A Sashurai’s Review: The Vampire Diaries – Season 5×15 (All locator spells involve flirting components)


As Katherine is discovered by the group, she enlists Wes’s help to find an antidote for Nadia’s hybrid bite. Damon escapes his cell to exact revenge on Wes while Bonnie and Jeremy use Liv to perform a locator spell on Elena’s body. Everything culminates back at the Salvatore mansion as Katherine willingly appears to say goodbye to Nadia, who dies knowing that Katherine loved her. After saying goodbye to each character, Katherine is stabbed by Stefan using the Traveler’s knife. Bonnie meets Katherine’s spirit at the church as Katherine reveals that Wes had no intention of saving Nadia and used Tyler’s werewolf toxin to create a stronger ripper virus. Katherine injected it into herself to prevent Elena from having everything. As Katherine is prepared to depart, she’s is taken away by a force who won’t let her cross through the veil.

Death has a way of being turned into a “hop, skip, and a jump” with this series. Nadia’s passing was genuine and akin to how Damon helped Rose-Marie pass earlier in the show. What helped and hurt Katherine and Nadia’s relationship was the overall stone-nature of the group and how they perceived Katherine as the villain who just-needed-to-die. Having a heartfelt moment with Nadia passing followed by a group staredown mixed with Katherine belittling them right up to Damon was a complicated monkey-wrench in the feels. It was too strange of a scene to connect and at no point felt necessary. TVD does it’s job with saying goodbye to major characters by having these get togethers, but something just felt so incredibly off with this one. I kind of wish Katherine’s original send off was the one that stuck.

Speaking of send off. With the way Katherine was pulled from Bonnie’s vision, I wonder if we haven’t seen the last of her. She’s one of the most enduring characters on TVD and I think even in the afterlife, she’ll find a way to stick it to the main crew. I prefer Nina’s style of Katherine over Elena100% of the time. Now that Elena has a stronger dose of the ripper virus, she and Damon will be working double-duty to try and suppress and solve their hunger debacle.

Another scene that felt off was Liv’s flirtation with Jeremy. We barely got any real development with Liv’s character in her debut episode but I wasn’t sold on her personality and openness with hitting on Jeremy in front of Bonnie. It seemed cute and harmless but I’m guessing, if it’s pursued that Liv may find witchy ways to subdue and control Jeremy into an unwilling relationship. That would strain him and Bonnie a bit, and they are in need of some kind of arc at this point. I doubt he’d go to Liv willingly.

Caroline finally stood up to Tyler’s guilt trips and told him to get over it or leave her alone. She brought up a valid point with Nadia’s death at Tyler’s hand being looked at as a minor inconvenience to the group while her moment with Klaus is still branded on her. Tyler had already driven home that Caroline slept with a heartless villain, but she doesn’t see it that way if she can find goodness in characters. It’s a slippery slope in the vampire kingdom, but I agree that their argument over the subject has run its course. Damon wasn’t just speaking out nonsense when he said Tyler still wants to be with Caroline. Anyone can see it but I’m not hopeful of such a union. Jury is still out on her and Stefan eventually becoming an item.

Poor Nadia. I was almost anticipating Katherine’s spirit entering her desecated body and watching the daughter become the witty mother. That would have made for some awkward, yet interesting scenes. Alas, nope.

This also appears to be the end of Damon’s woes and mishaps over losing Elena. He’s finally done away with Wes and not a second sooner. I don’t want him returning as a creature of any sort. Although, if Wes had Enzo do something for him in the previous episode and Damon called Enzo to verify Wes’s location, then does Damon know what Enzo is up to? What is Enzo up to? Cheesy write off? I hope not.

Overall, I wanted to see Katherine somehow pull through another fated death, but her running had finally come to an end. No matter her villainous deeds, she has a sliver of humanity and showed that with the passing of her daughter and the memory was the perfect bow to Nadia’s curse to find her mother for 500 years. Everything else in this episode was filler except for Katherine’s fate. None of Tyler and Caroline’s baggage moved anything except that it shouldn’t be brought up again. Liv’s flirtation is either a seed planted of more relationship woe to be had or it’s nothing and the scene just falls flat with no more progression. Matt is hopefully done with being a compulsion pet. I want to know what or who took Katherine, but maybe we’re not meant to. This leaves one lasting question still unanswered.

What role will the Travelers play for the rest of the season? They have Stefan and Elena’s blood and they’ve been present off and on this whole season. Did they have anything to do with Katherine’s yank into a darker dimension? We shall see.

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