A Sashurai’s Review: The Vampire Diaries – Season 5×05 (He said, she said: more like, he said, she turns your heart into a necro husk)


I enjoy character redemption as much as the next person, so when they tease me morsels of Katherine’s resurgence as a human being that can actually care again, they go off and try to tear away that character by killing her off. Luckily, she isn’t dead. Why? Theories galore below but let’s discuss some quick overviews.

I still can’t believe after five seasons, this show still manages to come up with the same excuse to get these characters dancing and dressing up. I wouldn’t be surprised if college has their own version of prom night. Every show comes with a dozen or so overplayed themes that repeat per episode or per season. The only one on VD that I feel is way overdone is the ball/festival/annual/daily/get togethers/kegger night/party routine. The irony is that this was a Halloween episode and there was no semblance of Halloween anywhere. It’s like they only celebrate days that aren’t holidays. There has to be other methods with getting these characters from point A to point B without succumbing to this recycled motion of events. Everything else I’m fine with.

Silas and Stefan are not very well diverted in personality. Even clean slate Stefan is acting too similar to Silas that when you see one, it’s basically the other. Elena and Katherine are distinctly different, even without the curls, but they certainly help. I’d like to see a definite shift in one their personalities if nothing else to give the actor some fresh perspective on a furrowed brow.


Maxfield records his tests and observations on Jesse who has been a vampire for a few days. The tests are simple and he refuses to speak to Jesse directly.

While Elena is writing in her journal, Damon shows up, agreeing to join her for the Whitmore historical ball. This is actually part of a plan to help resurrect Bonnie which includes making a deal with Silas who knows that Tessa will be at the party.

Bonnie doesn’t agree to this plan but Jeremy convinces her. Elena also meets Aaron, one of Megan’s old friends. He’s distant and doesn’t believe Megan died from a suicide.

Tyler and Caroline are happy being back together, but Tyler is holding something back and is reluctant to tell Caroline at the present.

In a diner, Nadia explains to Katherine that she became a vampire 500 years ago to track down Katherine for killing her mother. Katherine attacks Nadia and impales her with a long wooden spike that grazes her heart. She then flees.

Silas tells Damon that Tessa is protecting an anchor that binds her spell to the other side. He wants Damon to kill Stefan so he can reuse his mind reading powers and find out through Tessa where the anchor is.

At the party, Caroline and Tyler arrive and Stefan is there, who hangs out with her. Damon shows up with Elena as she notices Aaron and goes to him. She compels him after he avoids answering some basic questions and she finds out that he’s troubled and believes everyone around him dies and that he didn’t kill Megan. She makes him forget the questioning and he leaves.

After Stefan meets with Tessa at the party, Damon pulls Stefan away to a vacant room where Silas appears. Damon snaps his brother’s neck and Silas can read minds again. He pretends to be Stefan and goes to Tessa where they do shots and dance. He eventually compels Tessa to tell her where the anchor is, but she doesn’t know. She looking for a talisman that will help her locate the anchor and it’s hidden in their location. He then makes her forget that moment. Afterwards, Stefan wakes up which causes Silas to double over in mental pain.

Katherine finds Nadia outside crawling and confronts her about the lie she told about when her mother died. Nadia reveals that she is Katherine’s daughter.

Elena dances with Maxfield who reveals that he thinks a vampire killed Megan. He also warns Elena to leave the college and move back to Mystic Falls.

Tyler explains to Caroline that he can’t stay in college. He’s still angry with how Klaus is allowing his freedom to be with Caroline and for what him killing Tyler’s mother. Tyler intends to find Klaus and find a way to destroy him. Caroline is upset with this.

Damon snaps Stefan’s neck again (zing!)

Silas finds Tessa who found the talisman and is performing her spell. When Stefan wakes up again he escapes from Damon and finds Silas as he is hunched over again. He punches Silas and takes back his ring leaving him with Tessa who realizes that it’s really Silas in front of her. She reaches into his chest and stops his heart, forcing him to become revert into a necro-state.

Nadia wakes up in a hotel room where Katherine explains that she went back home to try and look for Nadia back in 1498 and seems to be pleasantly happy to meet Nadia for who she really is.

Caroline warns Tyler that if he leaves, she’s leaving him for good. Tyler says nothing and leaves. Caroline cries.

