A Sashurai’s Review: Supernatural – Season 9×05 (Why didn’t Dean turn around three times before laying down?)


I never thought I’d get Poison band references and a song by Foreigner in the same episode. Leave it to Supernatural to break the barriers on 80’s genre music. Tonight’s episode “Dog Dean Afternoon” provides the viewers with a second cheerful and fun look at how the Winchesters deal with “Look Who’s Talking. Now” syndrome. Reference too old? Okay, how about “Dr. Dolittle”. No? Okay, we’ll just go with “Cat’s and Dogs”. In any case, Sam and Dean run into a small case in Oklahoma and deal with a one-off villain while mixing in a cavalcade of zany voices detailing the woes and insults of various animals.

I’m always up for a double dose of Supernatural shenanigans, especially if it’s at Dean’s expense. Luckily, they chose the right brother to endure the doggy mess as it were. With a lack of notable supporting characters, (Cas, Charlie, Kevin, Crowley), Sam and Dean trek on their adventure and super-puns on their own.


Max, an old taxidermist, is murdered by a man in a cowboy hat with a snake tongue. His bones were broken by the man and the only witness was Max’s dog, The Colonel. Sam uncovers the case and together with Dean, they travel to Oklahoma to investigate the strange murder.

At the location, they spot a threatening sign spray painted with a stamp belonging to a local animal rights group called S.N.A.R.T, owned by a couple who work at a vegan shop. They explain to Sam and Dean that they were attacked by a man who maced them, forcing them to wear sunglasses in their establishment.

Sam researches that if the two snake-like attributes belong to two different types of snakes, one that has venom, and one that constricts and no snake does both. They call Kevin up for more research.

The killer then goes to an animal shelter and pays the attendant to go inside. There he snatches several cats and eats one. The attendant hears the cat’s cry out and he enters the kennel room where he spots the man eating one of the cats. The killer then begins to exhibit cat eyes and claws on his hands. He slashes the attendant and kills him.

Sam and Dean arrive at the kennel and notice Max’s dog in the kennel at the scene of both crimes. Ruling out the possibility that the dog is the killer, they realize he barks at the officer with a hat. Dean puts it on and off and the dark reacts when it’s on. Sam decides to call Kevin and find a spell that can help the, communicate with the dog.

Sam makes the spell that will mindmeld the drinker with the dog and Dean offers to drink it, worried that Sam may have a negative reaction due to his weakened spiritual state. Dean drinks the glass but feels no effect. Later, as they are eating the dog reacts to the Foreigner song playing and tells Dean to change the station. Dean is able to communicate with the dog and also begins to exhibit dog-like traits, like yelling at a local postal man, scratching behind his ears, and fetching trash thrown in the wastebasket.

The brothers return to the shelter after Dean realizes he can hear and speak to any animal he comes across. At the shelter he interrogates all the dogs until one of them offers to tell Dean what he knows if Sam will rub his belly. The dog describes the killer had a sac with a name on it, “Avant Garde Cuisine” a restaurant. Before leaving, Dean frees all the dogs from the shelter.

Sam and Dean go to the place at night and discover a room with a book on shamanism and specifically a spell that allows a man to eat animal parts and gain their attributes. There are flashcards of different combinations of animal parts and Dean discovers a cage of mice that direct him to a fridge full of said animal parts.

They also find a few staff workers including a chef who tells them that they are facilitating a private dinner. Sam and Dean pretend to be health officials and send them away. They split up and Sam runs into the killer “Leo” who was using a chameleon trait to hide in a wall. He slices Sam on the neck. Sam momentarily reverts to Zeke who heals his neck wound then allows Sam to regain control. Leo witnesses this and asks what Sam is. He then knocks out Sam and plans to eat him.

Dean finds Leo in a kitchen and they fight. Leo subdues and ties Dean up and Dean, using his dog traits, is able to determine that Leo has cancer. Leo describes using the spell to stop his cancer but it always came back. Eventually he began killing people in his way and became a predator himself. He plans to eat the Winchesters an gain Sam’s healing ability to cure himself. He then eats a wolf heart for this purpose. Dean breaks free and they fight as Leo grows wolf fangs and gives chase until Dean is outside. He whistles and calls upon his freed dogs, who arrive and attack Leo, effectively killing him.

