A Sashurai’s Review: Sons of Anarchy – Season 6×11 (Six bullets, no echoes)


Moments drift and actions lock fate in place as Samcro delivers their namesake and ride on the wings of reapers, bringing death and an end to enduring villains. It’s the pre-penultimate showdown on course for a betrayal that’s painted with grim uncertainty. The Sons of Anarchy voted and carried out their sentence in this weeks episode which promises to keep you truly guessing as to what happens next.

I went into this with a certain numbness to the acts that followed the second half of the episode. Jax always thinks ahead and follows through with stone-cold precision. I’m trying my best to refrain from initial spoilers, but you can find everything below as well as the review and thoughts of “Aon Rud Persanta”. Let’s not waste any more time.


At Jax’s home, Tara wakes from a restless slumber and carries Thomas into the kitchen where Rat tells her Jax no longer wants the kids at daycare.

Patterson reviews the deal with Jax who tells her where and when to expect the Irish and guns.

Nero is at Gemma’s house and asks if her mercy for Wendy could spill over to Tara. Gemma isn’t willing to forgive her, not now.

Jax and crew drive together toward the Irish meet at the beverage Warehouse.

Tara drops the kids off at the old clubhouse with Wayne and leaves to meet her new lawyer at the hospital. Once there, he goes over her testimony and prepares her to have to choose between her freedom or her kids.

At the warehouse, Connor describes how and where they will capture and extract Clay from the prison transport and that they’ll need extra firepower to get through their windows of the vehicle. They load up and prepare to leave as Clay is taken to the transport carrier and departs.

Charming police are watching the warehouse where a few Sons stay behind.

Gemma arrives at the clubhouse where Wayne questions her about raising the kids should Tara go to jail. Gemma plans to take care of them herself and Wayne explains that it’s not 1967 anymore and that the path is dirty and sad but he continues to help Gemma because he’s “in” love with her.

Sons are driving several vans and corner the transport car. They exit and shoot out the windows, take the keys, and free Clay, who is surprised the Sons are the ones freeing him and not the Irish. One guard fire a few round into one of the vans, hitting Bobby. Juice drives the van into and over the guard, killing him as they escape.

Eli realizes they’ve been set up as the other Sons leave the warehouse.

When Tara arrives at Gemma’s house to pick the kids up, Gemma receives a call from Jax about Bobby’s injury and that he needs Tara’s help. Tara is reluctant but agrees to go.

Eli and Patterson are taping up the area where Clay was freed as she discusses reevaluating her options.

Sons arrive at the hangar as Bobby is in bad shape. Clay hugs and thanks Juice for his help though Juice is silent to him. Inside an office, Gaalan reunites with Clay just as Jax and Chibs fire and kill Gaalan and his men. Tara, Gemma, and Nero arrive and Tara surveys Bobby’s injury. Gemma and Clay briefly converse as Clay begins to realize what’s going to happen. Jax verifies this by telling him that a second vote was made and it was unanimous. Clay understands and follows Jax, Chibs, and Tig into the office room. Chibs hands Jax a gun. Clay looks out the window at Gemma one last time and then Jax fires one shot into his throat, followed by four shots in the chest. Clay bleeds out and dies.

Gemma panics briefly and is consoled by Nero. Afterward, Tara explains to Jax that she’ll need supplies at the hospital to help with Bobby’s wounds. Jax tells Gemma and Nero to take her. Connor then arrives and Jax presents him with the bodies. Connor tries to pull his gun, but Jax stops him and explains that he’s now the number one guy who will have to explain to the Kings in Belfast that a side deal with sour between Clay and Gaalan forcing their deaths. Connor eventually agrees after Jax tells him that the guntrade will have to continue with August or not at all. They shake on it.

As Nero drives Tara, she gets a call from Patterson who wants to meet her at the hospital. Once there, she talks to Patterson who tells her that their original deal is back on and that she’ll get immunity for Pamela’s murder but for witness protection Tara will need to confess to a federal crime and provide irrefutable evidence. Tara explains that she can get a bullet fired from one of the guards with the blood of a Sons member. Patterson agrees as Tara leaves to avoid suspicion. Local police tell Eli and Patterson about the murders of Clay and Gaalan at the hangar.

At the cabin, Tara stabilizes Bobby and the crew are happy he’s okay.

Meanwhile, Patterson and Eli survey the murders at the hangar as well as the box of KG9’s and she mentions that her deal with Jax didn’t include a stack of dead bodies.

Tara cleans up in one of the bedrooms as Jax is sitting on the bed smoking. He thanks Tara for saving Bobby and tells her that he understands why she did what she did and apologizes for putting her in that position. After he leaves, Tara locks the door and pulls out a bandage with Bobby’s blood and a bullet she removed. She looks on with fear and uncertainty.


