A Sashurai’s Review: Supernatural – Season 9×21 (Anyone else feel that “Empire Strikes Back” vibe with Dean and the blade?)


They say a gut stabbing is the sincerest form of fatality. Dean has finally performed at peak level and put to end one of the stronger demonic characters on the show. When a character dies in slow-motion, you know it’s a bit significant. Abaddon will be missed, until the next badass demon shows up.

Abaddon forces Crowley’s help by kidnapping his human son from 1723 Scotland and bringing him to the present. Crowley agrees to help to save his son from torture and lures Sam and Dean to the blade and then to the hotel where they are located. Meanwhile, Castiel meets with Gadriel and convinces him to at the very least, report on Metatron updates so they can put a stop to the angel on angel killings. Crowley is able to warn Dean about the trap set for them and makes sure Sam isn’t there when he finds Abaddon. As he does, Abaddon tries to subdue him but through the mark of Cain, Dean is able to battle through it and stabs Abaddon forever killing her. Afterward, Crowley takes his son away and let’s him live in the present as he was destined to die in a ship wreck. Later, Sam confronts Dean about what the blade may be doing to him and suggests locking it away for the time being. Dean simply answers “No.”

There’s a tab bit of disappointment at the way everything was handled, only in that it didn’t involve a shred of Angel vs. Demon battles. I understand for story purposes and budget reasons to add that such a feat would have probably been too much to ask for. It’s a shame, but I wish the Demon and Angel plot were so separate that they couldn’t have been linked together in some way toward the finale. That’s not to say it can’t still happen, but it definitely won’t be happening with Abaddon out of the picture. She had lofty goals for the most part and it would have been an interesting twist if she had plans to release Lucifer. There’s your underlying tie between both factions. I’m starting to think Lucifer will never play a part in this series ever again. Another shame.

For the Angel plot, I give Castiel credit. He got feedback from Sam to help peer into Gadriel’s senses regarding his involvement with Metatron. At first I thought for sure that Castiel set up the angel attack to help convince Gadriel to join his cause, but it’s a pretty risky move for Castiel to use since he’s trying to convince Gadriel that Metatron is the one deceiving him. Still, either way, it did the job and if Castiel’s hands are clean then Metatron is jumping the gun sending his own angels after his opposition, especially since he’s parading that he “knows the end” to the story. Is it a ploy, or does he hold a piece of omniscience? It’s also tough to come down on the fence on whether Gadriel is a redeemable character or not. His only real crime, that we know of, is his murder of Kevin. That’s something Sam and Dean won’t forgive easily. Castiel can, because he has an agenda and as a “commander” must make harder decisions than normal to get the results he needs to. If that means allying with Gadriel then so be it. My guess is that someone’s playing with Gadriel and it’s more likely that Metatron is. There’s no way he doesn’t know and understand what’s happening in this episode.

There was also a buoyant pleasantness with seeing Crowley interact on a ‘father to son’ level with his son. For the first time, his lasting emotions and human feelings actually have merit and point with this episode as he tries to reconcile with his failures as a father. Leaving Gavin in the present was the smart move. That kind of result has been done before, “Star Trek – Borg PC game” comes to mind, but all in all, it was the right call. I can’t imagine how weird a scene would go when Sam tries to convince the king of hell not to mettle with time, but it worked and now we can endure Crowley’s antics for a bit longer.

Now there’s the ever growing dissention between brothers. In our time-tested bumper, Dean finally admits how the blade has been affecting him. In small sips, you can see how Dean wants to explain it as a loving brother would be with keeping Sam safe, but instead, due in part to Sam’s past confessions on their status as family, Dean recoils and secures his need to make sure the job gets done without interference. He even flat out denies Sam’s request to hide the blade should they need it again. Dean is now dishing out a little of his own brand and Sam has no choice but to settle with it until the next crisis causes their further divergence or brotherly camaraderie. In the strongest sense, Dean knows he’s affected and doesn’t care and furthermore won’t listen to Sam’s suggestion. Castiel may need to step in and offer more of his personal guidance if anything’s going to be set right. I’m not so easily convinced that Sam and Dean are destined to recycle the tale of Cain and Abel, but considering we only have the angel plot left to deal with, it would fit the most in that realm.

Overall, I didn’t enjoy the separate tale between angels and demons, I wanted them to converge in a bigger showdown. Crowley can easily still get his demons involved but I doubt it will mean as much since he needs to tend to his own before rationalizing taking on heaven itself. It doesn’t fit with his motis operandi. I enjoyed the Crowley and son bonding and I think it stood as the highlight of the episode. Dean still maintains larger fragments of control but with each kill on that blade comes more and more violent turbulence. He’s holding his own but for how much longer. Does the mark get to be transferred to someone else after it’s all said and done? Will or can Cain take it back if necessary? And for some reason that jacket Dean wore seemed off, maybe too bright than normal. Maybe too clean. I miss Abaddon, she’ll be missed. Until next week.


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