A Sashurai’s Review: The Vampire Diaries – Season 5×17 (Doorknobs. That is all)


Elena and Damon struggle with their feelings for each other as they attend Jeremy’s parent/teacher conference at the high school and learn of Jeremy’s misdeeds. Caroline and Enzo discover Stefan’s doppelganger, Tom, held and sedated in Atlanta by a witch, Hazel. After Enzo kills her during a trance, Caroline escapes with Tom and tries to help him leave town, but Enzo finds them and kills Tom. Meanwhile, Luke informs Liv of Hazel’s death and she finds Elena at the school and tries to kill her. Damon stops her and tries to torture her for answers but Jeremy, having spoken to Liv earlier, intervenes and offers to help Luke and Liv protect Elena from the Travelers. Caroline returns to Stefan and they are witness to the Traveler group drinking Elena and Stefan’s blood. Sloan then lights the, all on fire as they all burn and die. Their spirits pass through Bonnie as she collapses from the onslaught. Her shadow disconnects and becomes a human figure, presumably Marcos, the leader of the Travelers. Elena and Damon formally end their relationship as she plans to return to college.

For nostalgia kicks, Elena and Damon flirt, flounder and day dream with sexual moments giving it the old high school retro try out. Man pushes woman up against locker, locker crinkles while woman looks torn and worried but with a shade of want. Man hesitates and absorbs the moment. Ah, high school. Beyond that, their bickering and lustful stares led Elena to force the breakup to remain true. For once, Damon didn’t fight the end result showing he too can grow when absolutely necessary. I think he went along with it because he doesn’t really feel like it’s a break up like we know it’s not really a break up. Give it a short amount of time and they’ll be love stricken and forced to partake in more shenanigans.

The Tom doppelganger fiasco came and went with little more than the usual obvious format. I’ll say that watching Caroline day dream with letting him choke to death on a waffle was an interesting moment, though not very convincing. Her good nature is beginning to tie directly into Stefan in ways that continue to stack up on the “Are they getting together or what” camp of fans. More and more their casual jabs and teases during bits of conversation are better highlights than any expositional flub they keep hammering us with every first ten minutes of every episode. More scenes like the one in the car at night right before they were caught sleeping in cuddled position are what we need to see more of. Not just of those two, but of are principle characters in general. As for Stefan and Caroline, come sooner or later, they’ll need to have their moment, whether accidental or purposeful, it needs to happen.

What I also consider a positive is how Jeremy stood up to Elena in this episode as well as his involvement with helping Luke and Liv. If his past as a hunter can accentuate his character in the Traveler’s plot then I say let it. It keeps him close to Liv and will continue to bring to light Bonnie’s concern, assuming she recovers from her recent event. In a way, Matt and Tyler have become his new posse which can also help flesh out more of their scenes as well. These characters need motivation and protecting Elena, right now, is as good as any. Liv’s role is sharpening up quite nicely. I expect a sibling to fall in this season one way or another. My bet is currently on Luke.
The plot with the Travelers showed a clever moment as Sloan set fire to them after they drank the vampire blood. By being set aflame, they can’t resurrect as vampires themselves leaving their count pretty low. I thought it would have made sense for them to become immortal, but their grand scope scheme has yet to truly reveal itself. What will Marcos do that he’s been set free? Was he trapped to begin with? Is he the shadow that pulled Katherine into the veil? All will hopefully be revealed soon.

Overall, some good things occurred during this episode. Damon will now deal with the new break up with a developed attitude. Elena will be forced to straddle the decision with her ever popular perplexed state of mind. Her relationship with Jeremy is straining for the first time ever and Stefan and Caroline’s support for one another continues to grow in fascinating ways. Marcos looks to be the final villain of the season leaving us with one final pair of questions. What will happen in season six after this plot is wrapped up, and will there be a major character death at the finale? We break for a spell and return on April 17th as The Vampire Diaries crosses over with Resident Evil!

Okay, joking. It’s “not” a cross over, in fact the episode is just called “Resident Evil.”….damn it.


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