A Sashurai’s Review: Supernatural – Season 9×09 (I was going to make a joke about Glee vs. Sons of Anarchy…then an angel pissed me off)


Not only did Supernatural return to the main arc of the angels, but they did so in big way. The business of angel killing has turned the knob to eleven and dialed in some major turning points resulting in a big hit to the Winchester duo. “Holy Terror” is the benchmark for turning Supernatural into an all out angel war.

Back in the saddle again is Castiel, who reunites with Sam and Dean while a civil war between angels escalates with Zeke giving Dean fair warning to steer clear from. We’ve had our episodic laughs, now it’s time to return to daggers and heartache and a few mysterious involving Metatron’s goal for creating a new heaven. X marks the spot.


In Wyoming a bus carrying a group of female humans taken over by angels arrive at a biker bar and kill all the men inside; angels loyal to Bartholomew.

Sam and Dean arrive on the scene and find Castiel who wants to help. Sam believes the group who killed the biker angels may not be associated with Bartholomew’s group. While they plan their next move at a local bar, Zeke tells Dean that he’s not in good standing with certain angels. He leaves to retrieve something from the car and finds Metatron who refers to Ezekiel by his true name; Gadriel.

Metatron says that Gadriel was the angel assigned to watch the garden and failed to keep “The Serpent” out and was blamed for it. He tells Gadriel that all angels fell from heaven including the imprisoned ones and plans to rebuild heaven with only a select few angels. He asks Gadriel to join him.

Malachi, the leader of the rival angel group, meets with members from Bartholomew’s group to discuss plans to unite, but Bartholomew wants nothing to do with Malachi and his group. Malachi kills Bart’s angels and they in turn kill a group Malachi’s angels in Utah.

Back outside the Men of Letters HQ, Gadriel speaks to Metatron about becoming the new god if he takes heaven. Metatron says he’ll be called “X” and that he and Gadriel could have paradise again.

Castiel prays in a hotel room and an angel, Muriel, finds him. When she realizes who he is, she tries to leave but Castiel convinces her to stay and listen. She explains that neutral angels are being forced to choose sides. Two of Malachi’s angels burst into the room and capture Cas and Muriel.

At Malachi’s compound, He and another angel, Theo, try to torture Metatron’s whereabouts from Cas. Cas refuses and Theo kills Muriel. When Cas doesn’t break, Malachi leaves, allowing Theo to kill him however he wants. Theo reveals to Cas that all he wants is to join Metatron and be in heaven again. Cas lies about being able to contact Metatron and has Theo release him. Cas then grabs an angel dagger and slits Theo’s throat, stealing the angel’s grace into himself. Cas regains his angelic abilities and purges Theo from the human vessel.

Kevin is back at HQ and refers to Dean that Sam has been out a lot. Castiel calls Dean and tells him that he was captured by Malachi but was able to escape and has regained his grace again. He tells Dean that Malachi referred to certain angels dying from the fall including Ezekiel, who he remembered Dean saying was healing Sam.

Dean convinces Kevin to help with a spell that will allow Dean to speak to Sam without Zeke (Gadriel) interfering. Kevin is worried but Dean says to trust him.

Outside, Gadriel agrees to join Metatron who says he must first complete a test. He hands him a name and wants him slain. Gadriel seems reluctant but agrees.

Sam returns to HQ and Dean takes him into the storage room where he initiates the spell. He tells Sam everything that happened including his coma and Ezekiel possessing him. Sam is furious and knocks Dean out. He then finds Kevin, but it’s really Gadriel. He uses his angelic powers to kill Kevin as Dean arrives too late. Gadriel reveals that he fakes Sam’s personality in the storage room and altered Kevin’s spell so that it wouldn’t work. Gadriel then leaves as Dean calls out to Kevin in tears.


I have to admit, I never expected Kevin to last as long as he did. He had heart and plenty of moxy to make up for the bitterness left from Crowley “allegedly” killing his mother. The moment Dean referred to Kevin as “family” I knew that was the death curse that the Winchester unwittingly bestow onto their supporting cast. Is Kevin truly gone for good? I don’t know. My question yelling thought was “Where the hell is Crowley!? Locked up in the back and useless to the plot apparently. I guess it wouldn’t have made much sense to include Crowley at the end. Maybe he can, maybe he can’t do anything to help Dean. I do hope there is a stronger alliance there. All this angel death and not a peep from Abaddon or any demon this ep. Still, I’m sad that Kevin had to die. He wasn’t a threat to the relationship of the brothers (IE, girlfriend with lovable dog, crushing young sister-type or wannabe thief) but that didn’t save him in the end. Rough way to go considering all he’s done for Sam and Dean.

I am glad to see Castiel regain his grace(powers) back. As much as Castiel was a hoot to have as a new human discovering beer, sex, and civic duties, that Castiel was a bit too naive and vulnerable in dealing with the angel plot. When he’s serious Cas making offhanded whimsical jokes, his character just feels more natural. I’m sure Misha has had a super time being able to change up Cas’s manner, but it’s time for serious Cas to get serious, seriously.

After doing a quick search on Gadriel, I found a few references to the name being synonymous to Azazel, who we all know as “Yellow Eyes” What’s interesting is how far up the chain Gadriel can get in some of the biblical lore, even so far as to read that he was once depicted as the seducer of Eve. I’ll admit, I liked this twist. It gives Gadriel more relevance and resonance now that he’s truly in control of Sam and on Metatron’s side. Sam is often depicted as the evil brother and Jared is more than capable of returning to such roots. More Sam punching Dean please.

As far as Metatron goes, clearly he’s secretly relishing the idea of becoming the new god. Calling himself  “X” makes me wonder if Metatron is truly who he says he is. It’s an odd name to call one’s self, but maybe it’s nothing more than a weird title. Angels are strange creatures considering their astute nature. Thanks for keeping Bart off this heavy angel-centric episode. I can’t stand him and still hope Abaddon blows the ever loving hell out of him up.

I’m also trying to keep count with how many female characters end up dead within the episode they meet and interact with Cas. That number is slowly rising, so whoever runs into him next, better watch out. And was that really his first beer? In five…no, six seasons he’s never had a beer?

Overall, nothing really felt wasted in this episode. Pacing felt solid, jokes didn’t overstay their welcome, and when it came time to sacrifice a major supporting character, Dean sold it with some thick tears. He’s really good at blaming himself and even though he reverted to the “I did what I had to do” excuse to Sam, he knows this time, he let down his family when they trusted him the most. It sucks but Dean always pulls through this kind of anguish and he’ll find a way to rescue Sam. When it does happen and Sam finds out the truth, I’m sure Dean will feel a second dose of Sam fist across the face. Good episode, I wasn’t disappointed.

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