Clay’s death marks the end of an era. Ron Perlman played his role to the end with no acts of apology save for what he put Gemma through. Since the start of the season, you can see the look on his face throughout the episodes and somehow, he just knows his days are numbered, be it in a cell or by the hand of a Son. As symmetry allows, Jax was the reaper and he finished Clay off with no remorse or regret. Just a firm look of confidence and a hint of savory. Jax did what he knew he had to do and Clay accepted it without batting an eyelash. Am I surprised it happened during this episode. Somewhat. I discuss and throw theories around with other fans about which big name is going under this season and Clay was brought up more than a few times. He outlived a few characters but kept his head high the entire time. Initially I wasn’t expecting this kind of Clay who was sullen and fatalistic to an extent. He took beatings and bullets with a sense of security that he got what was coming to him and knew it at the start. Would it have made a difference if Clay apologized to Jax over everything? No, not one bit. Jax would have emptied the clip all the same. Maybe we would have had a better sense of closure, but In all fairness, Jax casting the rain is all the closure we really need. I’m not happy or satisfied in the death of Clay, I am relieved that Jax fulfilled a rite of passage constructed since season one. No drinks will be toasted, no honor in death, only a few tears from Gemma and a reflection of hate for all he caused. Still, I’m gonna miss the old guy. He was a consistent villain who showed fortitude and compassion where it mattered to Gemma.

Which brings us to Tara. These last few episodes have ended on the growing burden of Tara’s fate and eventual choice dragging us to believe that no matter what, she’s going to betray Jax to Patterson. There was a single moment when Tara left the hangar and squeezed Jax hand, prompting him to stare back with soft confusion. She reacted with silent concern and maybe a small cry of hope that Jax will undoubtedly forgive her for the actions she recently put him through. It’s downright suffering to watch as Jax continues and continues to forgive Tara for everything and still, she’s forced to think about those kids and do what she feels is best for them. She has the bullet and the means to deliver it to Patterson which will seal Samcro’s fate forever. Logic dictates that with a season seven (and rumors of 8) on it’s way that Samcro cannot fold this early in the series which means that Tara’s plan will fail on three possibilities, her reluctance, someone’s persuasion, or someone’s interference with completing her plan. Now that she’s in bed with the DA, there’s really no backing out. Even if Tara confessed what she plans to do to Jax, how can he fix it? Don’t get me wrong, he’s sadistically creative and can probably salvage the situation, but then where does that leave Gemma, who just lost her second husband (consider that a divorce) If I was to put money down I’d say Wendy is the macguffin in this group. She could be the key to undoing either Gemma or Tara’s plans and it ending horribly. Is it a safe bet? Not at all, but she still has some part to play somewhere, just not sure where yet.

Not much to say about Gaalan (Galan) He was vicious and scheming and got an end that fit the character. One more villain to bury and forget. I’m glad Bobby survived. Even when the bullets came through the windshield my brain told me it wasn’t his time yet. He’ll live to drive another day.

Drama aside, I enjoyed the power shots of the bikes and tight shots of Jax and Clay right at the end. You get a pull back on Clay’s body and the semblance of a die cast on chest in the shape of a square. And of course, the looming shot of Tara’s dire moment when she uncovered the bullet that could undo Samcro altogether. These are all important shots and remind us and help build on stellar moments that hopefully will resonant for a while, at least until the next episode. While some characters may be safe from harm, I fear at least one more major member will fall by this season’s finale.

The Chinese will want answers which could lead to an other appearance with August helping the Sons and solidify his mark on the gun trade in Northern Cali. I like the last bit with Connor shooting the extraction plan. He’s got big shoes to fill and a story to sell to the Kings that could have interesting repercussions. We’ll see how that plays out in the coming plot.

Overall, I’ve been glued in every episode, and tonight’s did not disappoint. Wayne’s love for Gemma seems beaten into the ground, but maybe there’s something there that can turn Gemma’s hate around for Tara. If that’s not thinking optimistically, I don’t know what is. Jax is nearly out of forgiveness cards, any more grief and he’s likely to set fire to the whole damn town of Charming. That’s how anarchy lives.

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3 responses to “A Sashurai’s Review: Sons of Anarchy – Season 6×11 (Six bullets, no echoes)

  1. The bullet that Tara removed from Bobby’s shoulder includes the primer, brass and the bullet itself. I could swear the Sheriff shot Bobby with a gun. Rather, he had to throw the cartridge at him which went through the vehicle’s window penetrating Bobby’s shoulder. Amazing.

  2. Haha! Yeah, that’s the dilemma with bullets and cinema, you’re either pulling pellets of buckshot or entire casing out of bodies. I think in this case, it’s more symbolism that everyone recognize this as “The proverbial bullet that will kill Samcro” rather than the obtuse ball that tends to look awkward when dislodged from flesh. It’s the same problem with why people with shotguns always pump the lever before firing, leaving everyone to believe they’ve been aiming an uncocked weapon the entire time.

  3. I couldn’t believe that this great of show would screw up this most important shots at Taras finding her way to help herself. Surely anyone who’s ever shot a gun would notice that the freaking bullet wasn’t even fired! Big mistake from a director who i admire! I feel this is below them. Even if everyone loves this show as much asi do that was a big screw up

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