A Sashurai’s Review: Sons of Anarchy – Season 6×10 (Anyone make a ‘Good Guy Nero’ meme yet?)


Twice in a row we end an episode with Tara’s fate unquestionably uncertain as Samcro moves into a heightened encounter involving the Irish, the Chinese, and whoever Patterson brings to take down the heat. In all this I’m bewildered at the concept that Clay seems the most innocent going into this likely bloodbath. A dozen questions surround the next few episodes, at the top, for me, is whether or not Tara will crack or skip town entirely. Some things I was expecting, others I wasn’t, and that’s good, and frightful at the same time. Patterson isn’t quite as devious as I had given her credit for. Same goes for Jax. He really knows how to put his anger aside. Everyone’s been abnormally calm in this episode making it one of the strangest I’ve ever seen. The calmer things are, the worse the unleashing will be.


Tara wakes to find Thomas missing. She finds him with Jax, who gives him back to her and leaves, saying he needs to put some distance between them before someone gets hurt.

Clay informs the Irish inmate that he’s being transferred the next day due to a schedule change and Gaalan will have to act fast to stay on top of his breakout.

Margaret meets with Tara and tells her that Gemma figured out the truth from her and she fears for her life. She’s leaving to be with her sister for a few weeks leaving Tara without a lawyer and a friend.

Jax goes to Diosas where Colette shows him their new papers signifying their place is now official. Gemma arrives with the crew and tells Jax that Clay wants to see her. Chibs tells him that Gaalan is ready to meet with them. Jax sends Juice to continue watching Tara.

Jax and crew meet with Gaalan and tell him all the Jimmy from the Italians have agreed to continue the gun trade with the Irish. They’re supposed to meet with the Chinese later but Jax intends to reach him first. Gaalan mentions Clay’s transfer is happening sooner and that he needs Samcro to help with the breakout. Jax is reluctant but agrees to take a vote. Meanwhile Gaalan follow Jax to the rendezvous with the Italians.

Tara goes to Wendy’s place and they have a mild argument over what’s happened and Tara realizes Wendy is using again. Wendy suggests Tara tell Jax and Gemma everything but Tara refuses. She leaves and backs her car into Juice’s bike before driving off.

Jax meets with Jimmy when Gaalan and Connor approach to show off their weapons. Jimmy samples the product as the Chinese arrive with Lin. Gaalan demonstrates his weapon and fires at the Chinese killing some of Lin’s men. The Chinese flee and Gaalan negotiates a deal with Jimmy for their services which Jimmy eventually agrees.

Gemma and Nero return to the old clubhouse where Wayne tells her that Tara fled from Juice. Gemma has Wayne check on Wendy and Nero goes with him while she also has Rat and Juice go to the daycare to watch the kids.

Tara unlocks her pistol from home and runs into Gemma who was going to pick up stuff for the kids. They insult and reflect on their choices with Gemma revealing that Tara’s only choices are to leave or end up dead.

Jax confirms Patterson’s deal and plans to give her a location where the Irish can be caught. While Samcro drive on the road, the Chinese follow them and, through gunfire, lure them off the roads into a container zone where Lin and his men surround Jax and crew. Lin declares Northern California his territory and wants Jax to shut down the Irish pipeline. Jax plays along but is forced to relinquish Happy to the Chinese as collateral until the job is done.

Tara runs into Juice at the daycare and demands to know where Jax is. Juice gives her the address to Diosas.

Nero and Wayne arrive at Wendy’s house and smell smoke. They bust in and find Wendy passed out. They help her outside.

Gemma goes to Clay in prison. He gives her a letter of intent which turns over all his assets to her and explains when he leaves he won’t be able to file for divorce. She takes the letter and politely leaves.

Jax, Chibs and Bobby arrive at Diosas to unwind. Colette takes him to her room.

Gemma goes to Wendy’s house and has her brought to her place.

