A Sashurai’s Review: The Originals – Season 1×07 (Full season greenlit. Bring on the wolves)


Mark this episode under the “cluster-bomb” of alignment shifts. From start to finish, the drama with the Originals brings forth a tried and tested enemy of Klaus into the war of New Orleans. Hayley makes a new discovery and Marcel reignites an offer that Rebekah no longer fights against. Klaus’s line of enemies is growing by the fangs, and so are his threats and family mistreatment all while Davina tries to connect with a new friend.

This episode displayed a proper amount of teases involving what’s to come. I felt a positive that without a cauldron of witches interfering that this episode would make it’s own mark. It came close with the exception of one character being completely all over the map. There’s a journey here should take a breather involving our newest member, but I’ll get to that after the recap.


Marcel begins a vampire fight night with the winner to receive a daylight ring. Klaus and Elijah interrupt and demand to know where Hayley is. Marcel persuades them that he didn’t take Hayley and allows Sabine to perform a locator spell which tracks Hayley in the bayou.

Hayley is tied up and being driven to the bayou by Tyler, who kidnapped her. He takes her to a cabin where a few scattered werewolves live. One of them, Duane, is helping Tyler with a plan.

Marcel confronts Josh and corners him about Klaus and that he’s been working for him.

Klaus and Elijah search the bayou and Klaus discovers Tyler’s scent and further explains Tyler’s hybrid origin to Elijah as well as the murder of Tyler’s mother.

Marcel brings Josh to Davina in the hopes she can purge him of Klaus’s compulsion.

Hayley asks if Tyler was the wolf that’s been watching her. He isn’t. He tells her that Hayley’s birthmark belongs to a royal bloodline of werewolves. Against her will, Tyler sticks a syringe in Hayley’s belly and pulls blood from her baby. He then injects it into Duane and then kills him.

Rebekah confronts Marcel at the church about Hayley. He persuades her that he didn’t do it and then takes her down below to the garden to show her something.

Duane wakes up and feeds on Hayley before reacting painfully. Afterward, he turns into a hybrid.

Davina is having trouble purging the compulsion out of Josh. They converse and she explains about her plan to be rid of all the witches in New Orleans as well as Josh’s past which includes liking club music and boys.

Tyler tries to convince Hayley that Klaus will use the baby to make more hybrids as Duane tries to protect Hayley. She realizes Duane is sired to her and she makes him attack Tyler. Tyler rips Duane’s heart out and kills him as Hayley escapes. Elijah then finds her in the middle of the bayou forest.

Klaus and Tyler find each other and a chase begins.

Marcel shows Rebekah the garden and reveals an old drawing of a mansion he intended to build for her and him before she left. The garden is the foundation of the house that was never built. Rebekah explains that she was daggered shortly after leaving by Klaus. Marcel begins his offer to stop Klaus.

Tyler and Klaus fight until Klaus gets the upper hand and rips into his chest, ready to rip Tyler’s heart out. Tyler tells him to do it, but Klaus doesn’t when he realizes that Tyler should suffer knowing Klaus could have killed him.

Marcel continues his offer to stop Klaus for good if Rebekah joins him. She tells him that kililng an original will kill the entire bloodline and Marcel suggests burying him in the garden.

Elijah and Hayley find Klaus at the cabin who asks how the dead hybrid was sired. Elijah tells of Tyler’s theory with Klaus using the baby to make hybrids. Klaus realizes he’s being judged and decides to mock himself while succumbing to the label he’s been given. He bites Elijah and leaves. Hayley later finds a book conveniently lying on the porch of the cabin. It has a list of werewolves born and the one who matches her birthdate is named Andrea who she thinks is her.

Davina finishes purging Klaus’s compulsion from Josh and tells him she needs to erase his memory of her. Josh swears to keep her a secret and Davina, having made a new friend, agrees.

Rebekah returns to the plantation where Klaus is drinking. He reveals he knows about her chats with Marcel and asks if he’s plotting against him. Rebekah lies and says he isn’t as Klaus reminds her how cruel and threatening he can be to those who betray him.

Marcel and Tyler are seen sitting together as Tyler tells him that if the baby is born, the vampire species will end.


