A Sashurai’s Review: The Originals – Season 1×16 (Elijah sure loves that T-pose)


Elijah and Rebekah are forced to deal with Klaus’s wrath while mystically trapped within the cemetery. Marcel bargains a deal with Genevieve who has taken control of the coven and offers to remove the barrier in exchange for Davina. Camille tries to console Davina while Elijah reveals to Klaus that Rebekah once tried to kill Michael when they were human. Rebekah and Klaus come to terms over their paranoia and fear and he agrees to let Rebekah leave the city on her own. Marcel chooses to stay and confronts Klaus when Elijah returns and exiles Marcel from the city.

This is as close to a “warm-hearted” episode as we will probably get on this neck snapping, stake driving, cross-manipulating tale. If it wasn’t for all those fashionably-placed cliffhangers, I’d suggest book-ending the season with this episode, but there’s still plenty left to tell.

There’s a strong sense that Klaus may finally be on an outward path toward some small piece of personal redemption, as long as he doesn’t torture or maim any more innocent people. There’s still a witch coven for him to deal with and Marcel won’t be easily swayed by Elijah’s exile. Genevieve is now the coven’s strongest leader left standing and if Davina becomes a willing participant in her agenda, there’s no telling how strong the witch coven will become. I’m a bit worn from all the witch plots and hope this last arc coming up will be more werewolf centric. I can even see a bit of a time skip just so we can end the season with Hayley giving birth.

Like a lot of anti-hero themed shows, there’s a constant message that most, if not all, villainous characters start off good-natured. Bad parenting can effect or even reverse a character’s alignment and Klaus is befitting the primary reason for such an event. Even if the audience does, Klaus will never see himself as the villain so long as characters like Michael exist in his view. It was well placed to have Rebekah and Klaus be the two to settle their differences even though Elijah was pressured to deal with Klaus alone. Again, logically speaking, there was no fear that Rebekah was going to be slain, she’s too important of a character to be taken out of this world so early in the show’s birth. Ending with her smiling and free to leave the city gives hope to her next adventure. She could be the one character to crosses between TO and TVD, though a return to TVD would make me wonder what they’d have in store for her. I’m not certain she’s entirely familiar with the Travelers.

With reminders of Kieran’s eventual fall to madness, it’s best if they wrap up his situation and fast. A hex like that shouldn’t take days to run its course. He should be going bonkers any time now. If Klaus intends to win Camille’s favor, real favor, he needs to try and succeed in saving Kieran and it needs to be altruistic. Anything less and they’ll need to drop that forced infatuation. because it won’t make any sense anymore.

It’s interesting to know that the white stake and dagger are still very much in play. There still exists a weapon capable of killing the originals and if/when Marcel gets wind of it, you can beat he’ll try to attain it if he plans to regain control of the city. Davina won’t be an easy ally to convince unless he assists the witches with whatever plans Genevieve has with them.

With the slate wiped clean, Elijah and Hayley can resume their crushes with one another, no doubt leaving their joining to clash with Klaus and his volatile personality. They can’t have Klaus dwell on the past any longer, so they’ll need to create new dilemmas to rattle the brothers.

Overall, it was a tame episode, but settled a few long-lasting issues that Klaus, Rebekah, and Elijah have been letting simmer for centuries. One should never be fooled by a glimmer of kindness from Klaus as he can snap back to heartless king in a matter of seconds. Will Rebekah’s warning to Hayley prove true? Will Klaus’s enemies begin appearing at the doorstep of New Orleans with threats and curses to match? Where will Rebekah go now that she’s free? Maybe those enemies will find her and force her back to Klaus, filled with sinister plans of more betrayal. We shall see.

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