A Sashurai’s Review: The Vampire Diaries – Season 5×19 (Damon did it. What a twist)


Love quells all bestial intent. Both Enzo and Damon have discovered that without an ultimate love to care for and share with, there is nothing but a savage careless nature to contend with. Tonight’s episode of TVD finally gets to the heart of Enzo’s plight to find Maggie, only there’s secrets of murder to be uncovered, and blame to redirect accordingly. Parts of this episode have candid emotional moments, but it’s often the wrong character for the wrong focus. And it also appears that turning your emotions off carries over into the other side.

Marcos keeps Tyler’s body chained up while Sloan admits herself to a test by drinking Tyler’s blood and then dying. Meanwhile, Elena and Stefan are together at a college study hall along with Bonnie and Liv. Enzo arrives claiming that Maggie died in 1960 by Stefan’s hands.

After being told by Jeremy and Matt that they lost the Traveler knife, Damon discovers Enzo’s plot for vengeance against Stefan and goes to the sheriff for answers on what happened to Maggie in Mystic Falls when she died. After viewing the file, he remembers that he’s the one responsible for killing Maggie.

Enzo ties up both Elena and Stefan and tortures Stefan until he admits to killing Maggie. Enzo is upset until Damon arrives and says he’s the one responsible. Enzo can’t force himself to hate Damon and turns his emotions off. No longer feeling any care in the world, he begins destroying things around him until Damon helps Stefan escape and Enzo flees with Elena. Stefan later finds Enzo and they fight until Enzo gains the advantage. He toys with setting Stefan on fire until Stefan thrusts his hand into Enzo’s chest. Enzo then hopes Damon will destroy Stefan for killing him and Enzo pulls his body away, leaving his heart in Stefan’s hand.

Damon finds Elena incapacitated and takes her back to her dorm, where she wakes up with Damon already gone. Stefan later sees Elena and says Enzo is dead but plans to keep it a secret. Elena agrees. Stefan informs Bonnie of the plan as Enzo’s spirit arrives and passes through her with intentions to exact his vendetta. Damon and Stefan talk back at home and Damon mentions how much Enzo’s help back in the 50’s when they were captured meant to him and won’t give up on him. Enzo’s spirit is then seen watching them.

Katherine and Enzo have oodles in common. They’re both relatively self-driven characters that are the anti-anti-heroes who have issues staying dead. Somehow Enzo was able to pass through and stay in the mortal plane as we see him at the end of the episode plotting for Damon to enact a vendetta for his death. At first it made little sense, but with the other side in peril of it’s existence, it stands to reason the ghost world is very much in flux and Enzo currently has a passive get-out-of-jail free card. Enzo’s entire worth was based on his he handled himself throughout this episode. Much to the chagrin of his more poignant personality, Enzo decided to “Damon” the whole situation of Maggie’s death at Damon’s hands and do away with his emotions. He even mocked the situation by over emphasizing how much he wasn’t feeling, after the fact. That was the poorest writing of the episode. Reactions are better served in the doing and not the statements of what’s being done and what’s verbally being felt. The second Enzo turned his emotions off, It was painfully obvious his character wasn’t going to survive the episode, at least not physically.

The problem with Enzo, since day one, was that he was Damon’s competitor. He was a tool to show Damon that the only kind of person he can get along with and understand is essentially himself. And Enzo was just a slightly variation of Damon, including the accent. The two weren’t meant to co-exist for very long. I think there was some hope that Enzo could be a stronger player if his motivations weren’t so predictable, it just didn’t pan out in his favor. His struggle to find Maggie, only to yearn for vengeance would be no different if Damon lost Elena and was forced to blame Stefan and deal with the situation then. We caught a glimpse of what it may be like when brother truly clashes against brother. I’m not in any way sad by Enzo’s death. If anything, his spirit will be an annoying plot piece while it buzzes around the Traveler’s growing power.

Was magic used on Sloan to kill her the second time? She appeared stabbed in the back, but no one was behind her. And her throat still looked slit too, did someone forget to heal when they came back to life? Not sure, makeup looked off. In any case. Tyler appeared to have stayed away Julian’s presence long enough to watch and see what Marcos is planning. He’s the only one who understands the dilemma and will have to work to escape and warn the others. Also, drinking hybrid blood and being brought back only makes you a vampire? I suppose that’s logically sound, given she didn’t kill anyone to trigger the wolf curse. Not sure how that’s supposed to play out, but Sloan’s dead so it doesn’t matter. Marcos killing her seemed like a bad villain tactic, just to take her out because she had no magic and was useless. Devoted patrons are never useless, and given’s Sloan’s loyalty I’m sure she could have done a number of things to help slow down the crew. Marcos has spent too much time dead.

What else seemed very transparent was that Damon killed Maggie. Enzo feigned her fate until this episode and the second Stefan denied killing her, the obvious answer went straight to Damon. This is a plot twist that’s literally been repeated twice in the same season including the Whitmore family deaths. Damon needs to stop being the one who’s effortlessly killed other character’s important loved ones from the past. Both Salvatore brothers are equally guilty in many regards. Nothing will be surprising if either one of them is responsible for another person’s death from way back then. As long as it was the Ripper doing it, Stefan doesn’t need to feel guilty. As long as Damon had no emotions doing it, he doesn’t need to feel guilty, save for this last one.

Bonnie’s fib to Jeremy that Liv was planning on helping to save her from the other side’s hold on her life was meant to foster that fear and anxiety with what’s to come. I don’t blame Bonnie for reacting like that, but in a way she’s going against her own rules to Jeremy about trusting each other. I understand Bonnie doesn’t want to give up, but there’s better strength in loving characters dealing with the truth instead of hiding from it. This will only conflict with Jeremy in many ways and what’s worse, if Bonnie does end up dying again, Jeremy will likely blame himself for not being able to help when he could have, in his mind. She’s not being smart by hiding the truth, and for once, I’m on Liv’s side. She should just tell him.

Overall, “Man on Fire” had more issues than merits and only served to be a bridge between Damon’s recent loss of Elena and their inevitable confrontation with the Travelers. Enzo has now become a reckless self-centered ghost of revenge, and that doesn’t spell great quality considering his character has nothing left to accomplish, feel, or matter to anyone who’s still alive. Damon came off as more annoying then usual with his snarky bits. He now casually plays at murdering Matt and Jeremy just because they lost track of the Traveler knife, which is something a character like him shouldn’t be doing while his emotions are still intact. He’s the world’s greatest satirical sarcastic vampire, but it shouldn’t keep going to his head like this. Elena had nothing going for her this time, which is fine. Main characters need a break from time to time to let the supporting cast shine. Liv keeps flip-flopping between nice and near-miss. I predict Luke will be the next to go on this season before the end.


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