A Sashurai’s Review: The Originals – Season 1×09 (Cryptic post-its is one way to troll yourself)


Confessions of past transgressions is the sure fire way to move on from old plots. This weeks episode of The Originals lays the groundwork for Klaus’s return to power in New Orleans while siblings and rivals conspire to overthrow him. Davina and Hayley form an uneasy alliance and Kieran is forced to maintain the peace between the human faction and the vampires with unintended results. Elijah discovers a startling truth about Klaus’s past and Camille continues to one-up herself by fashioning a Memento/Clean Slate approach to her compulsion predicament.

Klaus’s emotional turmoil is often considered the main driving point of this show. At best, he’s his own worst enemy, at worst, he’s an insufferable lunatic who will likely get those he cares about killed one way or another. His motives remain unfixed and for the moment, it’s a positive. There are predictable moments based on personality quirks, but otherwise the added mysteries continue to keep the storyline evolving in interesting ways.


Klaus informs his new loyal vampires that he intends to earn their trust by offering death to all werewolves in the bayou. Hayley convinces Rebekah and Elijah to intervene and stop Marcel’s vampires from completing the task and find Eve, who tells them that a new pack of werewolves are in town and are carrying a secret.

Klaus reveals all his earlier plans and misdeeds to Marcel as a sign of good faith. He wants Davina to be moved to the compound and then meets with the human faction, who offer their terms of relationship. Klaus is amused and offers threats of his own. Later in the day, Marcel and Klaus shot at by the human faction in a bar.

Rebekah and Elijah thwart the vampire threat from the new werewolves and Elijah notices a familiar ring tied around one of them.

Hayley meets with Davina who is talking with a hiding Josh and suggests they help each other out. Meanwhile, Camille has been compelled to forget her interactions with Klaus again, but continues to rediscover the truth from clues she leaves herself at home including a voice recorder that has been documenting her interactions with Klaus.

Klaus and Marcel fool the human faction into meeting in one place and kill them all, save for Kieran, who Marcel says is Camille’s uncle. Klaus spares him and says to build a new faction to build a working relationship with.

Klaus then offers Marcel the chance to rule at his side as brothers. Marcel seemingly agrees to the offer while Rebekah warns him later that Klaus only rewards friendship and loyalty with suffering and death.

When Klaus warns Elijah about siding against his order to kill the werewolves, he displays the ring which belonged to their mother and that the werewolf clan in town are directly related to Klaus’s real father, a werewolf pack leader. Klaus is disinterested in attaining new family but goes to Kieran asking him to protect the werewolves. Kieran agrees if Klaus compels Camille to leave town. Klaus finds Camille who confronts him and is shown all of his early memories of pain caused by his father. She realizes the pain is great, but Klaus compels her to forget and leave town.

Later on, Hayley tells Davina that Elijah killed Agnes and that she needs her help to undo the werewolf curse put on her clan. Josh confirms that Agnes is dead and Davina thinks Marcel is lying and using her. She finds Camille and breaks Klaus’s compulsion spell.

Elijah finds Klaus and apologizes for accusing him with the plan to make hybrids out of his child. Klaus offers Elijah and Rebekah his home should they be ready to return to it.


One weakness that Elijah, Klaus, and Rebekah seem to show consistently is their gullibility. Rebekah continues to fall for the ones who hurt her the most. Every time she wises up and spites the world, she falls back into a false sense of security and is generally hurt again. Her recent return to Marcel could lead to an unfortunate daggering if she’s not careful, but at least she’s warning Marcel about Klaus which is the sensible precaution. There’s a bit of stagnancy that’s being seen in Rebekah’s personality. There really isn’t a point that she’s not annoyed with something whether it’s her brothers, Marcel, or even Hayley for that matter. Well I accept that as her dominant quirk, I think it’s time she knuckle up and learn how to face Klaus on equal ground. She has cunning, but that gullibility to trust those closest to her continues to be her downfall.

Elijah has a suave relentless style to his pursuit with keeping his family tightly-knitted. His apology to Klaus was genuine, but a bit out of nowhere. It felt more like a card to be played to keep Klaus on a sentimental kick. Elijah could be the reason by Klaus is so bi-polar over the last thousand years. Every time Klaus lets him in, he finds reasons to push away. I trust that Elijah simply won’t give up because know matter what, they won’t die. His real gullibility is believing that once he sets his family straight that it will last. Immortality has a way with restarting old hatreds and lasting pride.

