A Sashurai’s Review: The Originals – Season 1×17 (Unless Franchesca is swimming in vervane tonics, Elijah should have compelled the living hell out of her)


A new arc begins as Elijah attempts to bring the supernatural factions together and create a lasting peace that Klaus believes will not last. For the first time, Klaus fondles with his werewolf lineage and offers Jackson something that will give Hayley’s kin the edge against the witches, vampires, and humans of the French Quarter. New relationships are formed and others sprinkled about while Marcel works to return to form and take back his city.

This will likely be the final arc of the season and deservedly so. While teased periodically within the 20’s era of New Orleans, we now have a present day faction of four equal sides all willing to subscribe for peace, but secretly scheming for their side to emerge the true rulers. Many elements were missing previously, whether it was worn out characters, run-around plots, or uninteresting innuendos, such as Klaus and Camille’s on-again, off-again, never-again, connection. Everything feels fresh and appropriate this time with only a handful of questionable remnants.

To start with the witches, Genevieve is the prime and correct choice for their current leader. Her past is no longer of concern and she has evolved into a character fitting the current day and age. Whether she’s a leader the other witches will follow remains to be seen. What I don’t agree with is how they quickly threw her and Klaus together without an ounce of screen time development. I disagree for the sake of believing in relationships. It could be a strategy in disguise but Klaus, the primordial star of the show, deserves more with his on screen romances. True, it’s understandable that Genevieve doesn’t truly mean anything to Klaus as two powerful characters look to each other for their own advantages. They’re each other’s play things for the time being, but it feels more filler romance than anything meaningful. I don’t expect Klaus to come running to the rescue should she be a damsel in distress.

In the werewolf camp, Jackson has retained his allure as alpha of the pack. His interest in Hayley remains and so far, she’s not backing away, leaving Elijah to make the moves he has to to stay in her radar. In this triangle, the question remains, will Elijah catch Hayley and Jackson in loving embrace, or will Jackson catch Elijah and Hayley locking lips? I guarantee one of these two scenes will transpire.

Diego has now been elevated with a back-story on how he was turned. His hatred over the werewolves that murdered his family will likely cause further disobedience that Elijah will have to continually correct, until it gets someone killed. Ollie’s moves toward Davina were there to give her a relevant plot in the field of supernatural romance. I wouldn’t be surprised if this escalated with Monique’s jealousy growing dark and bitter over Davina’s use of magic and Ollie’s interest in her. Monique is clearly the bad egg of the pair. She’ll lash out and I expect it to be sooner than later.

Camille and Kieran continue their disgruntled dynamic and I’m left wondering, what’s the point? There are no sure signs that Kieran will be saved and it may be left to Camille to bring him down in the end. I’m not truly expecting a scene like that, and if anything, Marcel would be the one to do it. Kieran was never a consistently interesting character and his hex is dragging on more than it should. Wrap up his plot and move onto Franchesca or other humans to develop.

Marcel and Camille have now shared their first passionate night together. That could inevitably spell an awkward disaster if Klaus finds out about it. Not that it should matter considering Camille’s free will to do as she pleases. Adding any womanly jealousy between her and Genevieve is a bit laughable because it’s the plot continually trying to reinforce that there’s something there between Klaus and Camille. There isn’t. The only way it can truly move forward is if Klaus offers an altruistic solution to Kieran’s plight. Until then, I shall roll my eyes at them.

Marcel and Klaus have now completely switched roles with some of the empathy returning to Marcel and his down and out situation. He promises to find and build an army and for the moment, I want to see where it develops. Tierre remains the loyal friend but he’s proven time and again he’ll leap out of danger if he has to. I’m not sure if there’s a traitorous element here, but it’s possible.

Back to Klaus and his emergence with the werewolves. He’s returning to some old habits with offering Jackson a chance to become a hybrid and even going so far as to give his kin a chance at more power in the moonlight ring. He’s standing his ground that the new treaty Elijah has created will not last. It obviously won’t if Klaus is the one dipping poison into the well. There’s a sense of mixed feelings on whether the crowd should be on Klaus’s side in this, or if it’s all a standard rule with keeping him the dual protagonist/antagonist role of the series. His dichotomy needs a little work and focus, but as long as he’s not mindlessly causing havoc, so far his machinations are still proving to be diabolically clever.

Overall, the tone and character dynamic of the show has now been solidified. Each character has a proper set of goals and troublesome relationships to contend with and all the turmoil in the world to follow. There are good and bad characters for each faction which also spreads the wealth of inheritance on who deserves the right to rule the city. With Rebekah no longer in the picture, her outcome and placement on both shows has yet to be determined. Wherever she ends up, she’ll make an impact.

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