A Sashurai’s Review: The Originals – Season 1×19 (More like Oliver Twit)


A significant strike causes the wolf pack to rally an offensive attitude against the vampires and witches of the city. From almost the start this episode brought an unexpected storm of gore I found oddly fascinating in the telling. If anything it added to a very positive episode that plays on almost every faction’s fear, save for the witches who are only represented by Genevieve in one scene.

Camille enlists Josh’s help and has him compel a doctor to acquire and assist in performing shock therapy to Kieran, who is hallucinating and no longer has lucid thoughts. Meanwhile, Elijah has hidden Esther’s spellbook from Klaus and goes to Hayley in the bayou to speak with her. At the camp, a human biker arrives and his bike explodes, harming several of the pack. Hayley leaves to find and accuse Marcel of the hit. After her departure, Elijah discovers a bomb at camp and several detonate, destroying the site and injuring Eve.

Hayley confronts Marcel, but he insists it wasn’t him and reveals he’s always known about Hayley’s real name and lineage. He suggests that her family line had enemies and offers to help but she leaves. Klaus meets with Camille at the church as she puts Kieran through shock therapy. It momentarily helps but eventually Kieran goes through cardiac arrest. Klaus attempts to keep his heart active by manually stimulating it as Camille relents to Klaus feeding him blood and putting Kieran in a vampiric transitional state. Afterward, Klaus leaves to confront Gen over the wolf attack.

Oliver reveals to an injured Eve that he set up the biker to put the pack back in the right direction. He then smothers Eve to death to keep his secret. Gen reveals to Klaus that Kieran’s transitional state will only momentarily remove the hex but it will return and his binding spell will be broken. Kieran suffers from the hex again and attacks Camille, tasting her blood. Klaus intervenes and is forced to stab Kieran with a stake, ending his life. Josh and Diego drink with Marcel as Josh hands him Kieran’s key, which Marcel feels a duty to keep hidden because Camille isn’t ready to have it. Elijah returns the spell book to Klaus and says he intends to choose his family as the winning side in the incoming war.

The death of Eve signifies the end of any lasting peace with the pack and the other factions. Oliver proved his desperation and sacrificial acts will have heavy repercussions in the coming episodes. He’s not afraid to put his own people in harm’s way, lending to a several possible outcomes I believe will involve Hayley’s safety at the crux. With Jackson’s flavor losing a bit, he should be the one to put Oliver down man to man. I can also see Elijah being the one to do it should Hayley be put in true jeopardy. I just know desperate people like Oliver will go at any length for faction power, slowly sifting into personal power. It also seemed odd that Oliver insisted that Eve activate her werewolf gene in order to heal her wound but then killed her anyway the second he told her his secret. For one, he could have dodged that bullet simply by leaving the cabin entirely, second, how exactly would that have even happened without another human nearby. I don’t think any werewolf would be able to offer themselves up to save Eve in that capacity. The whole segment was awkwardly forced to contend with Eve’s death one way or another and I think she could have survived while Oliver still rallied the pack over the other deaths.

Kieran’s death was inevitable and graciously accepted, but I’d like to give the writer points for keeping his fate in the air until Klaus finally did him in. The shock therapy was a nice change of pace and I’m glad it was Camille who thought of it. We shouldn’t forget that Camille is extremely smart and can think outside the box in supernatural situations. When I said “gore” earlier, one reference was in Kieran biting his own thumb off. I know the human bite is powerful in its own right, but he took his thumb off so fast, I can only think he must have gotten right under the cartilage to make it happen. Points for insane escapism. With Kieran’s death wrapped up, Camille will finally be able to move into her next arc. She’s maintained her role as one of the few humans (Like Matt in TVD) who will likely make it into season 2 as such. I don’t think she should be turned quite yet, though eventually it should happen. I’m also satisfied that Klaus played the bigger man and allowed Marcel to comfort her. He didn’t force himself to be that person and recognized what needed to be done. I still don’t think they will or should get together, but they have a whole other season to change my mind…assuming they don’t kill her in the finale.

One major aspect remains which is, what does Kieran’s key unlock? Marcel seems to know, which is why he had Josh steal it. His explanation was purposefully cryptic which suggests it will be a next episode plot or a finale piece that will set every faction in desperate states. The war is now inevitable. I can’t say the witches have much in their arsenal except if Genevieve relents and allows herself to die so the harvest power can give the witches what they need to survive intact. I swear, Genevieve and Camille have the same exact tone of voice.

Overall, “An Unblinking Death” was both intriguing and worthy of the top 5 episodes this season. Two more supporting characters ended their run and likely more will be put to the test in the final episodes airing the rest of April and May. Once more, Elijah has toasted an alliance with Klaus, even though history demands they continue to be at odds. Klaus will endure the alliance because Elijah will always be family, but nothing will change his nature to control things from his perspective. It will lead to more brotherly violence because that’s what drives this show. That and a lot of superfluous previous episode exposition.


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