A Sashurai’s Review: The Originals – Season 1×20 (I always said this show needed a werewolf version of Elena)


Klaus mocks the Freudian irony as he faces elements of being a father and being hated and hunted by his own. Mix in a little voodoo for Hayley’s troubles, a new clue into Kieran’s key, and the triumphant return of Klaus’s greatest enemy and you have quite a buildup into this first season’s voluminous arc.

I always chuckle at how easy it is to depict the nature of a scene when the heartfelt music reaches an ample height and two characters stare longingly from across the room. It spells a momentary lapse of walls held strong and promises of retribution from third parties in the near future. Some of the most savory and passionate kisses are derived from secretive and reserved feelings finally let loose to embrace and thrive. The stronger the kiss, the worse the punishment will follow. Let’s dive into this week’s episode “A Closer Walk with Thee.”

After Klaus dreams of Michael killing him during Kieran’s funeral he finds that Elijah too has been dreaming of their father. They suspect Genevieve is the cause, but when confronted, she denies accusation but offers her help. Klaus agrees if only to ensure her aid in creating the moon rings for the werewolves.

Marcel revealed to Camille that he has Kieran’s key and she gets upset over his possession of it and his search for what it unlocks. Meanwhile, Davina performs a séance with Tim’s violin and tries to call to him, but instead she is greeted by Michael who intends to return to stop Klaus.

Genevieve tells Klaus and Elijah that purgatory is disintegrating. Klaus confirms this after an off screen chat with Bonnie from Mystic Falls. They surmise that Michael intends to ruin their lives as before.

Hayley confronts Franchesca about the bombing at the bayou, but she denies being involved and mentions she wouldn’t miss her target if it was her. When Hayley leaves, Monique is seen stabbing a voodoo doll causing Hayley to feel chills. While Kieran is being taken to the cemetery, Camille gives in and asks Marcel about the key. He says Kieran was in possession of something that could be use against the supernaturals but doesn’t know what or where it is.

During Kieran’s transport, Hayley falls gravely ill and is taken back to the compound by Klaus, Elijah, and Genevieve who tries to revive Hayley with a spell. Hayley wakes in purgatory and is confronted by Michael who attacks her and swears to kill Klaus. Hayley is able to fight back before she wakes up.

During Kieran’s burial, Camille discovers that Sean’s tomb may have what Marcel’s looking for. They open the tomb and discover a box. Marcel unlocks it, but it’s empty. Camille dusts the lid and realizes there’s something coded on it that she can decipher but won’t tell Marcel what it is. She also realizes that Sean was meant to play a role in this war before he died.

Elijah thanks Genevieve and asks her to help create a moon ring to help with Hayley’s curse once she has the baby and offers Esther’s spellbook to help with the creation of it. Hayley returns back to the compound where Klaus shows her a baby room he made and mentions that the child should be raised by both parents.

Later, Genevieve calls on the dead witches asking not to kill the child but they punish her physically until she gives in to their demands.

Elijah finds and speaks with Hayley at the compound and says that her near-death experience made him more terrified than he could ever remember. Hayley then kisses Elijah passionately and he disappears quickly after.

Marcel greets Klaus at the stroke of his suspension and swears he’ll do whatever he has to and fight for what he wants. Klaus expects this and leaves. Throughout the episode in various flashbacks, Marcel’s turn to vampire is revealed after being shot by his former owner for interfering in another slave’s punishment. As he’s dying he asks Klaus to turn him. Klaus resists but ultimately agrees.

Davina calls to Tim again and sees Michael who apologizes for Tim’s death at Klaus’s hand and wants her help to return to life to stop Klaus.


In support of Elijah and Hayley’s first on-screen kiss, I have to say I’m a bit unimpressed at the execution. While well deserved, the scene could have worked just as well without the kiss making Hayley’s choice a bit thrown in at the end. I never expect Klaus to be a reliable partner to Hayley’s ever consuming love-life, but the episode was meant to showcase more of Klaus’s good nature and the kiss, in a way, overwrote those moments. Elijah was very much in the background of this episode and should have had more of a central focus before earning his place in Hayley’s embrace. All in all, it was necessary to accomplish before the end of season 1 even if it happened before the birth. Will Klaus be ruined by this turn of the moment, or is this more for Jackson to retaliate when he finds out?

For the first time, I did feel a bit of pity of Genevieve’s situation. Characters on this show have a way of being diabolical and truly despicable, and then become grossly entrenched in sorrow and regret and make it work for them. Someone like Monique is there to cast balance as the evil witch of the show, while Davina is good and Genevieve is essentially a neutral character, now more than ever. I’m certain Monique will turn her sights on Genevieve herself if nothing happens to the child soon. I don’t expect Genevieve to make it out of this season alive, but then again, I feel the same way about Monique too.

On to Michael. The lavish and well-spoken former vampire-devourer has made his claim to the arc’s final villain of the season. I almost wish his character never showed up on TVD just to make this final confrontation with Klaus more circular and deserving. Klaus expels the most out of his emotions when dealing with his father and will no doubt run rampant should Michael be fully resurrected. I very much appreciate the continuity with TVD’s arc on the other side dissolving. The problem doesn’t seem to require Elijah or Klaus to get involved, but it’s nice to know they acknowledge it. It helps with the placement of certain episodes now. If Michael returns, will he be just as powerful as before? I imagine he’d retain all of his abilities since the other side works differently than being plain dead.

Camille’s beginning to understand more and more of her and her family’s role in the city, which is a good step in her direction of development. As a human, her greatest strength is her psychology and deductive reasoning, which proved to aid Marcel in finding the box for the key. What code is inside the box though? If it’s a weapon of some kind against all supernatural, what does it entail? It wouldn’t be as simple as a spell, but maybe something that nullifies a supernatural’s ability perhaps? It couldn’t be too powerful else Kieran would have used it long ago. Whatever the effect is, I’m certain it will tie directly to Camille and make her a focal point of it. It would raise her stake a bit and a keep Sean’s involvement more appropriate.

Overall, there hasn’t been a shortage of sub-par episodes and this one continues to feed into the next with surprises and shifts in power. The human faction has yet to impress me with their power plays and won’t be seen as such until they can prove themselves more than just off-screen business handlers. Hayley and Elijah can now move into the next tier of their “high-school” crush and start with a lot of avoiding eye contact. Elijah will claim the importance of keeping separate and Hayley will comply out of spite only to be redirected at Jackson who is obsessed with the moon rings, much as Oliver is with keeping the wolves the main players of New Orleans. Marcel and Klaus’s relationship is ever changing but will need to come to a head soon or else Marcel is just playing without teeth. Michael is the true wildcard as we don’t know the scope and hold of his reach. Davina will help because she’s easily persuaded. Two episodes remain. Keep ‘em comin’.


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