Marcel takes her to safety, promising to protect her.

Sophie, in turn, vows to help her sister, Jane-Anne, find and kill Davina in the hopes they can bring back Monique. Jane-Anne had sacrificed herself so that somehow Hayley’s child could help Sophie with locating Davina.

Back in the present, Marcel goes to take Davina from the church when she feigns losing control of her abilities and faints. Elijah escapes and when Klaus confronts Marcel about Davina, Elijah returns. He returns with Klaus back to his home where Rebekah and Hayley react positively to his return, though Hayley slaps Elijah and warns him not to make promises he can’t keep.


The main arc of the episode was the details surrounding why Davina ended up with Marcel, and how her abilities came to be. This paints the witches surrounding Sophie in a worse light than I already had put them in. Giving Sophie a strong sense of justice and vengeance really doesn’t help solidify my overall opinion of her, which is that she’s completely running on the fumes of her sister’s wrath. I see some motivation, but the rest is filled with a pointless relationship with Marcel, who has basically had a round with most of the women on the show already, and a faint alliance with the originals, which I’m sure will decimated by next week.

Choosing a side seems rather hard. It’s more about choosing characters at this point. Hayley is by far the most innocent, and not Davina, because at least Davina is swearing bloody vengeance and Hayley just wants to feel connected to something. Klaus is Klaus, so there will always be that tension of, moments of humanity vs. rip roaring evil mayhem. Until Camille can protect herself from the onslaught of compulsion, she won’t be much good on the show. I liked finding out that a witch was (maybe the jury is still out on that reveal) responsible for Sean’s murders. It was too easy to finger Marcel as the culprit or even worse, a nobody vamp, and I’m glad they didn’t go that route, thus far.

Elijah’s stone-faced demeanor returns with a promise to help solidify his original plan to protect Hayley’s baby and keep his family whole. What lengths will he go? Probably not very many now that Davina coined him as the “honorable” one between the three. I do notice an interesting dynamic of good, neutral, and evil, with Rebekah sandwiched in the middle as the neutral character. Her lingering infatuation with Marcel already feel tired to me. When the release happens, and it will, they’ll have their fiery moment of passion and Marcel will use that to capitalize on his position in the city, or Rebekah will use him…this could go either way actually. Point is, they’ll shag, probably sooner rather than later.

No Camille this episode. Shame, she has honesty in her voice and is the only character that makes Klaus do not-so-terrible things. Kieran being her uncle is…interesting, but that only keeps him and Marcel at each other throats. Kieran is kind of a wild card too, I have no real thoughts on him as a useful character on either side. He can’t be the only human who has made this protection pack with Marcel. Humans who think they can control power of this magnitude never make it out of the season alive. Except Caroline’s mom, she’s very lucky in that regard.

My favorite part of the episode was when Marcel and crew came to stop the harvest ritual. Groups of vampires committing murder makes for some clever shots and quick takes and I really don’t like those witches, at all. My least favorite part was probably when Sophie and Marcel had their little fling together. It wasn’t necessary and I had no inkling of that in the previous episodes which gave me little impact overall and it won’t serve any use in future episodes except to maybe piss off Rebekah.

I want to see if Elijah and Klaus really are going to work together or not. Klaus likes his control and doesn’t play nice for long when personal victory is within his grasp. Dagger him once, shame on you. Dagger him twice and…shame on…well…you’re not gonna dagger him again.


No more words


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