A Sashurai’s Review: Supernatural – Season 9×08 (Dean just had to reference the tacos, didn’t he?)


Okay, the first thing I need to point out in this review is that there is no way an ex porn star who left the business behind would keep and store her own DVD’s in a living room top drawer for everyone to find. That logic is far from sensible. Having said that…Aye carumba!

This episode’s season one-off, now a two-off brings to focus the struggle of a roman goddess who is trying to keep her role alive by kidnapping and feasting on the livers of those who proclaim their celibacy only to break it. Sam and Dean investigate a series of kidnappings in South Dakota and, with the help of Sheriff Mills, knock out this week’s god-like villain of the week while also delivering to Sam more innuendos that there is something disturbingly wrong with him.

If “Dog Dean Afternoon” was a showcase of an all ages comedy, “Rock and a Hard Place” is the adult-themed comedic upgrade. There were some solid laughs mainly detailing Dean’s revelation of Suzie’s earlier career and lead up toward their coupling. It was cheese factor on high alert, but Dean wasn’t the kind of character who would let someone like Suzie out of his sight without a proper Dean seduction, leaving Sam and Mills to research and discover what supernatural force they’re up against.

Putting Sam and Dean in positions to effectively poke fun at the concept of a celibate turn was new and Dean sure as blue fire took to it with perverted indulgences. Sam retains his quirky dignity as always almost making a soft connection with Mills until she relays that he and Dean have “something special” Where my brain fails to remember is if she’s aware they’re brothers and analyzing if her phrase was more sibling support and camaraderie and not, the vertigo of fan-fiction. Sam’s silence lends toward a possible face palm in response.

I was slightly confused at first, because I actually thought Tammy was Vesta because I forgot she and Bonnie both have red hair-ish. Then, of all things, I recalled how their eyebrows were and matched Vesta’s to Bonnie’s. Stranger things have happened.

Sam had a minor play with Zeke’s appearance, who’s been dwindled to barely a cameo now. I am certain, though, that this is the last time any one-off episode that details a villain referencing Sam being wrong or changed will have Sam passively believing in Dean’s excuses. Credit where credit is due, Dean was about to fold until Zeke pressured him to hold onto the secret a while longer. That’s tough when even Dean isn’t willing to keep his brother in the dark any longer. Will Zeke take over another mortal shell when he eventually leaves Sam’s body. And he will leave, it’s only a matter of time.

I’m usually fine with Roman lore on it’s own, but for some reason it never quite clicks with me in the Supernatural realm. With Angels and Demons the prime sides, almost every other “god” type character just lingers in the shadows as ‘once powerful’ now ‘forced to human standards’ to survive. In a way it’s almost poetic how a character like Vesta would pray on the weakness of the church to fulfill her needs. It’s like she had to set up her own rule structure just to watch it fall apart and then act accordingly. That’s like intentionally locking yourself out of the house and putting the spare key up in a tree instead of under the mat. Hope that made sense.

I am about tapped out on the singular plots. I’m ready to get into the thick of the Angel and Demon drama again, hopefully with more development of Crowley and unleashing of Abaddon. If Bart enters the fray, so be it. Angels don’t make good villains…unless they’re played by Christopher Walken, and I don’t count Lucifer even though I should. Mark P. could always make a cameo again, I don’t think the fans would mind.

Overall, I was thought the episode was satisfactory. The humor tone and serious tone blended and didn’t feel too obnoxious, save for Dean’s embellishing of sexual memory during the church meeting, which slightly felt akin to The Matrix Reloaded, sans Merovingian. God/Goddess plots still don’t feel quite right to me in this series, but they’ve done worse. I believe Dean is on his last excuse thread with explaining Sam’s condition. One more dark experience and Sam will either crack or force Dean to give up the truth hopefully in a way that doesn’t include harming himself. If villains can spot something wrong with Sam why can’t they discover that there’s an angel inside of him?

Oh, and adding the part with Barb clawing the brick wall and tasting her blood to slightly quench her thirst was a nice creepy touch.

That Spin-off pilot should be damn near upon us. Happy holidays all. Stay safe.

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