Sam and Dean take The Colonel to the vegan couple to live with and he tells Dean that dogs aren’t really man’s best friend but were put on earth for a specific reason. The spell wears off before Dean hears the reason. Dean then goes to Sam by the car who continues to wonder why Leo asks what he was. Dean makes excuses about not trusting crazy people and they leave the town with Dean looking worried as usual about Sam finding out his condition.


I congratulate SN for throwing in two Game of Thrones references in back to back episodes, along with a nod to Breaking Bad. I love when the writers assume I’ve seen all these shows…and they’re right ^_^.

The humor was turned up this time around, again, it’s all about poking fun with Dean and putting him in compromising positions, like longingly staring at a female poodle who, to him, probably looked like a 5 star babe. I’m glad he refrained from sniffing the posterior. Even Cas would stare at him awkwardly. The simplicity of the animal voices was fine. I was half expecting dog mouth’s to be CGI’d  but they kept from utilizing such gimmicks and that suits the scenes better, I think. Although, they’re attitudes felt a little too generic, maybe because I’ve seen the dog/human voice scenario enough times it didn’t feel as fresh as it could have been, being spun by SN this time around and all. Still, the pigeon seen was probably their golden ticket and Dean pulling out his gun was on him was also a great moment to chuckle at.

The storyline itself is very self contained, almost to the point that Zeke almost didn’t show up at all. It was a quick segment, but we can’t forget that there’s a guardian angel living inside of Sam, protecting him, and himself. Little by little, Sam is beginning to have thoughts about what’s going on with him and, as always, it’s only a matter of time before the preverbal crap hits the fan. I’m a bit surprised that Zeke didn’t appear once more to tell Dean that this recent event continued to drain him or that Sam is getting closer to realizing the truth. I suppose that’s what the recap was for. ZekeSam, or Sameke…or, (These cross names are hard to figure out) is limiting himself even though I think he should be around more. It’ll be interesting to see if they can dedicate an entire episode to Sam being under Zeke’s influence.

No more hangovers, get Kevin back on the show. Or Cas, or someone else. The Winchesters need more support, especially when Abaddon shows back up. By episode seven, I’m expecting Zeke to be outted in some way. Unless he’s in this for the long haul. That’s okay too. And that spin-off episode is right around the corner. I’m not holding my breath. I keep thinking there will be snarky characters galore, battling wits and retorts with Dean all throughout the episode. This will be a very hard sale unless these characters can stick and stick hard.

Overall, a double dose of filler episodes isn’t at all a bad way to maintain their 9th season, but let’s get back on track with the meat of the story. Crowley’s list will have to get handled fairly soon, preferably next. I’m not terribly excited to see Bartholomew again and in all honesty, I hope Abaddon annihilates his angelic ass. Hmmmm, how strange would it be if Cas was forced to turn into a demon? He’s human now, humans turn into demons. Has this been talked about in the SN fan world? Maybe I’m behind on the times.

What are your thoughts? Lemme know if you liked this second comedy episode and what you expect to see in future installments and how you want the 9th season to play out. Thanks for reading!

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3 responses to “A Sashurai’s Review: Supernatural – Season 9×05 (Why didn’t Dean turn around three times before laying down?)

  1. A lengthy review! Nice. I agree that they should reel more characters back in. I’d like to see more of Cas and Kevin and they can’t just keep Crowley in the dungeon. The episode was well done. They could have gotten really cheesy, but they didn’t. I am serious interested on what’s gonna go down with Bart and Abaddon. We shall see!

    • I agree! I’m wondering if they’ll branch out and provide more insight into Hell and how it’s layed out. Is Crowley hitting the “sympathetic” mark for a supporting character? I hope Cas gets back into his element again soon 🙂

      • Oh, yeah. I’d love to see what’s going on in Hell without Crowley. I’d also like to see him put Abaddon in her place. I mean, he’s still king. And I seriously hope he becomes a supporting character. I also hope Castiel goes back to being himself. As adorable as his human self is, I prefer the awkward warrior lol

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