A Sashurai’s Review: The Vampire Diaries – 5×06 (Three Elena’s, two Stefan’s, and a Partridge in a Pear tree)


I always say, unless you see a heart get ripped out with your own eyes, never believe the heart in their hands was ripped out of the person who they ripped it out of. Okay, I don’t always say that, but the shoe stubbornly fits. This week’s episode of VD proved harshly that exposition is the true anchor that can’t be destroyed. Everything leading to Silas’s journey into death culminates with a classic twist on cruel ironies. Considering Tessa is our only resident villain who isn’t a Stefan or Elena look-alike, I actually prefer Klaus and his hectic schemes more than the most powerful butthurt witch in the VD universe. She’s so tactically incapable of making good judgment calls and hasn’t been very effective in her role.

Not much painted this episode in a good light. It wasn’t a filler, but it certainly was no eye opening success story either. Everything basically centered around a reveal that was more or less easy to decipher a few episodes ago. Still, momentum comes in different forms. Let’s bite into the plot.


Katherine, having been kicked out of the Salvatore house still alive, celebrates her life eating in a diner when she notices a lock of hair has turned white. She’s bothered by this.

Silas arrives at the Salvatore house, where Elena and Damon watch him rejoice in his witch abilities manifesting again and that he’ll be dead soon. He plans to reunite with Amara and needs to destroy the other side by finding and eliminating the anchor. He knows it’s in New Jersey in a warehouse but only allows Jeremy and Damon to follow him. Elena insists on the agreement to bring Bonnie back in exchange for his death. Silas seemingly agrees.

Blank-Slate Stefan wakes up in Tessa’s cabin where she reveals that Silas took the cure to become mortal again. She also explains Silas’s plan to find and destroy the anchor but he won’t do it and won’t tells Stefan why. She tries to leave the cabin but can’t because of a spell Silas casted preventing anyone in the house from leaving until sundown.

Caroline discovers Katherine in her dorm and attacks her. Katherine agrees to help Caroline with Maxfield in exchange for a place to stay. They finds Maxfield in a lab making recordings on an analysis of cellular growth and knock him out. They strap him up and begin draining his blood of the vervane in his system so Caroline can compel him. During which, Maxfield explains that a group suspects Elena is a vampire and are having a gathering at the Whitmore house but is protected to ward vampires. Katherine decides to attend the gathering to find more out.

Jeremy, Silas, and Damon arrive at a warehouse and begin searching for the anchor even though Silas has no idea what it is.

Elena Calls Stefan’s phone and Tessa answers. She mocks Elena which drives Elena to find Stefan and arrives at the cabin. Once she enters she finds Stefan who isn’t in the mood to leave. Elena tries to go but is trapped in the home as well.

Tessa tells Damon on the phone that if he doesn’t kill Silas before sundown, she’ll kill Elena. Damon searches for Silas and runs into a pair of Travelers, who perform a spell to momentarily cause his daylight ring to fail. He begins burning as the Travelers reveal they don’t want Silas dead yet. Damon kills them and continues his search.

Katherine arrives at the Whitmore house and enters freely. She finds a table of food and begins stuffing her face. Aaron runs into her and she tries to act like she’s in on the gathering, which he knows nothing about. She notices one of her back teeth fall out and leaves the house, distraught.

Tessa continues to mock Elena as Stefan joins in, offering to cook dinner with her. When Tessa is distracted, Stefan whispers to Elena that he’ll protect her.

Caroline is able to compel Maxfield, who reveals that the group is called “Augustine” and he covered up Megan’s death because of a vampire who is known as “The Augustine Vampire” When one of Maxfield’s patrons arrives in the school lab, Caroline compels him to forget that she and Elena are vampires and the entire incident that took place. She leaves as the patron woman tells Maxfield he missed the gathering and that they don’t think Elena is a vampire.

