A Sashurai’s Review: The Originals – Season 1×06 (Don’t compel a psych major, she’ll figure it out on her own)


It’s time to grab an apple and play ring around the villains once again on this weeks’ episode of The Originals. The varying degrees of evil mix and match, developing some dark and questionable forms of gray for pretty much every character on the show, save for Camille, whose inner nature to analyze her compulsion has left her angry and confused. There’s enough rampant feelings emerging here that everyone is tilting off their axis and sooner of later, someone will be going on a real murder spree before the season’s end.

There’s a shelf life in dealing with this empire of New Orleans arc and it’s getting closer. The witch fiasco is the closest to that conclusion now that all the elder witches have been terminated, but I’m skipping ahead. Let’s recap.


Elijah is reading from his mother’s spell book as Klaus reads poetry. A dead woman is laying on the table, a peace offering that Elijah refused to accept forcing Klaus to do away with the woman herself. Rebekah is annoyed that her blood is staining the rug.

Elijah plans to give Davina a few pages from the spell book to entice her as she tells Hayley he plans to help break the link between her and Sophie, using Davina.

Sophie is cooking when she is kidnapped by masked men. Sabine was with her but she’s knocked out.

Marcel, after finding out that Klaus isn’t staying at the Palace Royal Hotel, has a conversation with Josh and decides to talk to Tieri in the garden about Klaus and the murder he committed.

Camille goes to confessional and tells Kieran that she didn’t react to the graffiti she found on Sean’s grave and is trying to analyze why she cares more about Marcel avoiding her than with what happened to Sean.

Elijah goes to Davina and gives her a spell and an intricate knot to untie using it. He promises to give her a spell of her choosing later if she can perform untie the knot.

Sophie is tied up and Agnes shows up. She injects Sophie with an old syringe.

Rebekah tells Hayley that she’s planning on leaving New Orleans now that Elijah is safe. Hayley feels the sensation and bleeds and eventually grows dizzy from it.

Klaus and Elijah find Sophie who tells them that the syringe was the “needle of sorrows” and will kill Hayley’s baby by raising it’s blood pressure. She says the spell can’t be undone and it was used once before to hex Sean. Elijah proclaims that his deal with Sophie is now void.

Marcel frees Tieri from his prison and has him recount the night he killed a nightwalker. Tieri tells him that he tried to stop the nightwalker from killing Katie and that things didn’t add up that night, but aside from Max, there’s another spy in his crew.

The human faction are in discussion with Kieran at the church when Klaus arrives and convinces Kieran to find Agnes after he tells him that she hexed Sean, causing the church murders. Klaus gives Kieran an hour to find where Agnes is.

Davina attempts her spell but it doesn’t work.

Sophie and Elijah arrive to help Hayley. Sophie tells Rebekah to retrieve herbs to help with Hayley’s fever. Rebekah goes to Katie’s voodoo shop when Marcel shows up and tries to reminisce about old times. She quickly gathers the herbs and leaves.

When Kieran attempts to leave the church to go after Agnes herself, Klaus tells him that if he brings Agnes to the church he’ll make sure Camille stays protected.

The faction bring Agnes to the church where Klaus reveals the syringe she used. Agnes declares the entire witch community will be after Kieran if she’s harmed. Klaus tells her to undo the curse, but she says she can’t.

Elijah holds Hayley in a pool and she drinks from a cup with the herbs to help with the fever, but she’s struggling to hang on.

Davina attempts the spell again and this time, she’s successful. This undoes the link between Sophie and Hayley. Sophie verifies by pricking her hand, which Hayley doesn’t feel. Sophie pleads for Elijah to promise to keep Klaus from killing Agnes. Elijah agrees tot he vow.

Rebekah tells Elijah that she’s leaving and wants to be free. Elijah kisses her cheek and says she is free. She then goes to Marcel to say goodbye in person. He offers her a drink. She tries to leave and he pulls her in for a kiss. She pulls away but then gives in and they proceed to have sex.

Elijah shows up at the church and threatens Klaus to leave Agnes alone. Klaus complies as Elijah rips the hearts out of three faction members and tells Agnes that he made no such vow that he wouldn’t harm her. He then snaps Agnes’s neck declaring that no one will harm his family.

