A Sashurai’s Review: The Originals – Season 1×15 (Rule #1: Stop removing the bone dagger from Klaus. Rule #2: Repeat step #1)


The fate of New Orleans in 1919 is finally revealed as Michael arrives to hunt and kill Klaus. In the present, Rebekah and Marcel realize they can’t just run and need a witch to perform a cloaking spell on them. They return and plan to kill the remaining witches and leave with Davina resurrected. Elijah removes the bone dagger from Klaus, leaves him in Camille’s care and forms an unlikely alliance with Monique while Hayley forces Celeste to undo the moon curse. As the flashback of New Orleans unfolds in the past, Klaus resumes his hunt for Rebekah and reveals his unbreakable white oak stake as his weapon. Elijah finds Celeste and brings her back to the cemetery where she kills herself thinking she’s won and can continue body swapping, but, due to Monique’s interference, Celeste’s spirit is sustained in her original body as Elijah confronts and kills her. Marcel and Rebekah attempt to leave the cemetery with Davina’s body and Rebekah is trapped. Klaus finds her as he and Elijah face each other each with a devastating weapon in their hand.

“Le Grand Guignol” is the shining example of what a penultimate episode should be, if it in fact were a penultimate episode. Though the flashback was pieced together with obvious bits of information, the true thread was in the revelation that Klaus had given his blessing to Marcel and Rebekah’s hidden union and declared that his family was home. The bittersweet tale told by Klaus was woven thick with insurmountable anger and hostility toward Rebekah’s betrayal as he vowed to this time, kill his sister.

If it were up to me, I’d have the entire next episode be an hour long fight between Elijah and Klaus. No holds barred, upheaval chaos. It’s hard to imagine a threat looming over them that would quell Klaus’s thirst for vengeance at this point in the season. With the witch plot all but extinguished, all the necessary pieces to being the werewolf arc has been put in place. Still, that’s a month away, figuratively speaking. The tension is no doubt at it’s best between siblings, yet, any observing fan understands what killing an original will do. Since two of the five siblings have been killed, that leaves a one in three chance that the vampires in TVD will be adversely affected if Elijah, Klaus, or Rebekah were to expire. It’s been a common thought topic since the inception of the sister show and I have yet to believe that any of the trio will ever be destroyed fully. Does that mean Klaus and Elijah won’t rip each other apart? Of course not. They deserve to hash it out as brothers must do in cases like this. Elijah is determined, but he’s not stronger and his weapon will only subdue. Unless a witch interferes in this contest, I’m not certain who will emerge the victor. Some neck snapping may be in order.

Once more, Elijah pulled the waiting card and gave Hayley a soft yet tender forehead kiss, the kind that likely put Haylijah fans in groansville. He’s just sweetening the moment so that when the act finally does occur, it will have the most meaning. Was Celeste right? Will Hayley lose interest in Elijah once she has her pack back to normal? Jackson’s role as the betrothed may prove to be too good for Hayley to pass up. He’ll need a few more episodes of showmanship and good deeds to be on par with Elijah, who currently stands the better suitor, easily.

Again, this episode played with compassion as Camille tried to reason with Klaus and appeal to his goodness, something she thinks still exists. By this point, she shouldn’t be giving him a shred of decent support. There’s no need for it. What she should have done was distract Klaus with saving Kieran’s life due to the destructive hex. He at least tried and may have been sympathetic if she played off of that instead of leaving Klaus to continue remembering what Michael did to him in 1919. Kieran’s hex issue feels a bit on the backburner because it was barely mentioned, I know they won’t just write it out of the plot, but it seems less and less of a detail needing to be resolved considering the other threads at hand.

I’m glad they managed to bring Davina back and keep Genevieve alive at the same time. Genevieve may have a part to play in future and considering the amount of witches left will likely put her, Monique, and Davina as the last three standing. Will Monique and Davina have issues with each other given what’s happened? Shouldn’t there be a third witch resurrection at this point? So confused.

Overall, this was a well done episode. The flashback was told with the strong charismatic return of Michael and his machinations with killing Klaus and only him. The siblings have been brought to their absolute threshold and must now deal with all secrets revealed. If they can somehow get past this together, they’ll be stronger for it. There’s just no knowing who will be a stronger opposition come the finale. What kind of power will Davina have now that she’s returned? And how did Marcel survive the opera house fire? Stay tuned.

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