A Sashurai’s Review: The Originals – Season 1×11 (Klaus’s hugs will be the end of all vampire-kind)


Evil and gray-ish characters can sometimes show elements of regret, forgiveness, and pain as a means to provide depth and humanity. It can tease redemption and course correcting for any character who generally serves their own agenda. This week’s episode of The Originals gives witness to a flurry of colliding grief and begins its next arc by killing an original member of the show. The stages leading up to the climax were filled with a continuation of dubious alliances and fractal look at old bonds mending for at least the moment. I expect old rivalries to cascade further into a road of blood that ironically will push Elijah and Hayley closer together than ever.

As far and culminating plots go, I found this one falling into a bland and predictable cycle. I don’t consider that a failure, but the execution (literally) wasn’t nearly as heartfelt as it could have been. Was it too dark for a CW show? I can say I’ve seen worse, but it was assuredly morbid by its own right. The tail-end promises to build up the witch’s side as a new force returns to exact either revenge, or something more grand in scale. Let’s get started.


Elijah, Klaus, and Rebekah discuss Davina as Marcel attempts to bring her food. Davina throws Marcel against the wall shortly before throwing up dirt from her body. Afterward, the compound and all of New Orleans undergoes an earthquake which Elijah identifies as Davina being unable to control her power. He seeks out Sophie as Hayley reveals her part in helping Sophie find the remains of Celeste. Elijah is angered by this and leaves her.

Sophie explains to Sabine that she intends to perform an old spell that will allow her to become an elder by using Celeste’s bones. Elijah arrives and takes Sophie away to discuss Davina’s condition. After another earthquake, Sophie declares the need to finish the harvest ritual or Davina will die and destroy the city around her.

Rebekah gives Davina a sedative to stay the four elemental stages of destruction, beginning with earth and ending in fire. Marcel tells Klaus that he doesn’t want harm to come to Davina but Klaus says he won’t let the city burn like before.

Rebekah finds Sophie and offers an alliance after the city is safe. Meanwhile, Marcel takes Davina from the compound and disappears.

After the others are made aware, Klaus helps Hayley take canned goods to Kieran’s church where he tells Hayley that the werewolves there are from his bloodline and he’s been compelled to aid them.

Sabine attempts a locator spell but is unable to find Davina. Rebekah convinces Tierre to tell her where Marcel would hide. She finds Marcel and tries to persuade him to bring Davina back as Sophie comes to find that Celeste’s bones contain no magic to absorb.

Elijah devises a plan to bury Esther, their mother, on his property and use themselves to funnel Esther’s magic through them and into Sophie, who will then become an elder and be able to finish the harvest ritual. They perform the ceremony as Davina agrees to finish the harvest ritual stating that she’s okay with it and doesn’t want the city to die because of her.

Marcel takes Davina to the cemetery and Sophie finishes the ritual by slitting Davina’s throat. The magic leaves her but the resurrection fails and none of the teen witches awaken. Stricken with grief, Marcel returns to the compound and thrashes it. Klaus confronts him and apologizes, saying he understands his grief. Hayley continues her apology to Elijah, but he is unable to let go of his love for Celeste and Hayley leaves him.

After Rebekah wonders where all of Davina’s power went, Sabine is shown finishing a ritual of her own that resurrects three bodies including Bastiana, an elder. They unite and are greeted by Sabine who reveals herself as Celeste.


Ever since Sabine survived Davina’s quartet of neck breaking, something stuck in the back of my head that she would be some force to be reckoned with. Sophie didn’t need another witch by her side to continue her arc and I wasn’t interested in any development from Sabine at all. Now that we know she’s Celeste, I’m hoping I can get interested. It’s a nice twist considering the developing plot, but I was more expecting the original Celeste to be the one to return. How and when Sabine became Celeste I’m not sure. If Celeste’s bones are her real bones then there must have been a spirit swap, or a bone swap. I’m not sure and I’m guessing for plot purposes it doesn’t matter.

Aside from Bastiana, we have another male and female character who are from an earlier era of New Orleans. Since the old fires of New Orleans continue to be dropped in the background of the story, I’m guessing they’ll be characters that existed during that 20’s era (I’m forgetting when the last fire took place) and probably crossed paths with Klaus and Marcel before. It makes sense for that to happen, otherwise Celeste brought back random people for no current discernable reason. I wasn’t a fan of Bastiana, nor any witch really, so her presence will need a serious boost to maintain relevancy in my view. Will Celeste’s identity be revealed in the next episode or will this maintain for several? We are only 11 episodes in and since TO has a full season coming, some arcs will need to stretch a bit. And where the heck did Tyler go? Did they just write him out as a one-off? Don’t keep him in limbo, either stick him back in VD or insert him back into TO. He’s been around too long to be a wasted character like that. Klaus can always kill him, but then Caroline will break his neck a thousand times.

As for Davina’s passing, I think it was handled with about as much grace as they could balance. I wasn’t expecting her character to be a mainstay nor was I expecting her to give in the way she did. They had 42 minutes to convince us that her suffering took out any fight she had left and in the end just caved in and convinced Marcel to let her die. I felt worse for Marcel then I did for her and she’s the one who got her throat slit. If the scene played out with any character forcing Davina to die then the episode would have gone a rather bleak and undesirable path so I get her willingness, but it felt like a lose/lose situation on everyone’s behalf. Marcel needs more reasons to hate Klaus, not less. Even Klaus’s empathy to Marcel after Davina’s death seems more confusing than genuine. Those two should be in serious hate-mode, not hugging it out in a season long bromance. It leaves Rebekah filling the void of “She who must stop Klaus at all costs” She’s only going to get herself daggered again and I really don’t know where Marcel fits in that scheme at this point. Tierre needs to be freed. His stage presence can benefit more with him mobile and not stuck in a brick wall.

Onto Hayley and Elijah. Teaser Mctease tease once again straddles the fence of assured liplock and pines at his old love leaving Hayley to leave completely turned off. Luckily as soon as Elijah finds out that Celeste is alive and ready to unleash hell in New Orleans, he’ll be in Hayley’s arms rather quickly. Not a matter of “if”, but “when”. He may try to understand and even side with her on a limited fashion, but when family is threatened he’ll be the first to stand up to anyone who isn’t his kin. Not to mention they’ve already shared a few scenes together and Sabine/Celeste has kept her calm way too easily to reveal any kind of lasting romance between the two.

I’m not sure when others will find Hayley’s birthmark. I can’t even remember who will be threatened by that reveal, other werewolves, other witches. I lost track on why she needs to keep that hidden, but it’d be nice to see her kin’s curse be lifted. Klaus’s connection to his werewolf bloodline is a good reminder that we still have yet to dive into that plot and I expect it to come full swing once Celeste is dealt with. Camille needs a better plot to work with. She’s running on empty with her anger toward Klaus not going away any time soon. She’s a clever woman but will need more development if she’s going to sustain the whole season as a player on this show.

Overall, the Davina arc served it’s purpose and if I were the writers, I’d lay her to rest and make no plans to resurrect her. Josh won’t have anyone to play off of so his run on the show seems weak at best. I don’t think he should be killed off, but again, either find uses for supporting characters or write them out so it doesn’t come off as lazy writing. There will be aftermath and a bit more heartache and then Celeste will unveil her plan, whatever it may be. Does she know how to truly end an Original? Wait and see.

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