A Sashurai’s Review: The Originals – Season 1×13 (The streets would never be that empty regardless of the hour)


New Orleans is quickly becoming center stage for a war brewing between the witches and vampires. Slowly but surely, the werewolves are making their presence known with yearnings to reclaim the city that was once theirs. Celeste continues her plan to separate all three Originals and take them out leaving Elijah to ignite a blood hunt of his own.

It took thirteen episodes, but I can finally say that this feud is proving to be more interesting than its sister-counterpart. Since the Originals have owned up to their place in the city, they have wrought upon them an old witches vengeance, a royally cursed wolfpack and enough rivalries to cause blood shed for easily the remaining season. As long as one character can reign as the true villain, all other character must align to their own cause or perish, as one seemingly did in tonight’s episode “Crescent City”.


Monique wakes in her tomb and bursts free with Celeste there to greet her while Bastiana finds and curses Kieran after he reopens St. Anne’s church.

Klaus and Elijah discover Tunde’s body at the compound as Hayley suggests Celeste is one of the witches brought back. Elijah convinces Rebekah to take Hayley back to his plantation where Hayley, in turn, convinces her to let her wolf clan arrive for a party as they will be human for the night of the full moon.

At the bar, Kieran tells Camille what’s happened to him and Genevieve arrives to give Camille the chance to save him in exchange for plunging Tunde’s dagger in Klaus’s heart.

Elijah seeks Sabine out for a truce with the witches and walks with her to discuss it.

Marcel goes to Sophie, who is caring for Monique since her return. He asks for Sophie’s help in finding the other three harvest girls. She agrees to do a locator spell in exchange for enough money to leave town.

Camille lures Klaus to the church over Kieran’s curse. He says Kieran is a good man and that the witches are the enemy for what they’ve done. Camille relents and gives him the dagger which convinces Klaus to help Kieran. He bleeds him of the vervane in his system and attempts to compel him to refuse giving into the curse, but it doesn’t work. Klaus then leaves to find the witch responsible for the curse.

At night, Hayley’s pack change back into human form and party. One of the pack, Oliver, finds Rebekah and helps ease her tension with dancing. Another wolf, Jackson finds Hayley and tells her that they were meant to be married as an agreement to realign their royal families against the vampires who took over their city.

Klaus interrupts Sophie’s spell and kidnaps Monique, taking her to the quarter trying to call out Bastiana. Marcel tries to stop him saying they don’t harm kids. Klaus overpowers Marcel and breaks his neck. Sophie seizes the moment and stabs Klaus in the chest with Tunde’s dagger. It burrows into his body as he screams in pain and passes out as Bastiana arrives to take the body.

Elijah reveals to Sabine that he knows she’s Celeste. She kisses him which weakens his body due to an enchantment. She intends to keep Elijah around but mentions when he recovers that he’ll only have enough time to save one of his siblings.

The witches join to set Elijah’s house on fire, trapping Hayley and Jackson inside as Oliver lures Rebekah away as other wolves chase her down over a deal made with Celeste. She’s eventually cornered and injured leaving her to be captured by Genevieve.

Elijah recovers and rescues Hayley from the fire and helps Jackson too by her request. Elijah and Celeste find each other with the latter using her abilities to break Elijah’s bones and parade that she has his siblings.

Later, Bastiana finds Camille and Kieran and tells them Camille failed and that Kieran will suffer for what he did to try and stop the harvest ritual.

Elijah finds Marcel and Diego and vows to make every vampire hunt down the witches.

Sophie tries to leave the city with Monique but Monique instead begins cursing Sophie, making her face bleed out, saying that when the other harvest witches awaken, they’ll kill anyone who doesn’t keep the faith. Monique joins Celeste and the other risen witches as Sophie collapses and seemingly dies.


Something needs to be done with Rebekah’s gullibility. One day she’s just going to truly snap and break every male’s neck on this show. Her character as of late has maintained a casual sense of boredom when she’s not being desecated by the enemy. It’s unfortunate that she doesn’t have more to do than babysit Hayley and unofficially plot Klaus’s demise. The witches are practically doing the work for her, but then there’s the problem with Genevieve, which hopefully we’ll find out soon in a hostile flashback. Did Marcel and Rebekah use and discard Genevieve? Signs point to yes.

