A Sashurai’s Review: The Originals – Season 1×08 (Tonight, the neck snapping award goes to Rebekah)


Returning after a week’s hiatus, The Originals capitalizes on the majority cast forcing Klaus into a corner while Elijah suffers the effects of Klaus’s bite in the previous episode. Hayley discovers a werewolf survivor and Camille makes a startling discovery.

A few interesting things happened, most notably, was Marcel’s choice to relinquish his kingdom back to Klaus, under Rebekah’s plea to save his vampires from annihilation. As far as alignment shifts go, I find the balance of Marcel and Klaus’s nature to be quite the struggle in choosing a moral side. Keeping Davina, Sophie, and the other witches absent was a smart choice as their appearance would only have served as a reminder with why each one wants and needs the other to be dead, in Davina’s case, all witches. The real craft was watching and understanding where Marcel’s pride lies and the lengths that Klaus will go to prove his own path.


Hayley nurses Elijah, who is suffering fevers and hallucinations from Klaus’s bite. He remembers an incident a few hundred years ago in New Orleans when Klaus murdered several humans through pistol duels and spun a tale that the witches were behind the murders. Elijah was infatuated with a witch named Celeste and when Elijah found her, she had been drowned, causing Elijah great grief.

Meanwhile Klaus is furious with his siblings and compels Camille to type his verbal thoughts, only for her to remark that Klaus is the architect of his own unhappiness. Klaus notices a drawing in her folder and yells at her, prompting her to leave.

At Marcel’s compound, Tyler tells the vampires about what Klaus did to him and other werewolves and what he plans to do with Hayley’s child. Rebekah arrives to pledge her help to contain Klaus and snaps Tyler’s neck, saying Klaus is the only target, not the baby. Marcel keep Tyler in the garden for the time being while they plot to subdue Klaus.

Klaus finds Joshua and gives him a plan. Josh relays that plan to Marcel involving the theft of the dagger in Marcel’s possession. Marcel gives Josh a plan of his own in which he tells Klaus to confront Marcel at the compound alone.

Klaus tells Kieran to convince Camille to leave town for her own protection and promises to compel Camille to leave if Kieran won’t.

Elijah hallucinates to the point he begins to attack Hayley when a woman stakes Elijah through the back. He contains a scar on her back in a similar place as Hayley’s mark. She says her name is Eve and Marcel had the werewolves who survived the purge cursed to live as wolves until the full moon. When Elijah recovers, Eve tells Hayley to keep her mark secret and leaves her.

Klaus confronts Elijah at the compound and is quickly surrounded by dozens of vampires. Rebekah joins Marcel prompting Klaus to mock and insult the group surrounding him. He then offers a single vampire the chance to join him and drops a coin, saying whoever picks it up and pledges loyalty will be spared. Marcel has his vampires attack Klaus and they eventually subdue him. But Klaus unleashes his hybrid abilities and begins killing several vampires until Rebekah pleads for Marcel to pick up the coin and pledge his surrender. Marcel complies and bends to a knee with the coin in hand. Klaus follows through with his promise to spare Marcel. After the slaughter, Klaus claims the compound and Marcel tells him that he’ll never have true loyalty and to enjoy the kingdom he took back.

After Klaus confronts Elijah and Rebekah for turning against him he gives Elijah the dagger and forces Hayley to follow him back to the compound.

Kieran is with Camille in the church when she shows him the drawing she made. It was a subconscious clue to herself involving a message. She deciphers the message which told her to find an article printed in 1919. She found the article in the town’s archives and recognizes the old photo containing Marcel and Klaus, a photo almost a hundred years old.


It was good to be reminded how powerful Klaus really is. Even two dozen vampires weren’t enough to contain him and if he’s bloodthirsty enough, nothing will stop him. It stands to reason that Marcel will once again enlist Tyler’s help to deal with Klaus. Davina once swore to find a way to kill an Original, but with Klaus already forcing Davina’s loyalty for now, it’s a tough sell to see if any witch can or will help the vampires deal with the new king of New Orleans.

While Camille is extremely photogenic I’m still surprised with Klaus’s interest in her. Psychoanalyzing a thousand year old vampire could have disastrous repercussions but, Klaus seems to be drawn in by blunt truth, and from a normal human no less. I do find it somewhat circular logic that those closest to him can say the same thing, but the person who he listens to is someone who can generate passionate feelings. He may love his family, but it’s an old love and an old frustration. New blood, new formidable minds can identify his idiocy and as long as it’s a pretty girl, he’ll have better reactions. Still, it’s a pairing that will go nowhere no matter how hard they try to get us to care about a potential relationship. I’ll say it again, Camille is a nice character and maintains a solid role, but she’s on a pedestal and won’t be much good to the plot if she’s only around to be the girl who’s compelled twice over. Hopefully her revelation sticks.

I also realize that Tyler’s one track mind of vengeance won’t lend him to any substantial character growth on this show. His willingness to give up under threat of death only added to his torment once Klaus let him live. I wish his last four years on VD would aid in his ability to grow beyond the role of a supporting neutral character but he started off as a bully so he’s only utilizing what he knows to exact his vengeance. He can be sympathetic and caring when need be but without a proper outlet, all he’ll be worth is another snapped neck and no real allies beyond Marcel. In short, he’s being wasted and any crossover character should either come and go, or stay and make a difference, not linger in the background.

The reverse curse of the werewolves was a nice touch to add. I do want to see where that ends up going. Will there be a full moon soon so the others can help Hayley? It’ll help balance out the Witch plot, which I hope they keep on the backburner for now. Sophie will come back and continue her plot thread. I’m not looking for any surprises, our backstory on the witches of New Orleans seems fleshed out enough. We just need to wrap up the plot. I’m also hoping that as a VD spin-off they don’t feel they need to follow the triple dynamic by always incorporating Vampires, Werewolves, and Witches in a constant engagement at all times. Davina is the only witch powerful enough to make any impact and she’s the one who wants the witches dead.

Overall, I enjoyed Klaus’s rage kills and Camille’s subconscious message to herself. That kind of sneaky intelligence should be rewarded. Elijah’s subplot with Klaus being the cause of Celeste’s death wasn’t very compelling. We don’t need flashback reminders with how devious and snarky Klaus was. Elijah has pain and he conveys it with his passive demeanor in the present. Rebekah whines and Elijah bottles it up and Klaus rages out. Keep that simple between the three and the rest will play itself out fine.

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