A Sashurai’s Review: Supernatural – Season 9×06 (Turning into a fine pink mist is a real…bummer)


Keeping the recap short tonight.

Sam and Dean split duties when Cas calls Dean into action over four mysterious deaths in Idaho. Sam and Kevin try to convince Crowley to help translate a dead language that could shed some light on the angel spell and Cas has been working at a convenient store with the prospect of dating his manager, Nora, a single mother The four deaths were carried out by an angel who once served as a medic angel known as the “Hands of Mercy” who ends the suffering of angels who’ve been too injured. The angel, Efrim finds Cas while he’s babysitting Nora’s child after being accidentally misled into a date. Dean is able to help Cas kill the angel. Meanwhile, Crowley bargains to translate the text in exchange for a call to Abaddon. They speak and Crowley realizes that Abaddon is collecting souls by revoking the deals they made which upsets Crowley. He translates the text but remarks that the angel spell is irreversible. Sam later catches Crowley injecting Kevin’s blood into himself, a side effect from his experience during Sam’s third trial, last season.

This episode did two things mostly. It continued to play and describe Cas’s ambivalent nature toward being human and proud of accomplishing simple job tasks and equally feeling the ongoing guilt with being unable to help the angels. It made sense for Cas to put an end to a destructive angel who isn’t a part of Bart’s plot or plain crazy. This was an angel who thought he was still doing his work. This can continue to fuel Cas’s struggle with accepting a human life because not all the angels are bad, some are just extremely misguided. Even so, I hope he doesn’t have to continue killing neutral and/or good angels to drive home his importance to this season’s arc. One future moment comes to mind with Cas having the option to return as an angel and he refuses either because he’s too scared or because he’s at peace living a mortal life. If he can handle the responsibility again and become an angel once more then we can return Cas to the status quo that comes with being around the Winchesters. The only other option is he died at the end, which has been done…twice and no more amount of fan pressure will keep him dead for long. There’s a lot to play with Cas’s new nature, but I’d like to refrain from spinning date after date into colossal failure. The poor guy keeps getting shafted and I don’t think love is really what he needs to feel whole and accepted. His peace needs to come from within first. Sam and Dean have all the love as family needs for Cas to build on. The romantic bits are really just to maintain his awkward form and naive outlook. His singing did throw me off a bit, funny wise.

No brotherly dissention or evolution on this episode. I wouldn’t call that a decent break from the Sam and Dean rubberband relationship, they work when they’re doing their scenes together. One saves the other, one keeps a secret from the other, eventually one kicks the other’s ass, and then hugging and tears ensue. What’s interesting is Sam’s approach to dealing with Crowley and I think there’s a benefit to having Sam interact with him more than Dean.

Dean is very, no nonsense, hard calls, do what has to be done, kind of guy. He wouldn’t stand for Crowley bargaining and likely would throw it back at him in spades given the opportunity, but Sam has a passive approach that can backfire, but can also unknowingly bring out the good traits that we know Crowley has. After several episodes wondering how Crowley’s been dealing with his demon exorcism, we find that he wants more blood in his system to return that kick he had. The only part I’m off on is why Kevin’s blood and not Sam’s? With Abaddon making it harder for him to resume his status as king of hell, we finally have a glimpse into a working alliance with Sam and Dean. It’s very fragile but it’s a start. Considering the roles the Angels have been playing, it’s about time we factored in some demons that are wiling to help Sam and Dean. That number is one at the moment, but maybe there’s others.

This was a simple episode to digest and didn’t offer any new information aside from another piece of the angel hierarchy. Though, if I were Dean and I just learned of a type of angel that is considered to be very dangerous, I’d have Cas give an entire list of all types of angels so the next time something like an Uber Angel of Death, shows up, he won’t be surprised. Abaddon only cameo’d which is better than nothing. I’m still hopeful that she’ll be the main antagonist, at least over Bart, who’s only appearance so far has not impressed me in the least. Need more bad ass angels to show up, not suit angels with business plans for domination.

I pose the question, will Crowley discover Zeke’s possession of Sam before Sam does? Will that force Dean’s hand in order to protect the secret? What are your thoughts on tonight’s ep? Oh, and points for Agent Lee Ermey, the best drill instructor ever.

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