Rebekah tries to convince Marcel to leave with her, but he won’t. He says the empire thrives because of him and even though she says an empire is nothing without someone to share it with, he refuses to leave. He catches her lie about staying at the Palace Hotel right before she leaves him.

Josh goes to Elijah’s house and tells Hayley that Marcel knows Klaus isn’t staying at the hotel and to have Klaus contact him Marcel watches him leave and he goes to introduce himself to Hayley at the front door.

Klaus goes to the bar where Camille is closing up. He reveals that a witch hexed Sean. She is angry and slaps him after he tells her that he had a hand in her death. She’s worries that she’s an accomplice to murder and vows that she’ll undo his compulsion. Klaus leaves upset.

Marcel finds Klaus and reveals that he knows Klaus is staying at Elijah’s house. Elijah offers to invite him for dinner and Marcel agrees, both under false pretenses.

Elijah returns home and finds Hayley is missing. He calls Rebekah who is driving out of town and tells her Hayley is gone. Klaus shows up at the house and tells Elijah that Marcel was there.


The flip-flopping from neutral-evil to diabolical-evil is very rampant and often cringe inducing considering the characters we have to work with. Sympathy for the witches, any witches is beyond me at this point. With all the elder witches out of the picture, I’m having trouble believing that they won’t be a threat to the vampire anymore. Sophie will still try and somehow complete the harvest ritual which I can see happening. It’s a rough spot because Davina is young and talented and is being pushed in manipulative directions. Elijah may care, but I don’t think he cares enough to be able to protect her from the downfall I fear is coming.

Speaking of Elijah. Wow, he ripped those hearts out that made Klaus grin unexpectedly. One can never forget that Elijah is an original and has real staying power. Even Klaus backed off when Elijah laid his wrath thick. There’s tiny movements in Elijah and Hayley possibly becoming connected romantically and it seems like a decent fit for now. Hayley I think would be fine with it until the werewolves show up and wreck hell, possibly causing her to rethink her alliances. It’s a long shot, but plots are made to get strange and its high time the werewolves showed up to add fuel to the vampire fire. Tyler should lead them all back into town. That’d be an interesting scene.

One aspect of Klaus’s human entanglements I don’t quite get is his reaction to Camille when she promised to undo his compulsion on her. Logically, he should have just compelled her again to forget the conversation even took place; but he didn’t. He ran away. That’s not very Klaus-y of him. Even under the emotional stress from a few episodes ago, he still did his self-absorbed thing and compelled her to forget her pain about Sean. This time, he let it stick. I’m not really convinced he cares enough to let her keep a vow like that. Everything he does has a selfish motive to it. Even his help of Caroline during the finale of VD last season, he blatantly told her that he’ll be the last person she loves. His truly selfless acts are far and few between which makes what he’s doing to Camille really odd at the moment. We’ll see where they take it. She’s still nice and actually has the intellect to understand how compulsion works when she’s under the influence. She earns a few points there.

Rebekah spending one more night with Marcel was inevitable and I’m glad they got it out of the way now. It’s going to take a lot of convincing if Marcel is or will ever plan to try and bring her to his side. Is that in the works? She already planted the seed when she told him that an empire is nothing without someone to share it with. He’ll remember that and make a play sooner or later. Now, we just have to figure out how he got into the house and kidnapped Hayley. Was there an invitation I missed? And did anyone notice how much bigger her belly is getting? Is there an accelerated pregnancy going on here someone neglected to mention?

Overall, I think there’s a simplicity that The Originals is keeping to that works for the time being. They’re attempting to blur the lines while trying to give Rebekah, Elijah, and Klaus new and old themes to deal with. Rebekah was a bit wasted in this episode. Her love for Elijah may be great, but I scarcely believe that she’d give that much effort into cleaning a blood stain out of a carpet. Elijah made an awesome statement tonight and I look forward to him having a real raging moment in the future, especially if Hayley and the baby are in danger. Klaus is a bit off his mark this time. His pouting in front of Camille right before he fast traveled out of the bar was more funny than pitiful, and it’s easier to see how he’s just not that menacing to anyone when it comes right down to it. He needs to truly do some despicable acts if he’s going to be the resident bad guy of that town. But then that’d be revoking his anti-hero pass, and he needs it to remain principle character of the show.

What are your thoughts? If you’d like to leave any feedback or discussion points, feel free to leave a reply. Thanks for reading!


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