Tara shows up at Diosas and catches Jax in bed with Colette. Furious, Tara attacks Colette and then slaps Jax before leaving the house. Jax chases her down and sees she has her gun. Tara is hysterical and asks what happened to her several times before driving off.

Tara makes a call and goes to see Patterson asking that her deal still go through. Patterson informs her the deal is no longer available and Tara leaves, distraught.


I don’t want to overstate the fear that Tara is close to a breaking point that could launch her into a real serious situation between Jax and Gemma. Gemma revealed two choices to her which leaves Tara with the only other viable third option, steal the kids and leave town altogether. Does that mean there’s a fourth option? I’m not sure. She’s in desperate mode and in those situations she can’t be calculating and cunning. Tremendous credit to the team for making me believe Tara and Gemma had every opportunity to pull the guns from their purses and make this extremely messy. But that would cause a horrid reaction and dull Clay’s escape. Whatever is brewing needs to be saved for the last episodes. Her only chance to skip town may be while Clay is getting broken out.

I’m a bit surprised at Gemma’s caring of Wendy. I realize that she wanted Wendy to reinsert herself into Jax’s life, but with Tara out of the way, is that still something she wants. As far as I can see Wendy is still a tool to her and isn’t anything truly special. I’m just baffled by Gemma’s sense of family when it isn’t blood.

Gaalan’s overzealous selling points nearly cost Samcro their entire future. Jimmy stayed in the business mindset and even concluded with Jax that he never intended to follow through on trading with the Chinese. That puts August so far in the background, it’s hard to know if he’ll even have an appearance again this season. That doesn’t bother me. It’s more for the wrap up on the finale, however it shapes up to be.

I hate to say it, but I do not have high hopes for Happy. He was entirely too comfortable in his situation I almost want to cringe because he’s the one member that’s managed to stay on top and still not be a main supporting cast member. All things considered, I think if things go wrong, Happy will be the one to pay by the Chinese.

Jax is now playing a dangerous game with trying to appease Patterson, the Irish, and the Chinese with plans to bring everyone down. And it’s widely acceptable to conclude that if Jax wants to avoid a blood bath, there will be one ready to out do any previous seasons worth. They can try and break mold, but then again, what this show without the high intensity shootouts?

Clay is clearly in the hands of those who handle his escape. If the Irish are indeed respectfully removed from the gun trade that leaves Clay a fugitive of the law, at best. Unless he has other allies on the Irish side, the Sons won’t help with his escape further and, more than likely, Jax will see to it, he’s buried in a barren field. I’d like to see Clay last into the final season, I hope that’s not asking for too much.

I’m also bothered by how Gemma directs her family’s legacy and that Jax won’t forgive betrayal. She’s pushing a lot on the idea that he’s incapable of being any different than how she sees him. If Jax has proven anything is that he doesn’t have the strength to retaliate against his own family anymore. Jax knows how hurt Tara is. Catching him in the act with Colette wasn’t really an altogether sensible scene. She used her anger and desperate hope and directed it into a face pounding even something like that should have been beyond her scope of influence considering all she’s prepared to do to leave Jax. The stunned look on his face was all there needed to be. Outside Diosas I was expecting their real heart to heart, lay it all on the line, confession was going to come out, but instead, Tara was stuck on repeat mode and left Jax without any kind of further explanation short of confusion on what’s happened to her over the years. It’s probably the most tragic part of the episode because Jax, no matter what’s happened, would probably forgive her, despite what Gemma says, if only Tar would trust him again. He needed that trust.

Does Bobby’s foretelling of Jax’s demise without Tara still hold true? I’m not sure. He can still make decisions and act on them. In the future and long term, that’s a whole different story. The most surprising thing I can imagine happening is if Jax actually gives his kids up to Tara to leave the state. If Jax does that than we know he’s truly broken Gemma’s hold over him. If he’s forced to come down on Tara in whatever fashion, he’s going to draw tragedy and nothing but from here on out. There won’t be a recovery and Bobby will be right, the Sons will not survive.

Can’t wait for next week. Let me know your thoughts.

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