Sophie’s apparent death at the hands of Monique was more a message than anything to showcase just how serious the witches are. Her sly eye movements throughout the episode suggested a dubious nature, so watching her turn on Sophie was more a “let’s get this over with” than it was “oh no, how could you?” moment. The plot had been unfair to Sophie since the beginning. Is she truly dead? Again, it doesn’t matter. Not a single character holds her in any regard now that Monique has turned on her. The major deaths on this show try to capture the same dramatic sadness that TVD implies, yet the result appears less poetic and more dragging with these supporting characters. Is Diego next? Say it isn’t so!

To Klaus’s credit, he did try and do Camille right by trying to subdue Kieran’s curse. Granted, he only did so when Camille didn’t try and stab him. I think of it as progress in the works. Her line with choosing to be on the winning side made sense if nothing else, out of fear that Klaus’s ability to survive and win is legendary. What does having a dagger embedded in his body do to an Original. Tunde’s vow wasn’t made lightly. I expect harsh howlings to be in full effect next episode.

Celeste is enjoying her status as a diabolical character. To relish the plan and torture an old love is as close to wickedness as you can get. What’s surprising is her willingness to let Elijah suffer through it, mostly unscathed. Villains often showcase their power by removing power from their foes and dangling salvation only to take it away. Where I think things are going to get a little blurry is how far Celeste is going to take her vengeance. These witches want their city, like the werewolves want their city, like the vampires want their city. Is a city enough? What makes New Orleans the land so significant at this point? Does Celeste decide on world domination? That’s the kind of move a villain of her caliber is capable of. The thing about vengeance and evil is you don’t stop just because you took out the ones who wronged you. Emptiness doesn’t fill with the death of others.

I may have stated this before, but I feel bad for Marcel. He’s throwing all his caring cards into Davina’s boat, which he should. He believes everything he did for her was the right thing and just wants her to be alive. Watching his neck get slowly broken by Klaus was probably had more impact than watching Sophie die and we knew Marcel would be okay. His alliance with Elijah will be strained at best while they search for missing kin. With all the setup and mentions of Davina, I have no doubt she’ll be the last to rise once Celeste gets removed from the picture. Feels like a finale situation and I don’t doubt there will be one hell of a cliffhanger.

Hayley’s fluttering with Jackson has me on the fence at the moment. Adding good natured characters in a show of nothing but backstabbers and secret schemers is a risky move because they will be used, abused and excused before they know it. Jackson’s motives seem genuine and it allows us to get some momentum with the werewolf plot which this show desperately needs. I’m a little thrown off on Hayley’s lack of interaction with basically everyone at the party except for Jackson. Something felt off and rushed about the gathering. I’m not sure if I was expecting a stronger voice bringing all the werewolves together. What amazed me was how resigned the pack was to their curse. They’ve had it for quite a while but rather than make any kind of plot, plan, or uplifting promise, they just drink and be merry until they’re back to being wolves again. One would think they don’t care one way or another if that curse gets lifted. Hayley seems to have enough room to fall for both Elijah and Jackson. The setup is obvious except if we ever want to see Jackson again, everyone either waits a figurative month, or the curse gets lifted. Maybe this is all what the second season will be composed of. Witches season 1, werewolves season 2. Not a bad outline, just have to get that second season green-lit.

Overall, I enjoy the buildup of confrontation this show can provide. Most of the recent episodes have ended on wild cliffhangers with promises of dark and horrible things to come. Those keep enticing the viewers and I agree with that direction. Aside from the awkward werwolf party, everything else played out at a good pace. Sophie’s end was a bit expected and won’t be terribly missed by this viewer. I’m interested to see just how far Elijah will go to save his family now that he knows exactly who he’s dealing with. At the same time, I want to see how much pain Klaus can endure before he breaks, if he does at all. He’s still the model villain, anti-hero or not. He will find a way, or he will make one.

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