A Sashurai’s Review: The Originals – Season 1×18 (Klaus should have painted a selfie)


Back from break and already there are whispers and plans to throw Elijah’s treaty directly into a storm, due in no small part by the elusive Klaus. Genevieve convinces Elijah to let the witches host a feast of blessings for the three harvest girls while Monique’s recent trance with the ancestors has her declaring that their coven will only survive if the last harvest girl is resurrected with Genevieve’s death. Klaus secretly secures Genevieve’s allegiance while she plans to steal Esther’s spell book from Klaus’s compound. Marcel fails to gain Diego’s help and falls to other plans. Hayley uncovers Jackson’s alliance with Klaus while Oliver procures Kerry, Klaus’s wolf relative, who is questioned about the stone that was once in his ring.

During the feast, Monique convinces Genevieve to punish Davina by diverting all gifts to her and the other harvest girl. Klaus arrives and tells Davina that to make amends to her, he pardons Josh and gives Davina a ring with the spell to create a daylight ring. Drummers arrive and are compelled by Marcel to slit their wrists which causes nearby vampires to attack and kill the humans. Enraged, Elijah finds Marcel and murders Tierre as punishment. After showing Genevieve the severed hands of her servant who tried to steal the spellbook, she tells Klaus she won’t help Camille and that Camille has been sleeping with Marcel.

Later, Elijah stands up to Klaus saying that he’ll take whatever he wants and no one will get in his way. Klaus then drinks at the bar and apologizes to Camille about not being able to save Kieran but also mentions that he’ll kill Marcel if he sees him again. Diego and the other vampires agree to join Marcel while Monique gets another message from the ancestors stating they want Hayley’s child to be sacrificed instead of Genevieve.

As far as redundant parties go, this one wasn’t so bad to endure. Given the unique and expansive history of New Orleans, the festivals, parties, and shindigs have merit and meaning, and I’d like to see more of that fleshed out and utilized. Marcel’s hand in the massacre was creative but altogether sloppy development. Elijah’s wrath over the incident was completely warranted and, while watching Tierre’s death was unfortunate, Marcel had to have known the consequences of his actions. Every move Marcel makes will likely be more calculated from here on out, and they’ll need to be since both Elijah and Klaus will kill him on sight if he arises too soon. Without Rebekah, I fear Marcel’s importance may begin to fade unless he can insert himself directly in the path of Klaus’s agenda. His love interest in Camille isn’t necessary to continue and hopefully Marcel won’t dwell on it as he moves forward.

Elijah stood up to Klaus in a way that should give some worry to the hybrid. Keeping Klaus balanced in life should be the true definition of insanity, but his passion to see Hayley happy keeps Elijah grounded, for the time being. Klaus did what he could to play to his truth about keeping his wolf family close to home. Even Elijah had little to say on the matter except to wound Klaus with forsaking his dominant bloodline. It was a fascinating argument, one of many bound for future episodes. Is Klaus speaking the truth about his wolf-kin? Either way, his plan will continue uninterrupted.

As for the witches, Genevieve’s charisma continues to thrive while Monique’s zesty but rigid personality takes another dive. Their road to solidifying the power of the coven isn’t mutually exclusive, but Monique’s drive is all over the map. She wants Genevieve dead for no other reason then to return the harvest power but constantly undermines Davina even after she’s shown to have real witch power within her. She seems to blame everyone for what’s happened but focuses her energy on Davina alone. Her character is too youthful to be that crazed and eccentric. It could be the influence of the ancestors causing her mental mess, but either way, she’s not an effective villain in my eyes at the moment.

Hayley assumes more control over the wolfpack, deservedly so, and with a month left to go in her term she’s beginning to understand what it will take to keep the pack on better ground than the other groups. It’s still hard to believe after all this time that she even slept with Klaus, feels like ancient history. Elijah watches her from a distance now, which means unless he makes his move during labor, their eventual coupling will be saved for after the pregnancy. My guess anyway.

Josh is turning into the socially awkward penguin of the group.

There doesn’t seem to be anything left to do with saving Kieran. End the sub plot, he’ll be better off for it and Camille can move on.

If Klaus has his way, will the wolfpack survive and take center stage in the French Quarter? I’m not completely sold on his earnest help to keep Jackson and Hayley at the helm, which suggests an obvious ploy, one better served if the moon ring becomes a reality and necessary bargaining chip to whoever wants it. His goal should include not completely turning Elijah against him. Both brothers are destined for at least one more rough fight before the finale sinks its teeth in.

Overall, “The Big Uneasy” kept a steady pace and skipped any monotonous plot with the treaty acting as a realistic device to keep the peace. Every group shared an equal role in this episode, with neither having any true advantage over the other. The vampires falling prey to feeding on Marcel’s drummers was a bit odd, considering they should have more willpower than that, but it served it’s purpose and now Tierre is dead. Sometimes vampire deaths are the only one that really get to stick. With Hayley’s child now an official target, I expect the witches will be in considerable danger of their plan is tracked by either original. The entire coven could be burned alive if they fail, or worse, if they succeed.


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