A Sashurai’s Review: The Vampire Diaries – Season 5×20 (Never have I ever seen a cabin not stocked with boardgames)


Fresh on the heels of an emergence in Enzo poltergeists, Stefan and Elena are once again targeted by Marcos and his Travelers, who are looking to break their curse once and for all. While Caroline suspects Stefan and Elena are getting friendly again, Damon continues to struggle with his feelings toward being around Elena.

On the other side of the equation, Bonnie’s grandmother warns her that the spirits are continuing to disappear and will pull Bonnie away and she needs to tell Jeremy the truth. Tyler escapes from the Travelers and has Matt and Jeremy summon and torture Julian for Marcos’s whereabouts. Meanwhile, Julian’s wife is sent to find and burn Julian’s body in an effort to seal him within Tyler permanently.

And finally, Enzo discovers he has the ability to touch physical objects and makes an attempt at Damon and Stefan’s lives, while Elena reveals to Damon the secret she and Stefan are hiding about Enzo’s death.

This episode throws a bit of necessary story development on a shelf for the time being in an effort to muddle more of Damon and Elena’s post break-up frustrations. The love triangle is always primary to the supernatural chaos that surrounds them, that much has always been certain. But with the other side crumbling every day, there doesn’t seem to be any kind of emphasis in dealing with it. Even Matt has all but forgotten Vicki’s haunting message to him as she was torn from his grasp. Bonnie is helpless and chooses to ignore sensible advice from her grandmother. It seems like the other side dissolving isn’t that big of a deal except the side effects that existing ghosts have.

For one, Enzo has no issues staying on the mortal plane. Why is that? He passed through Bonnie yet remains. Is he the only one? Will other dead supernatural entities remain on Earth as well? And I assume Enzo keeps his vampire strength or else how could he keep another vampire, like Elena, trapped in the bathtub, forgetting that she doesn’t need to breathe at all?

Looping back into the revolving love triangle, A lot of this episode basically restated the same facts we’ve been very familiar with the past few weeks. Damon is struggling, over and over again. It’s starting to feel slightly tired. He acknowledges that once again, he can only subside his murderous tendencies for Elena’s sake, proving to us that he hasn’t grown much since the initial break-up. His choice for not killing has yet to be because of himself and it doesn’t seem like that’s a lesson he’ll absorb any time soon. He does deserve merit for realizing he can’t hate his brother. I’d like to believe that’s more of a conscious inner-self decision, and not due to Elena being the reason.

Tyler’s escape and unwitting sacrifice has also left a few questions about his fate. If Julian’s burned body leaves his essence to take over Tyler completely, what’s to be done? If there isn’t a loophole, spell, or new weapon to draw Julian out, maybe the death of Marcos will somehow retract all Traveler spirits from all their human bodies. Either way, this would be a grim death for Tyler considering he’s the only part-werewolf character on the show.

With Rebekah still a no show, I’d say it’s safe to say she won’t be returning to TVD and will return to TO for the finale. If anyone needed help, she’d be a force to assist our charade playing protagonists.

This also has set the climactic tone on Caroline and Stefan’s on again, off again, will they, won’t they, should they, relationship. Either Caroline is becoming Stefan’s bro, or Stefan is becoming Caroline’s sis. All they’re missing is the “Let’s just accidentally lip-lock and see what happens” moment. It’s been dragging in uncertain territory for quite a long time. As far and deeper friendships go, this one is just plain confusing. The stem of it comes from the scene when Stefan attempts to tell Caroline that he tells her things he doesn’t tell Elena. He jokes at first but reveals that he didn’t want her to think less of him because he killed Enzo. Caroline shot him a “of course I wouldn’t” look and the rest is up to us to either roll our eyes or root him on. As soon as one of them figures it out, it’ll be more interesting to see how they deal with it. I’d like to think Caroline would come to the realization first because Stefan has more of a brick for a brain than Caroline does, but at the same time, if he really gets pushed into a fit of apathy, he could just say “screw it” and go for broke. Either way Caroline will be there for him, and she doesn’t have any other perspective choices flocking her way. Even Stefan commented on her “attraction” to Enzo, and that’s only something surrealistic jealous-type people act like.

Overall, The Traveler buildup wasn’t very strong, their chanting and Marcos’s impatient behavior isn’t reflecting strong finale-type villains for the season. One can argue these aren’t evil people, they’re just ancient and tired of the lifestyle they’ve been given for centuries. But is seems all the villain charisma has been siphoned onto Enzo, and he’s nothing more than a really large thorn in Damon’s gut right now. If anything I’d expect Damon to bring Enzo back just so he can properly kill the guy. I agree with Gramm’s, that Jeremy should be told the truth. Bonnie is very afraid, but that fear is going to cost her and ruin his trust forever and that’s been their theme for quite a while. Of course, if she ends up being dragged away, he’ll be more distraught and hurt than angry over her choice to conceal the issue. Elena’s feelings for Damon are clearly evident and that’s fine. When the curse is finally lifted. one way or another, she’ll be truly free to choose who her significant other will be, and as long as long as she continues to let Damon make his good-natured decisions on her behalf, her next developmental stage won’t start either.


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