A Sashurai’s Review: The Vampire Diaries – Season 5×07 (You’ve got to appreciate what an explosive element this Bonnie situation is)


Our first major arc of the season draws to a close as the oldest scorned witch in the world is drawn into one final act of vengeful defiance against those who crossed her, and those who need her help. Three Nina’s share one scene together, marking a record for the most doppelgangers in one shot. Fits and fury dominate the episode which finally pits Stefan against Silas while Elena and Damon devise a plan that can bring Bonnie back once and for all.

What stands as an interesting tale that wraps mainly around vampires is slowly removing them from the cusp of importance and. instead, surrounds their world with older groups and similar drama. There are elements that worked in this episode, yet, at the same time, some of the angst, bitterness, and overall resentment felt very over encumbering even up until the last few seconds of the episode. Even Jeremy’s heartfelt words to Bonnie seemed shoehorned in rather than properly flowing. Emotions were running rampant to say the least, but they came from weird places rather than from the heart. Who is right? Who deserved the last word? Let’s find out.


Silas slowly makes his way back to Mystic Falls and tortures a couple at a bus stop after telling them his woes with Tessa and Amara.

Stefan awakes in his room and tells Elena that he’s regained his memories again. He proves to Damon that he’s back to normal but accidentally breaks a glass when he remembers his time in the safe under water. Damon shows him Amara in a locked room. She’s stir crazy and tries to injure herself until Damon stops her.

Bonnie wonders if it will hurt to finally be released as Jeremy thanks her for saving his life.

Maxfield informs Katherine that as a human, her aging is catching up with her. She’s visually bothered by the news.

Damon calls Silas and pressures him to return faster. Silas mocks him and thinks Amara should just die which could create a rift between Elena and Damon for not saving Bonnie.

Stefan vows to destroy Silas which bothers Elena.

As Jeremy feeds Amara, she sees and hears Bonnie. This gives Jeremy the idea that Bonnie could become the anchor to the other side. Elena surmises that only Tessa could perform such a spell. Damon goes to Tessa and requests her help. She agrees but requires doppelganger blood to perform the transfer spell.

Nadia locates Katherine at Whitmore college but Katherine doesn’t want to bond with her daughter anymore. Caroline collects Katherine and returns her to the Salvatore house.

Stefan tells Elena that if he doesn’t kill Silas he may end up turning off his humanity switch because the pain he feels is becoming unbearable.

When Katherine arrives, she asks Tessa to find a way to stop her aging in exchange for her blood. Tessa seemingly agrees to help after the spell is performed.

Amara, Katherine, and Elena surround Bonnie’s spell book as Tessa cuts each of their hands. The blood forms into a Celtic triangle on top of the spell book as Tessa begins chanting. Silas is nearby and cuts the electricity, disrupting the spell. Amara and Tessa then disappear.

Tessa and Silas find each other in the library and insults as well as glasses are thrown until Silas impales Tessa in the shoulder with the fire poker. He then gets a call from Stefan who has Amara and plans to keep her alive.

Elena finds Tessa and removes the weapon so she can resume the spell.

Silas finds Amara who pleads for him to kill her. He’s reluctant but begins to as Silas intervenes. They battle until Stefan throws Silas’s knife into his stomach, killing him.

Amara finds the knife and stabs herself just as Damon arrives. He tries to keep her alive but Amara dies just as Tessa finalizes the spell bringing Bonnie back and turning her into the anchor.

Katherine approaches Tessa for her deal but Tessa refuses to help her and finishes ending her own life by cutting her wrists. Tessa’s spirit goes to Bonnie and tells her that she’ll feel every supernatural death go through her and it will be very painful every time.

Katherine gets her things from Caroline’s dorm room and Nadia shows up asking her to join her back home to Prague and Bulgaria. Katherine refuses and leaves Nadia alone.

Stefan buries Silas but still continues to suffer from the memories of being inside the safe and wonders why it’s not over.


By the end of “Death and the Maiden” I felt very relieved that Amara, Silas, and Tessa were all finally dead. None of those characters made any positive impact for me or the storyline. Considering how season 4 brought Silas into the fold, I was surprised how unremarkable his situation was with Tessa. They were built as very powerful characters and only managed to be very annoying at best. There’s a tragic love story and those are fine stories to tell, but when both parties are scorned, vengeful and evil, nobody wins. It could be a valuable lesson in how humanity handles the flaws of relationships, but in a realm of evil characters, nobody watching is really invested in an ethical winner. The situation works better with Damon, Stefan, and Elena, and may work again, provided Stefan stops suffering from his pain for a few seconds to remember how much he loves Elena.

Silas’s lingering echoes of how doppelgangers are drawn toward each other will likely continue to wane in on Damon and his disgruntled stare of doom. He’s at his best when he isn’t forced to care, but it’s when he cares that he is forced to do what’s right. Is Elena really bound to one of the Salvatore’s? Vampire love stories often concede to a co-dependency problem with the parties involved. Stefan fought it valiantly, Damon struggles constantly, and Elena made conscious efforts to choose and not regret her choices. But is the story to still maintain that she belongs with either brother? In theory, the second Elena ends up with Damon is the day the show should have ended, unless there’s a stronger message for Elena to learn, in which case, it’s just a matter of time before Elena and Damon call it quits. As much as I imagine Stefan will be a major factor in that problem, I just don’t see him losing himself all over again for her. I’m glad Stefan is back to normal, but he needs to really lose the snarky attitude, that was Blank-slate Stefan and he’s pretty much gone and I don’t want to be reminded of Silas, because that persona just didn’t fit anywhere.

Whitmore college will likely begin the second major arc that involves the August(ine) vampire and the conspiracy surrounding Maxfield and Elena’s stepfather. The struggle against humans and their aggressive roles in the vampire world tend to hold more realistic drama than ancient characters with jaded issues so, I’m looking forward to the switch coming up. Just keep the weekly Whitmore dances/parties to a realistic amount.

I still don’t see Jeremy and Bonnie working as a couple even though Jeremy has matured plenty over the last few seasons. Bonnie’s role as the anchor is interesting enough and I do want to see where they go with it. Will there be ghosts returning to talk to her? Lexi, perhaps? Whenever Stefan is in dire need, ghost-Lexi always seems to be around the corner to help. I don’t mind those scenes, she plays her part well. This also means that there will be plenty of supernatural death coming to keep her ripe with guttural pain. I’m also hoping Matt will have a stronger role this season now that he’s neck deep in Traveler agendas. How are they tied to the witches? Will Nadia return without Katherine? Have we seen the last of Katherine?

Overall, this wrap up to the first arc was done just in time. There wasn’t any reason to keep any of those characters alive and if Silas somehow comes back, keep him out of the villain-rambling-jaded group. The distinction isn’t as noticeable as it could have been and I liked everything Silas was and represented up until his reveal as Stefan. And give Caroline more to do in the plot, her antsy college grip needs to loosen up a tad. When she doesn’t obsess over school related activities and experiences she can manage up some great scenes.

No more words


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