After Elena tells Damon about Maxfield and what he knows, Katherine shows up and is surprised and relieved that they have Silas in a necro-state. Damon grabs and bites her while Elena watches. Katherine pleads with her life but Damon feeds her to Silas, who sucks her body dry of blood and begins to return to a normal color. Katherine falls over dead only to reawaken, much to Damon’s dismay. Katherine asks if she’s in hell.


Whatever the reason is, I’m glad Katherine is still alive. I’d like to think she fed on some of Nadia’s blood just in case she ever died, but then why would she be so frightened when Damon was about to kill her? As a human she must be frightened beyond belief, but regardless, if that isn’t the answer then her body may resuscitate automatically because of the cure inside her system. That seems a little far fetched, at least until they better explain it on the next ep. It felt cold the way Damon just fed her to Silas, especially after all Katherine went through. I enjoy evil characters on a path to redemption. Damon got to skip a lot of real tribulations and even though he’s a full fledged hero character now, I also liked how he went through some of his growth. Katherine deserved the same chance, especially that Nadia is revealed to be her daughter. Is that in itself another trick? I’m not sure. I need to go back and rewatch how Katherine became a vampire. Something doesn’t quite add up, but I could be jumbled up.

Every bit of me is good with Tyler leaving Caroline to pursue Klaus. I’ve been theorizing since this season started that eventually Tyler would cross over into “The Originals” and though it hasn’t happened yet, I’m predicting it will real soon. (I don’t watch previews for next episodes so if I sound like I’m behind on certain sneak peeks, that’s why) Is he the wolf that’s been protecting Hayley? I doubt it, but that’d be cool if it was. With Tyler leaving, I’m certain Caroline and Jesse will be quickly reunited and with Jesse a vampire, it gives Caroline a new pet project to handle, one I’m sure she’ll take up without a blink.

Tessa is still a very confusing character to understand. There’s too many working with the villains moments that has me upside down with who to hate more, Silas or Tessa. Neither character seems worth keeping around in the long run. Maybe Tessa, but she’s dangerous on her own and will do whatever she has to to ruin Silas forever. There’s still more backstory on the travelers we don’t know and without Matt in this episode, we get no forward momentum on the knife he has the plot that comes with it.

Maxfield isn’t very interesting to me, and neither is the situation with his son, Aaron, at least that’s how it seems to be even though they don’t look that far between ages. This is really a shelf stored plot that is only filling in the gaps of the episodes. I’m not that interested in it, and something needs to happen soon that hopefully connects to something with Elena at the very least.

Some of the costumed characters made sense but overall, it felt a bit random. I can see Damon as Henry the VIII, and to an extent Elena as Anne Boleyn. I was a huge fan of the Tudors show so that brought back a few memories, but at least they got the sword beheading part right. Maxfield as Dr. Jekyll was almost eye rolling with the forced double meaning, but at the same time, there’s snippets of poetic storytelling and that’s why Caroline’s joke that Stefan is James Dean fits. I kind of wish there was more to it than that. Maybe at their next likely party.

I like the scene with Nadia and Katherine the most. Katherine seemingly had a heartfelt moment and I’d like to see more of those which leads me to what I dislike the most. Damon forcing Katherine to her death. It was a raw robotic moment that ultimately paves the way for Bonnie to come back. I really don’t want to swap Katherine for Bonnie. There’s nothing left for me to discover, uncover, relate to, or side with when it comes to Bonnie’s character. I think she’s outgrown her usefulness and when Jeremy said that Elena needs her, I call hogwash on that. Elena is getting stronger every season. She didn’t need to turn her humanity switch back off to deal with Bonnie’s death. She’ll be fine. Even 4 days later fine. Everyone may be done with Katherine in the show, but then why introduce Nadia in the fashion she was placed in? Is there more subterfuge going on, if so, what other part does Nadia play in the role of the travelers? What is the anchor and how does it work?

Lots of questions, but overall, I’m keeping interested. Damon and Stefan were slightly more irritable than normal. I don’t prefer blank slate Stefan. He’s too much like Silas, who’s a bit like the ripper, who’s normally like actual Stefan. Doppelgangers are awful to deal with. Makes me wonder if Mystic Falls has outclassed Santa Carla in homicides.


No more words


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