A Sashurai’s Review: Supernatural – Season 9×14 (Hipster demon’s eyes never turned black, did they?)


After a few week’s hiatus, Supernatural returned with an angel-centric and minor demon plot combined with a new ghost on the scene. Sam and Dean discover Kevin’s spirit haunting HQ and they race to find his mother who has been held prisoner by a one of Crowley’s demon lackeys. Meanwhile, Cas is apprehended and taken to Bartholomew, who attempts an alliance to find Metatron. When Cas refuses to kill the last angel representing a faction of non-violent angels, Bart attempts to kill Cas only to be killed himself. Bart’s followers then decide to join Cas’s side and follow him. Sam and Dean find kevin’s mother, frees her, stops the demon, and bring her back to Kevin who leaves with his mother and asks that the brothers stop their in-fighting.

Two things right off the bat they did well. Killing Bart, and killing Bart. If Roman was any sign, villains in suits (If long coats are not added) don’t amount to much popularity in my eyes of this franchise. Bart wasn’t adding anything fresh or new to the angel-verse or to the show and I for one am glad Cas was the one to expedite his departure. One and done I say.

Kevin’s return and subsequent reuniting back to his mother concludes the trifecta of supporting characters getting their send off this season. Charlie and Garth filling up the other two spots. Kevin didn’t make it out alive, but he’s by no means eliminated from the show. The ghost plot was a good move and one a lot of fans probably saw coming. It was a hopeful prediction and both Kevin and his mother were positive influences on the show. Will Kevin make a last appearance before the end of the season. Absolutely. Although I do wonder if a prophet dies, does another take his place? I can’t recall if I made that up or if that was spoken in an earlier season. Can a prophet do much more in this Angel-Demon plot? I’m not sure, but there always stands the chance that Kevin may discover something on his own. Having a nifty power to ghost call through the veil could bring up a few other interesting storylines. Bobby cameo soon, maybe?

Because this was an angel-centric plot, we’ve had no development of Dean’s mark of Cain or Crowley’s search for the bone dagger. I’m hoping this gets brought back soon, otherwise Dean’s acceptance of the mark may turn into an afterthought and it was too promising of hook.

What was bittersweet was the ending scene where Sam and Dean basically pretended to follow through on Kevin’s request to stop the sibling drama. It made Sam come off as a bit of an ass but I think the point was made clear to give Dean a bit of more sympathy. Normally we’re used to seeing the brothers come to punches at some point, but Sam is entirely more passive aggressive in this heated angle and that’s more difficult for Dean to deal with because he can’t punch his love into Sam’s face like he’s done in the past. Speculation given, it’s going to take a lot more than Dean saving Sam’s life to get everything square again, and I’m not so certain it should be at this point.

Onto Cas. Will he lead the major faction of angels against Malachi and Metatron? I’m thinking yes, but on terms he’s comfortable with. He can lead if he wants to. Whether he truly trust these angels remains to be seen. The civil war is only going to get more bumpy while Gadriel and Metatron weave their way into a new heaven. Should this Earth continue to have Demon and Angel influence beyond season nine? How does that help the spin-off that focuses primarily on one location and a turf war?

Overall, Supernatural is getting things back on track again and that’s positive since there’s only nine episodes left. There’s bound to be one or two more standalone stories, but hopefully the demon plot becomes just as important because Abaddon is a villain with much more charisma than Bart, and I imagine they’re saving her for that rainy day apocalypse coming our way. If Sam and Dean aren’t going to settle their differences on their own, could there be a third party intervention (Not Cas) that will influence their behaviors? That could stand to be a funny if they so chose to try. Nothing made me laugh more than Gabriel’s tricks and antics in season’s past. You never know.

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