A Sashurai’s Review: The Originals – Season 1×14 (Property value does not increase when you leave the Sanitarium standing)


Klaus’s wrath is elevated as he’s shown the truth to his father’s arrival in New Orleans in 1919. Within an abandoned sanitarium, Celeste and Genevieve propel Rebekah into the memories surrounding her plan to use Genevieve to call on her father, Michael and rid Klaus so she and Marcel can safely be together. After being linked to Rebekah’s memories, Klaus witnesses the betrayal in rage.

Meanwhile, Marcel and Elijah track down their wherebouts just as Klaus is set free to use the dagger that was implanted into him as a means for his vengeance. Klaus finds Rebekah and vows to use the dagger on her. Marcel attempts to stop him but it is Elijah who succeeds and stabs Klaus with the blade, allowing Marcel and Rebekah to escape. Hayley also finds and knocks out Celeste with intentions to make her undo her wolfpacks’s moon curse.

This was a fascinating episode that uses a series of flashbacks and reveals to once more put siblings at odds with one another. If there was ever a time that Klaus understood why Rebekah has always been against him, this would be that episode. What creates frustration is Klaus has yet to grow into a character that can see past his own ego and pride. Everything he does he does for himself and when he catches a whiff of opposition, he punishes without really thinking things through. It isn’t hard to continuously see Rebekah as the victim in these roles. Even if she hadn’t regretted her decision to bring Michael to New Orleans, her desperation alone is enough to understand and sympathize. She’ll never stop trying to put Klaus under because of his control and from this point on, reconciliation may not be possible.

It’s tough to know how an immortal thinks. Someone who’s lived for hundreds of years can still view a betrayal occurring over a century ago and react as if it happened yesterday. But for Klaus and the originals, they can’t die. Michael couldn’t truly destroy Klaus so it’s possible everything can be nothing more than an annoying game. How can Klaus be so diabolical when deep inside he should know that he’s never earned real family trust? At least not from Rebekah. Elijah did right in stabbing Klaus in the chest. Something he’ll need to explain when it gets taken out again.

There was little on the Hayley/Elijah relationship but at least he seems more passed her undesired deception. I’m wondering how much longer she’ll be able to be physically active with her pregnancy growing day to day. There was a brief moment when Marcel tried to inform Elijah of his knowledge about the wolfpack curse, but he seemed to passive about it that it seems odd for Elijah to be so secretive about Hayley’s bloodline to that pack. The werewolves are still a minor thread in this story arc. I don’t see Hayley’s reveal to be hit anyone with the kind of awe and rage as Elijah and Hayley have come to believe. Will that baby be born by the finale?

Overall, the tale of Rebekah’s betrayal could have been handled in one scene rather than an entire episode. Considering what Rebekah’s done in the past, this wasn’t as effective of a reveal as it could have been. Neither she nor Klaus showed any real traits of growth as Rebekah succumbed to her fear of Klaus’s wrath as she always does. Her bit of defiance at the end was a start but until it becomes her focus she’ll always be sneaking around behind Klaus’s back to undo him instead confronting the madman outright. Klaus needs to understand how damaging of a person he truly is. It was good that he swore harm to anyone who hurt Rebekah in the beginning but that all went away as soon as he realized what she’d done. He can learn to forgive and still maintain a role of power and pride, but he’s incredibly one-sided and short-sighted at the moment. It’s up to Elijah to once more clean up the mess that Klaus has made. Marcel’s role is starting to feel a tad bit stale. He can’t physically beat Klaus and he’s tried on several occasions. He doesn’t have real position in New Orleans anymore and is of no danger to anyone. He’ll need to refocus his efforts with getting Davina back. His relationship with Rebekah is too strained to be his best catalyst for character growth. And at this point, I’m certain Hayley and Elijah won’t be any kind of item until Klaus’s child is born. Seems logical.

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