I originally thought Tyler’s inclusion to this plot was going to be substantial. While I still do, there’s something extremely off with how his character is acting and reacting. All hatred toward Klaus is what’s to be expected, but his harsh treatment of Hayley seems off. Considering their history with her helping Tyler to regain his wolf changing control, I imagine a little more sympathy, but I guess with his vengeance on ultra-high, there is no mercy when it comes to taking out Klaus. My only other eyebrow raise is when Tyler basically told Klaus to finish him off, accepting his fate when Klaus was on the verge of killing him. Klaus expectedly withheld the killing blow yet, considering all of Tyler’s plans of kidnapping Hayley and proving her baby’s blood can create hybrids, I wouldn’t think he’d be so quick to give in, even if his heart was in the palm of Klaus’s hand. His hatred to should burn longer than that considering he left Caroline to finish the job. Though, I can understand that in the realm of power, Tyler just won’t have enough on his own to defeat Klaus. Therein lies his alliance to Marcel, whatever that ends up becoming in future episodes. Still, I’m glad he’s on board. He has a chance to become a stronger character without the Salvatores and Gilberts running top billing on VD. We’ll see where it goes.

Rebekah was finally persuaded to, for the moment, join Marcel’s side. I see nothing but dark tragedy for Rebekah coming soon. Considering the amount of torture she’s had to force by Klaus, if she wasn’t truly immortal, she’d likely be dead by now. Her high school heart will never give up the pure loves and in doing so, Klaus will wreck serious retribution when he finds out what she’s done. I’m not doubting Marcel’s feelings for her, but his earlier lines with needing to rule his empire could come with using Rebekah in ways she hadn’t thought of. It’s not unexpected, but he may be forced to prove how uncanny he can be, not that he already hasn’t tried. He’s no saint going into this battle.

Elijah remains fixed on protecting Hayley and keeping that semblance of family intact. His conversation with Hayley after Klaus left was a good reflection on how he’s perceived Klaus’s actions over the course of so many years. He’s turning into a vamp with a real violent conscience, which also means Klaus can still manipulate him if he so chooses. It’s a little disheartening when you know characters like Elijah have no expiration date. Unless Davina truly finds a way to destroy an original, any heartfelt moments of deathly goodbye won’t stick. It’s another reoccurring problem in the VD universe. Funerals and goodbyes are pointless if characters can’t truly be given the axe. Not that I want Elijah to do, it’s just safe to say he won’t regardless of the plot.

The crux of this show is dependant on how Klaus is truly perceived. It’s an article waiting to happen, but is he truly a villain or is he just being pushed to break that boundary again. He mocked himself when told of his plan, even though, for the moment, it didn’t seem to be. He plays good natured decision so far from his heart that the second he gets winded with deceit, he’s back to being a complete and utter dick to everyone he knows. His short good deeds hardly compare to the massive soul crushing decisions he makes for other people when dealing with a self absorbed personality. Let’s face it, if he really wanted, he could march right in and kill Marcel. Davina is powerful but she’s not around Marcel a whole lot. Why doesn’t Klaus do this? Because he revels. He wants to be right and he wants to pick apart those who cross him. This is why he won’t outright kill Tyler and why he won’t keep his family in coffins forever. He’s the kind of villain who doesn’t want to rule a dead populace. He needs people to survive to hate him and keep him reasonably transfixed on staying on the evil side. Characters like Camille have a small chance to turn that around, but not without a huge push on Klaus’s behalf, and that isn’t something you can do in just one season. Caroline could do it though, mark that vow.

Overall, Tyler, Hayley’s werewolf heritage, and Rebekah’s change of allegiance are good additions to the show’s overall progress. I’m expecting the werewolves and witches to alternate their plots since they don’t currently align very well in one story arc, but that’s what mid and season finale’s are for. Is Tyler is in for the long haul. I hope so. I’m a fan of any character crossover’s on sister shows and hope there’s at least one more before the season’s end. Klaus has once again reverted to complete hopeless villain, which means it’ll take another six to wind him up to neutral status again. We have time, but not oodles. Okay, we have oodles.


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