On the phone, Damon informs Tessa that some of the Travelers don’t want Silas dead. She says they want the cure that’s in his system and that Silas won’t destroy the anchor. Damon understands what that means as Silas finds the box containing the anchor. It’s Amara and she’s immortal and encased in stone. Silas drags a Traveler’s body over, cuts it, and feeds the blood to Amara, who wakes up and materializes.

Silas takes her outside. Amara is frightened but glad to see Silas again. She reveals that she wasn’t killed by Tessa and Silas says he took the cure to be with her again. They hug and Amara grabs a glass shard, stabs Silas in the neck, and drinks his blood to gain the cure as well. She’s crazy and doesn’t want to live another day. She runs away and yells for voice to leave her. She then runs into Damon, who kidnaps her.

Meanwhile, Stefan finds his opening and stabs Tessa. He and Elena escape together.

Katherine shows up in Maxfields lab and discusses the experiments with the Augustine Vampire and asks for his help in saving her life.

Stefan and Elena return to the Salvatore house where Jeremy and Damon are waiting. Damon shows Elena to the trunk of the car where Amara is tied up. She sees Elena and begins screaming.

Stefan returns to Tessa. She’s angry and begins returning all of Stefan’s painful memories to him while reminding him who saved his life from the lake.


As much as I enjoy the character drama on this show, this episode felt extremely dull. Almost every line spoken was based on telling each character what was going on, which is a time-tested plot device of the show. Every episode the characters have to recap what’s been happening, just in case the viewers forget or casually skip episodes. It wastes a lot of time and doesn’t propel much in the way of development. It’s a general criticism and when the characters have “heartfelt” moments, they’re a lot more genuine than when ancient characters try to be snarky by making knock-knock jokes or are astonished by the ways of pizza toppings.

The plot was simple enough, yet easily predictable. Stefan pretending to side with Tessa was relatively obvious while Amara being the anchor was also not difficult to determine. The part I did find interest in is the name Augustine Vampire. For the sake of moving from the Silas/Tessa relationship drama, I’m willing to step back and dive into that mystery a bit more. Just don’t make the Augustine Vampire Elena’s stepfather. That’d be weird. Could it be Aaron? Probably not because he was in the warded house, unless something allowed him. Again, it’s a mystery, I’m fine with that.

Now there are three Nina Dobrev’s running around on the show. It’s an interesting choice to have the two main characters play multiple hero/villain roles. IF, and that’s a big if, if they can do it properly. I’m still not seeing Silas as a credible acting change from the Stefan we’ve known for so long. I did get the sense of his longing for Amara and now that she’s willing to stab him in the neck to free her own mortal coil, there’s going to be a lot of confusing brows regarding Elena, Damon, Stefan, Amara, Silas, Tessa, and likely Katherine. Poor Katherine. No one loves her anymore and she’s starting to lose her teeth. While I’m glad she’s still alive, I’m uncertain what role she’ll be able to play from here on out. I still don’t get why she doesn’t convince any vampire to turn her again.

Amara is another name that connects into the Buffy/Angel universe as there was once a ring of Amara that could give a vampire true immortality from sunlight and stakes. Funny little facts that show up every now and then. VD’s Amara is going to be very outdated and bit more aloof I imagine. She’s hearing voices, which could be a subject of dementia or even something supernatural. I’d like to see this role be played with sheer insanity. You have level headed love-torn Elena, Snarky self-absorbed Katherine, and Crazy Amara.

Matt’s plot with his internal personality conflict needs to return. There’s a Traveler major arc brewing and it appears to precede Silas and Tessa, possibly in a big way. Is there a witch origin on it’s way too? Did we already cover that?

Overall, I wasn’t a super fan of this episode. Everything felt dry and forced and right now, if Elena didn’t end up with either Salvatore brother soon, I’d be fine with that. I still have nothing positive to say about Bonnie, so I’ll leave that lying. The Augstine Vampire is something I want to know more about, and I do wonder if Jesse will still be on the show as a potential ringer for Caroline. She’s not waiting for Klaus to make a return that’s for sure.

What were your thoughts. Feel free to comment, like, follow and thanks for reading!

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