Klaus is the biggest gullible twit of them all. In this case, it’s Marcel and their apparent reunion as brothers. Klaus is quick to believe any true moment that he instigates by using the truth to convince his targets with. I think truth is his real undoing and those points are made whenever he’s forced to compel Camille for the sake of protecting her. As much as I don’t want to see those two together, I think some kind of bond can be forged, just not a romantic one. She’s been allowed access to his pain, which I’m sure she’ll remember with Davina’s spell removing the compulsion. I hope it keeps her from being compelled again, because that poor girl is going to have an aneurysm if Klaus keeps screwing with her. Where that puts Camille in all this, I don’t know. Humans with no ability are tough to maintain as viable when you have vampires, witches, and werewolves running everything. The demise of the faction is proof of that.

Sometimes I forget that Klaus has an entire werewolf history that he completely ignores or could care less about. Hopefully that’s about to change. VD isn’t the right setting to engage the werewolf origins anymore and with Klaus now realizing he has a werewolf bloodline still active, it’ll be interesting to see where this develops. We haven’t had a real notable flashback in a while. I’m not counting anything that happens in New Orleans in the past. I realize there’s a lot of history with Marcel and the originals there, but I want them to go further back, much further back.

Overall, the plot is holding steady, given the drama set forth from the pilot. Elijah’s interest in Hayley again seems genuine, but altogether a bit too forced. I realize this show needs these characters to have “companions” they sought or pine after, but love doesn’t have to drive every single character on this show. Marcel and Klaus going after the same girl had it’s rooted moments, but with Rebekah in Marcel’s sights again, that ship will likely forever sail on the Mississippi. Was it wise to warn Marcel of whatever incident befell he and Klaus in 1919? It added a pinch of intrigue, so I’m game to find out if Rebekah plays that card with Klaus or not. They also need to circle back to Davina’s quest to find a way to put an original to death. I know that will kill all vampires beneath them, but there’s loopholes to everything. Witches are like that.

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4 responses to “A Sashurai’s Review: The Originals – Season 1×09 (Cryptic post-its is one way to troll yourself)

  1. i thihnk elijiah apoologised to klaus because he was afraid he was gonna make hayley pay for their family issues…i like elijiah and hayley together but i agree that this attraction is a bit forced especially because elijiah is usually attracted to nice and genuine girls but hayley doesnt seem genuine at all, on the contrary i think she is manipolative

    • I agree about Hayley, but until she has her child the only people she really needs to fear are the other witches. Klaus won’t harm her and I believe Elijah understands that. It may sound odd but if Hayley wasn’t pregnant, I don’t think Elijah would be even remotely interested in her. He’s connected to family and without it I think he flounders a bit.

      • I think that Hayley just seems like a not so good person because she has that tough girl attitude so that people don’t mess with her. One of her vulnerabilities is her desire to find her real family. And even with the Mikaelsons as “family” she still feels the need to find the one she came from. I think that underneath all that brashness she’s a genuine person who just tired of being on her own. Also when she has her baby I think that might be one of the things that influence that more gentle side of her to come out. As for Elijah, I’m really excited about he and Hayley’s growing bond. To me if Elijah was really into sweet girls he would’ve never gotten back together with Katherine. I think Elijah is just unknowingly is drawn to those complicated and challenging relationships. Also I think that if this past episode is any indication, their connection isn’t really related to that fact that she’s the mother of his niece. Otherwise why go through the trouble to help save Hayley’s family which has nothing to do with him helping to keep her child safe? To me that was more so for Hayley, because like Rebekah said, he has feelings for her. Plus it’s not like he fell for Hayley the second he met her. I think that after spending time with her, he’s come to really admire her as an individual. Of course as the season goes on we will learn more about that as they grow closer, but right now its just this very complicated attraction that they are each trying to fight. Though they clearly have feelings for each other all they’ve done is gaze at each other from time to time, hug and hold hands. Julie’s is probably going to spend time building up the relationship for a long time because that’s simply realistic considering the obvious obstacles that are in the way of any potential relationship (ie Klaus). In any case, I myself am really interested in seeing how that whole “Elijah is trying to fight it” situation pans out. No judgememt, just my opinion.

      • I think hayley just just acts to cover up her vurnable side at times. She liked using that tough side to defend herself. And as far as Elijah goes I dont think he wouldve gotten back with Katherine if he was into sweet girls. I think he’s more into those really challeging and tough relationships with complicated women. Also I dont think his interest in Hayley’s stem from her being pregnant with his niece. Otherwise why would be go through the trouble to help save her family, which is completely unrelated to helping protect her child. I think he did it splet for her because like Rebekah said he has feelings for her. I think that after spending time with her he was come to admire her as a person not just a soon to be mother. And although its obvious the like each other, nothing besides gazing at eachother, holding hands and hugging has happened between them. I think Julie Plec will make it a slow build because it only makes sense considering there are obstacles in the way; Klaus being one of them. There will probably be a lot of resisting on Elijah’s part before anything can truly happen. In any case I’m really excited to see that relationship only grow more and more intense. No hate, just my opinion.

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