A Sashurai’s Review: The Vampire Diaries – Season 5×18 (You don’t hide the wedding ring in the junk drawer!)


Every villain deserves a moment to blurt out the why’s and how’s of their motives and machinations. Usually it’s when they have the hero tied up and on the verge of victory. This was more passive as The Vampire Diaries instill more drama between the love triangle that’s carried the show for almost five full seasons.

While Elena and Stefan are having visions of a mortal life and a blissful relationship, Bonnie’s grandmother warns her that someone escaped the other side and the witches there are scared of what’s happening. Liv tells Matt, Jeremy, and Tyler that the witches have been tracking the Travelers’s for thousands of years and that sometimes they stop and take over towns by possessing the people in them, as seen as current residents of Mystic Falls are possessed including Caroline’s mother.

Matt investigates and finds the sheriff who stabs and kills him. On the other side, Matt finds Cole, who is worried about what’s been happening there. Matt searches for Vicki and finds her, but she’s pulled away by an unseen force. Cole urges Matt to stop what’s happening. When Matt reawakens, he remembers everything for the first time.

Luke arrives at the Salvatore mansion to explain about Marcos returning. During a vision, Elena discovers where Marcos is and Damon and Enzo leave to investigate. Upon finding Marcos, he leaves with Damon and tells him about the schism that created the witches who cursed them to never gather again. In a show of good faith, he ends Elena and Stefan’s visions also saying it was he who put a spell on the doppelgangers to begin with. Damon returns to Elena but declares they can’t be friends. Saddened, Elena accepts it and leaves him. Tyler is then revealed to be possessed by a Traveler who gives Marcos the last knife that can expel them and Marcos burns it in a fire and destroys it with a chant.

As a good humorous friend must do, Enzo teases Damon over and over with thoughts of Elena and Stefan shagging in the visions. I find it amusing because Damon is currently in “whine” mode while still trying to maintain a sense of justified rebelliousness. Throughout episode it became clear, no matter what, Damon rubs his own face in putrid defeat even in front of Elena. Secretly, it’s obvious he wants Elena to throw herself back on him and give in, yet even then, there’s no guarantee that Damon would feel it’s worth pursuing. Stefan’s haunting message with people being friends or in love but not both, summed up their situation to a T. With Damon representing more the “chaos” role between the brothers, I can see him disassembling that statement in the coming episodes, one way or another.

Bonnie jealousy toward Liv escalated as expected. For the moment, Bonnie and Jeremy have patched a minor wound regarding a lapse in trust, yet, I think things will digress if Liv continues to stick around him. While I don’t think Liv will do anything on purpose, I still think happenstance will be the key in ruining a rather bland coupling. Liv still has a role to play in that, my belief anyway.

My favorite moments were when Matt crossed over into the other side. This is his second time, and he’s been given a raw sense of importance as he tried to navigate through the rough conditions of the afterlife. It was good to see Vicki again. I always through she was taken out of the series too soon (Like Lexi) and now she’s wherever Katherine ended up when she was pulled away, although that’s not completely proven quite yet. Original vampire, Cole also made an appearance which seemed appropriate for a moment, but seeing his fear was a bit off for some reason. I get that the other side is in shambled, but Vicki alone was enough proof I needed. Cole was there just to solidify that fear because it’s rare when an Original gets that scared, except when you’re Rebekah fleeing from Klaus.

I haven’t kept count, but Matt should be somewhere close to “completely darkfiend insane” with as many deaths as he’s been taking in. I hope they at least reference it if the plan isn’t to have him go mad. I don’t think his character deserves it, but when all else fails, rehash old plots.

I’m uncertain how I feel about Marcos’s debut. He seems carefully driven and sly with his agenda all the same. He’s the proof that the universe doesn’t control love, or at least Elena’s anyway. He doesn’t seem like the kind of character that will drop to fisticuffs, which could be a shame, since Damon needs another supernatural figure to beat the tar out of. With Tyler out of the picture, Marcos has a hybrid on his team. That will prove to be disastrous for our heroes soonly. And is it me, or did the shadowy figure from the last episode not seem like the same guy that we know as Marcos? Just a thought.

We’ve now moved into a stage where Elena sees both Stefan and Damon as friends. This is a critically shaky spot to be at and won’t do the show much good if Elena doesn’t reignite passion with one of the brothers. It’s far too late to introduce her to someone else and it’s also less likely that Elena will truly end up alone. Now more than ever the fanbase will be torn on which brother should be with Elena. I tend to root for Stefan because good-natured Damon is boring-natured Damon. He needs to let loose but for better reasons than the whiney ones he’s been recently exhibiting. Enzo has digressed into the tag-a-long buddy who remains snarky no matter the scene. He had a single charming moment with Caroline when he explains that he only wants to “thank” Maggie when he finds her. It’s not enough to turn him around into a quintessential good guy, but it’s a start. If Maggie still lives, they should give him the scene he’s been quietly yearning for, then see how he acts with the crew afterward. Does he have longevity? Maybe, if he stops being a twit to Damon.

Overall, I liked the episode. The flashbacks were key scenes as well as Stefan’s attitude toward convincing Elena that what they went through was real regardless of the fantasies they experienced. He’ll always have the mature perspective, something that Elena respects and appreciates. What kills the friendzone effects is when she softly rests her head on his shoulder. Not to the friends! Never do that to the friends! Matt’s experience with the other side mixed with Vicki’s cameo were the best scenes in the episode. Though, too many people were stabbed and no actual deaths. We now know a bit more of the Traveler vs. Witch war. It’s only Liv’s coven that seems to have been tracking them. I highly doubt the witches of the French Quarter give to hayfeathers as to what the Trueloves are up to. Maybe they should show up in New Orleans sometime. Give them a real party. I want to see where this tale with Marcos goes. There’s not much left in the lore to explain or go over. Unless we ask ourselves, who made the Travelers?


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