A Sashurai’s Review: The Originals – Season 1×10 (Why couldn’t Celeste be buried between two ferns?)


Machinations and manipulations return with high esteem as The Originals returns from its holiday break period to find the revenge of witches close at hand. Never short on the festivities that blanket the turbulent New Orleans, Rebekah finds herself narrating the metaphorical struggle of man against woman, betwixt her personal plight against Klaus, Marcel, and even Elijah while the backdrop of the city celebrates the casket girls (casquette to be precise).

Davina’s ongoing belief that there’s a permanent solution to killing an original has me postulating if she will eventually figure a way out. It’s the kind of paradoxical plot I find strange to buy into considering every conceivable way to eliminate one has all but been expunged from possibility. Still, if there’s still a way I imagine the witches are key to creating or transfiguring a method to accomplish the task. We’ll see how the season appropriates such discoveries.


After a quick flashback showing Rebekah aiding in the legend of the “casket girls” back in 1751, Davina continues and successfully purges Camille’s compulsion as she regains her memories and awareness of Klaus and the supernatural. Klaus, Marcel, and Elijah attempt to locate Davina as Rebekah hatches a plot of her own.

Sabine finds Sophie and informs her the vampires are searching for Davina. Sophie performs a locator spell, witch Davina senses and Camille offers to help her escape town with Josh’s help.

Sophie forces Hayley’s help by offering to undo Hayley’s bloodline curse involving all her kin trapped in werewolf form. She wants Hayley to discover the whereabouts of Celeste’s resting place in the hope of resuming the harvest spell. Hayley reluctantly agrees and discovers the resting spot from one of Elijah’s old journals detailing the location.

Klaus finds and compels Timothy then calls Josh and informs him to have Davina arrive at the compound or Timothy will suffer and be killed. Davina and Camille go to the church to evade Klaus when Josh calls and explains the situation. Sabine arrives with a small group of witches as they attempt to contain Davina. Davina uses her power to lift and break all their necks, killing them, but Camille passes out from the surge.

Davina goes to the compound and attacks Klaus, Elijah and Marcel, easily besting them. When Marcel tries to reason with her, Rebekah impales him from behind and takes Davina away with Josh and Timothy. She shows Davina Marcel’s garden and the prisoners within including Tierre. Timothy gives Davina a drink only to realize it was part of Klaus’s compulsion to do so. Both he and Davina begin to choke and eventually die from the poison in the water.

Marcel and the others recover as he explains to Klaus that he aligned with Elijah and sought out Sabine, who survived Davina’s attack by performing a protection spell. Marcel threatened Sabine to perform the same spell on Davina allowing her to survive whatever Klaus had planned.

Davina awakes and finds that TImothy is dead. Heartbroken, she agrees to ally with Rebekah as she is returned to the compound under Marcel’s care.

Elijah discovers Davina’s paintings and positions them to show a larger picture of Celeste, representing a subconscious premonition of evil that Davina had been drawing in pieces.

Rebekah enlists the help of Tierre as Sophie finds and uncovers Celeste’s coffin.


I’m actually fascinated with the idea of bringing Celeste into the fold, even though I’m not very supportive of the witch plot on this show. Maybe it’s just missing the right witch, because Sophie is still lost somewhere between a C-level antagonist and a disgruntled ex. If she didn’t connect herself to the bloodline responsible for Hayley’s kin curse, I’d expect Sophie to be Celeste’s first victim out of spite once she arises.

It’s also worth praising the shows efforts with inserting the Mikaelsons’s into New Orleans’s rich history. There’s a lot more to pull from, so we’ll hopefully see other instances where Klaus and family dabbled in its core foundations.

There’s a dynamic theme beginning to emerge between Davina and Josh, one I’m uncertain if it’s playing toward role reversal or if there’s a plan to have Josh begin to showcase feelings for her. He’s admitted his orientation but even in friendship mode there was one lasting shot of him looking to her that felt more than just caring.

Speaking of lasting shots, Hayley completely oversold her reaction to Elijah’s zipping and unzipping of her classy dress. Unspoken moments like that are good to counter the often overcompensating expositional moments that derail any tense scenes the show is capable of providing. If those two don’t get a room soon, she’s liable to frenzy. It’s unfortunate that Hayley’s situation involves a tiny bit of unintended betrayal forced by Sophie’s hand. Elijah won’t get violent when he finds out, but you can be assured he’ll give her some impressive dirty scowls that’ll last a few episodes before he relents and whisks her away. Their one-night stand is the payoff waiting to happen, way more-so than Klaus and Camille.

Then there’s Klaus and Camille. I give up. I’m not rooting for this connection anymore, no matter how many puppy dog stares Klaus gives her. I wasn’t sure if Davina’s expulsion of the compulsion means he can’t compel her again, because if I were him I’d have compelled her the second she threatened to expose him. I get that he’s mushy over causing her any lasting grief and suffering, but he preseves his own interests first and foremost and that includes survival as number one. Although, one can state that her threats are not even close to genuine considering the power he possesses, so, if anything, he’ll just see how far she’ll take it and act dubiously as he sees fit. Either way, a relationship is not needed nor wanted in my view on it.

That more or less leaves the failing attempt to bring Marcel and Rebekah together. Having a month off to ponder Marcel’s motives, I can see a clear path of frustration for Rebekah that Marcel can’t avoid or quell. He either knows she utterly through with him, or he’s biding his time believing that as long as he ‘eventually’ stops Klaus that’ll be enough to win Rebekah’s affections again. Not sure on either theory, maybe he really is Klaus-whipped.

Overall, the show is beginning to convince me that there are lasting roots capable of separating from it’s parent franchise. It’s not fully there yet, because it continues to borrow heavily on the same clichés, plot techniques and narrative that VD has fine tuned over the seasons. The Originals should be its own beast that can stand alone and while I think it’s very possible, they have a ways to go. Every character has a belief that what they’re doing is right, which is good. The more passion they can deliver on those beliefs the stronger their stories will become. The one unique feature this show has provided is an atmosphere of equal important characters, all capable of handling their plot on their own if need be. They’re very interwoven with each other, but if Marcel had his own show, he’d be capable of selling it just as Elijah or Rebekah could. Klaus better step up his game or his prominence may begin to fade as others rise.

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